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Arbutus Global Middle School

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Arbutus Global Middle School

  1. 1. Innovation, Education and Technology Arbutus Global Middle School! Jan. 20th 2013! Greater Victoria SD 61
  2. 2. Dave Shortreed Coordinator of Educational Technology! Greater Victoria SD 61! @mr_shortreed www.daveshortreed.com! ! Tweet to #sd61learn
  3. 3. Team Work http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Working_Together_Teamwork_Puzzle_Concept.jpg
  4. 4. Collaboration and Innovation http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Farm_silos.jpg
  5. 5. Overarching Goal What is best for kids? How do we develop significant and engaging student learning? How does it improve student success? http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Archery_target.jpg
  6. 6. Sir James Douglas Elementary, 1912
  7. 7. What should classrooms as learning spaces look like?! ! What structure suits innovation and creativity?
  8. 8. What tools fit into your learning space?
  9. 9. Teaching with the end in mind (with learning intentions) http://blog.williamferriter.com/2013/07/11/technology-is-a-tool-not-a-learning-outcome/
  10. 10. www.p21.org
  11. 11. Why iPads? immediate and creative space integrated technology personalized learning choice and flexibility http://www.edudemic.com/5-critical-mistakes-schools-
  12. 12. Implementation of iPads Teachers with iPads
  13. 13. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Archery_target.jpg
  14. 14. iPads at Arbutus Middle School 1. Consultation! 2. Tech Plan tied to school growth plan, vision, and community 3. Short Term Goals - 2 sets of 10 iPad Airs, with ProD support and mentorship Using them with AppleTV and LCD projectors Students contributing online to share with a greater community
  15. 15. Exploring the Digital World Sharing creativity Best uses- integrate features of the camera, microphone, and interaction
  16. 16. “how a small suite of apps related to annotating, curation, and image, audio, and video production that [can] support a diverse student performances of understanding” (Daccord, 2013)
  17. 17. Apps can’t do everything
  18. 18. The iPad iOS7 Control CenterTimer and Camera Airplay Bluetooth
  19. 19. Searching for Apps
  20. 20. App Resources appitic.com eraccommons.ca/mobileapps/ edudemic.com ipad4schools.org iear.org
  21. 21. Included Apps
  22. 22. Show Your Thinking Apps ! Popplet (free, 4.99) ! Educreations (free) ! Book Creator (free, 4.99) ! Explain Everything ($2.99)
  23. 23. Popplet Mind-Map Brainstorming Connections Summary graphic organizer
  24. 24. Educreations Show your understanding Photograph, record stylus and narrate Export onto educreations.com
  25. 25. Book Creator non-fiction report writing digital storytelling photo, video, audio, animation, paint, text
  26. 26. Explain Everything peer- editing pre-made slides reflections/assessments presentations www.explainingunderstanding.com
  27. 27. English 12
  28. 28. Creation Apps Keynote Telecast iMovie Tellagami
  29. 29. iMovie Book Trailers Task: summarize story, introduce persuasive voice, structure of a trailer allow for time to create and re-create build in on the iPad using iMovie photo or video based
  30. 30. Based on a short story “Greenel and Graynel” by Gantschew Iran
  31. 31. Tellagami 30 second clips with avatars
  32. 32. Greenel And Graynel Touchcast Greenal and Graynel Live news report on green screen
  33. 33. Explore Time Your Task: 1. Explore the apps and consider your pedagogy, purpose and content in a lesson 2. Find an app you could see yourself using tomorrow 3. Design an integrated activity 4. Prepare to share out next session!
  34. 34. Share out Please share the outcome of your explore time?! Thoughts? Ideas? Inspirations?
  35. 35. Using photos in education blogs presentations inspiration student creativity Inquiry
  36. 36. $1.99 Project-based learning grant to purchase iPad minis: ! Goal: To use technology to connect with the environment. !
  37. 37. $1.99
  38. 38. Free
  39. 39. Framing Apps for learning What is your learning outcome? What is your essential question? What tools (in this case iPad apps) fit into that learning outcome?
  40. 40. Evergreen Apps not tied to content! limitless instructional possibilities! integrate to foster creativity and innovation! creating, annotating, curating! http://www.eschoolnews.com/2013/05/28/the-evergreen-ipad-why-all-your-apps-should-fit-on-onescreen/
  41. 41. Essential Questions Inquiry Based Learning/ Project Based Learning Good questions spark more questions and curiosity for learning
  42. 42. Trends in technology in GVSD Devices in GVSD TEC packages BYOD WIFI Web 2.0 Digital Citizenship Social Media Cloud Services Informed Consent
  43. 43. Management Logistics Recommendations for iPads: Tech Plan rooted in learning goals Tech committee Expectations for teachers and students Accountability and catalogue
  44. 44. Virtual Classroom Kidblogs (private) Grade 3-7 ! Wordpress (public) Grade 8-12 ! Edmodo Scaffold and begin conversation on Digital Citizenship
  45. 45. The One iPad Classroom cloud student notebooks Evernote’s sketchpad cloud video storage recordable whiteboard
  46. 46. Social media can be used for: ! • sharing stories/ideas • raising awareness • opening conversation • bringing people together
  47. 47. Thank you! Resources: ! Twitter - #sd61learn ! daveshortreed.com
  48. 48. http://ipad4schools.org/2013/08/10/teachers-who-just-got-ipads/