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About David Milberg

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David Milberg is a credit analyst in New York City, with decades of experience in the financial services industry. Read his David Milberg's biography

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About David Milberg

  1. 1. Who is David Milberg? After graduating from Princeton in 1986 with a B.A. in History, David Milberg worked in various jobs that summer and the following fall and spring – an internship on the Broadway show “Honky Tonk Nights,” a stint in his family’s finance company, an internship in advertising, among other things. In the spring of 1987, David settled into his first permanent post-college job at Bankers Trust Company, working in an analyst position in the bank’s loan sales and syndications department. At BT, David helped to sell various loans the Bank had originated, primarily loans to large leveraged buyouts, such as RJR Nabisco, Northwest Airlines, Burlington Industries, Ralphs Supermarkets, Supermarkets General, Borg Warner,
  2. 2. and Kohl’s Department Stores. Starting out in more of a supporting position, helping to negotiate and close loan sales documentation, David worked his way up to a sales position, where he was instrumental in generating over $1 billion in loan purchase commitments in the first six months of 1989. During that time, David was also formally promoted to an Associate. From the fall of 1989 through the spring of 1991, David attended the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, receiving his M.B.A. in May 1991. David distinguished himself at Columbia, making the Dean’s List all four semesters, being asked to serve as a Teaching Assistant for Corporate Finance, being named to the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society, and receiving the NYSSCPA accounting prize. During the summer of 1990, David Milberg worked as a Summer Associate for Lehman Brothers, Inc. in the Investment Banking. David was asked to return full time following business school graduation, which he did. David spent four and a half years in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers, eventually becoming a Vice President, working first in the Natural Resources Group, and then in the Media and Communications Group. While at Lehman Brothers, David worked on a variety of different transactions, including private placements, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, a rights offering, and follow-on equity offerings. Clients included Sun Company, Arkla, LIN Broadcasting, Tele-Communications, Inc., TeleWest Communications, Centennial Cellular, Metrocall, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. During 1995, David was persuaded by his father to leave Lehman Brothers for Milberg Factors, Inc., a factoring and commercial finance firm begun by David’s grandfather and headed by David’s father, Leonard. David was promoted to
  3. 3. president of Milberg Factors in [1999?], and remained president until 2015. As one of three shareholders in Milberg Factors, David still remains active in the company. During the time he has been at Milberg Factors, David has helped to land a number of major accounts for the firm. In addition, early on in David’s tenure at the firm, he spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at modernizing the firm, including the establishment of a local area network, the launching of internet access and e-mail, the development of online reports for clients, better internal reporting, and improvements to the Company’s 401K plan. Over his tenure at Milberg Factors, David has also been involved in numerous not-for-profit activities. In light of David’s charitable work, he was honored in the year 2000 by the accountants and bankers division of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York and by the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Foundation. David has also been active in the Lincoln Center Business Council, a supporter of the Lincoln Center Theater and presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Triangle Club, where he was Vice Chairman. Theater and Performing Arts Experience While at Princeton, David was very involved in the arts. David participated in the Triangle Club – acting in “Under the Influence” (spring show and tour) and “#96 Untitled,” and directing “The Boy Friend.” David was also involved in Theatre Intime, where he acted in “Brussels,” a Jacques Brel Revue, and directed “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.” David sang in the Freshman Singers and in the Nassoons. During 1984, David took a year off from college, which he spent working and taking classes in theater in New York. David first worked at Theater for the New City, where he worked in the office, helped cast a reading of a new play by Crispin Larangeira, and assistant stage managed another new play. He then completed an internship at Playwrights Horizons, working as an assistant to Peter Parnell on his play “Romance Language.”