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Why Should I Take On Custom Recognition?

10 reasons to sell custom recognition

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Why Should I Take On Custom Recognition?

  1. 1. should Itakeon custom recognition?
  2. 2. cquirenew opportunitiesas yourcustom erslook to you forcreativesolutions. Beingthego-toBeingthego-to problem -solveron behalfof yourclientsm eansthey will think ofyouwhen they are challenged.
  3. 3. reak the“right”versus“right now”cycle. Refram etheclientRefram etheclient’sneedsas a function ofeffectiveness, not velocity. Ask the question,“What areyoutrying to achieve?”to revealthe truth behind theirthinking.
  4. 4. reatean annuity. 80% ofourcustom awardsrepeat annually.
  5. 5. istinguish yourselffrom your com petitors. Proveyourselfto bem ore than a brokerofstuff. You can occupy a creativespace asthesoleproviderforyour clients.
  6. 6. nd theraceto thebottom . Alldistributorshavethesam eAlldistributorshavethesam e product sourcesasyoudo. Assum esom eoneelse—at som epoint—willbewillingto taketheorderfrom your client on a thinnerm argin.
  7. 7. orego theRFP. Ask yourselfhow m anyAsk yourselfhow m any “bids” you’veactually won—and what it cost youto participatein theonesyoudidn’t win. Participatein theprocess,but offerone-of-a-kind alternatives beyond thescopeoftheRFP. Think outsidethebid!Think outsidethebid!
  8. 8. ain protection from com petitors by creatingan exclusive product. ThecirclingvulturescanThecirclingvulturescan’t find youifthey don’t havethe product. Shut out your com petition with custom work. And besureto work with vendorswho willprotect your relationship with theclient.
  9. 9. elp yourclient by addingvalue to theirbusiness. IsnIsn’t that what we’reall supposed to bedoing? It’s about yourclient’sbusiness,not yours…oryourvendor’s. Solutionsthat aregenuinely focused on thecustom erwill alwaysriseto thetop.
  10. 10. ncreaseyourbusinessbaseand m argin. Youalready havethecustom ers,butYoualready havethecustom ers,but areyoucoveringalltheirneeds? The awardscategory isabout 5% ofthe prom otionalproductsm arket. That’s $50,000 ofevery m illion. Isyour businessaligned with thosenum bers,or do youhavean opportunity to grow yourbusinessyourbusiness—and your m argins—organically?
  11. 11. oin in orbeleft out. 8989% oforganizationsutilize som eform ofrecognition for theirachievers. Ifyou’renot sellingit,som eoneelsecertainly is. And what youdon’t need is som eoneelsesnoopingaround yourcustom er.