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  1. Proprietary + Confidential Make Data Work for You Uncover how your business can save money and find new revenue streams
  2. Proprietary + Confidential Welcome! Monisha Deshpande Global Director, Solution Value Advisors Google Cloud Joyeeta Banerjee Head - Data Analytics Solution Value Advisory Google Cloud
  3. Proprietary + Confidential Today’s Agenda Welcome! Closing the data value gap critical for success How to accelerate business outcomes Getting started Q&A and Closing
  4. Proprietary + Confidential Make Data Work for You 4 Table of Contents Download our latest eBook 8 Ways to Reduce Expenses and Boost Revenue Improve efficiencies in logistics and supply chains Speed up document-based workflows Cut contact center costs Automate operations for IT management 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Optimize sales and marketing programs Turn data sets into monetizable assets Boost cross-sell and upsell with AI Enhance and scale digital experiences
  5. Proprietary + Confidential Closing the data value gap ensures competitive advantage
  6. The data value gap has continued to expand 181ZB expected by 2025 - STATISTA, FEB 2022 More data silos More complexity Low productivity Increasing costs More security risk Unclear business KPIs Lack of data governance Limited availability - HBR, 2021 68% unable to realize tangible & measurable Value from Data
  7. Proprietary + Confidential Companies that use big data see an average profit increase of 8% They also see a 10% reduction in costs, on average Data value gap leads to a business performance gap Zippia, 26 stunning big data statistics [2023]: Market size, trends and facts (by Abby McCain) Jan. 16, 2023. here
  8. Proprietary + Confidential Data leaders are seeking answers to their strategic and operational questions Have I made the right investments in my data foundation? How do I position myself to leverage AI/ML use cases to drive change with data? How can we make our data more accessible and usable for different teams and functions? How can we better leverage our data to drive business value outcomes? How can we effectively govern and secure access to our data across the organization?
  9. Proprietary + Confidential Staying Ahead of the Curve Productivity & Empowerment Coordination and Collaboration Integrating new technology can be costly and challenging for organizations with limited IT resources Poor tooling and data quality means users spend more time organizing and validating data than extracting insights Effective data governance requires collaboration across departments and stakeholders with varying priorities. The business performance gap is due to three main areas across your data platform… Process People Technology Among Fortune 1000 executives, 95% cited cultural factors as blocking big data adoption, compared with just 5% citing technology.3 Data scientists spend about 45% of their time on data preparation tasks, including loading and cleaning data Only 27% of business executives say its company's Big Data initiatives are profitable.1 Source: (1) 30+ Incredible Big Data Statistics (2023), Dec 2022 (2) Data Prep Still Dominates Data Scientists’ Time, Survey Finds, July 2020 (3) Data Governance Statistics 2023, Jan 2023
  10. Proprietary + Confidential Understanding your business objectives and defining your data strategy captures the highest ROI Collect and Publish Store and Process Analyse and Activate Governance, Security, Multi-Cloud Data Culture Creating the Foundations of Data Driven Enterprise Business Objectives Data Strategy fuels Revenue Growth AI powered outcomes Proprietary + Confidential What are their business objectives over the next 12 months? What role will data play towards the growth and transformation of your organization? Data Producers Data Consumers Tech optimization People productivity Operational effectiveness
  11. Proprietary + Confidential Google Data Cloud accelerates business outcomes
  12. Proprietary + Confidential Tech Optimization Have I made the right investments in my data foundation? Eliminate redundant technology licenses and subscription fees Scale for peak loads while eliminating the need for capacity planning Reduce infrastructure cost and optimize storage and compute costs 30% reduction in costs. Simplifies content and people discovery by using a personalized content feed on its mobile app home page. Using a Cloud Spanner database, ShareChat migrated from a NoSQL database to a relational database which reduced costs by 30%. When its traffic grew by 500%, ShareChat managed to scale horizontally with zero lines of code change. Launched its Moj video app, and within a week, it rolled out the app to another region flawlessly.
  13. Proprietary + Confidential Enhanced Operational Effectiveness How can we best utilize new technologies, such as AI/ML, to extract insights from our data? Reduce supply chain disruptions with increased supply chain visibility Improve marketing effectiveness through personalization Cut Contact Center Costs 50% As more of its business moved online, Marks & Spencer needed to modernize its call handling With Google Cloud Contact Center AI, callers could say what they needed in everyday language rather than choosing an option Dialogflow helped deliver lifelike, natural customer experiences with virtual agents AI-powered conversational speech recognition accurately routed 92% of calls to the right destination volume of calls to stores reduced.
  14. Proprietary + Confidential People Powered Productivity How can we make our data more accessible and usable for different teams? Reduce operational costs of managing legacy data platforms Speed up Document Based Workflows Enable self-service analytics to drive process efficiencies 60% Lowered the total cost of ownership for procure-to-pay processing by up to 250% Provides procure-to-pay services to small and medium-size businesses in 15 European countries Requires the company to handle nearly 350 million invoices, receipts, and other documents a year Needed automation to help its customers transition from paper-heavy processes to digital ones Turned to Google Cloud Document AI for a cost-effective way to extract data from documents in more than 200 languages Boosted data accuracy by
  15. Proprietary + Confidential Revenue Growth How can we better understand and leverage our data to drive business value? Reduce Customer Churn Acquire net new customers & drive cross-sell or upsell for existing customers Net New Revenue streams via data monetization +60% The company partly attributes an increase of more than 60% in ecommerce revenue during the pandemic to this personalization. To retain leadership, Carrefour wanted to strengthen its omnichannel experience Transitioned to Google’s data cloud and developed a new platform called Darwin Enabled data scientists to securely access enormous amounts of data in a structured way within minutes. Build smarter models for customer behavior and a personalized recommendation engine for ecommerce
  16. Proprietary + Confidential Next Steps, we will meet you where you are
  17. Proprietary + Confidential Let us meet you where you are on your Data Journey Let’s start with your goal.. Optimize your operations with custom AI models Create feedback loops and AIOPs Optimize core data systems, migrate legacy data warehouses/ datalakes Enrich Data Foundations with additional data sources Allow end users and data scientists data insights across data types & formats Create data unification across on-prem or other clouds; migrate Modern Marketing Analytics or Supply Chain Transparency Prepare to create a single view of dat across multiple cloud environments Enable data sharing across organization and with partners Implement cost controls and reporting to improve cost predictability Deliver insights at speed and scale Foster a culture of data-driven innovation Launch new data monetization products Secure the Data Foundation & create strong data governance Start with your business priority Build for the AI frontier Build the foundation, optimize current spend, mitigate risks Deliver business value across LoBs / drive revenue Empower end users & drive productivity across the platform
  18. Proprietary + Confidential Developing the financial business case Savings from elimination of on-premise costs today relative to future state GCP costs Productivity savings across personnel re-deployed to higher value work with a focus on data engineers, data scientists, data analysts and consultants Revenue acceleration leveraging critical analytics use cases prioritized across business units due to GCP’s data platform Revenue loss avoidance from planned and unplanned outages and security breaches Total cost of ownership Staff productivity Operational resiliency Business agility
  19. Proprietary + Confidential Identify a strategic starting point 01 02 03 Bring your data together in one place and organize it Implement AI by creating models that address your priorities 04 05 Build operational frameworks for ongoing work with data Partner with the CFO and finance teams How to get started using data to cut costs and drive revenue. Make Data Work for You 19 Get started
  20. Proprietary + Confidential Proprietary + Confidential Q&A
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