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Building a Team for Managing Unstructured Data

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Building a Team for Managing Unstructured Data

  1. 1. Building a Team for Managing Unstructured Data C h r i s t i n e C o n n o r s T r i v i u m R L GThursday, March 29, 12
  2. 2. How to Ask a Question • Raise your hand – Click “My Status” > “Raise Hand” • Or click Ctrl+H • Send a PRIVATE chat to Shannon Kempe – If you are listening via a land line or cell phone • You will either have a phone icon to the right of your name or your phone # will appear separately. – If it is separate, send Shannon Kempe a PRIVATE chat to let her know what phone # is yours. • When it is your turn in the queue, you will be unmuted to enable you to ask your question. – If you are listening via internet audio • Send a PRIVATE chat to Shannon Kempe with your question. • When it is your turn in the queue, Shannon will ask your question for you. • When your question has been asked, your hand will be lowered. – If you are asking via a telecom line, you will be muted again when the speaker(s) begin their answers.Thursday, March 29, 12
  3. 3. Winter 2003-2004Thursday, March 29, 12
  4. 4. The Dream Team Today Information Scientist/Information Architect Information Architect/User Experience Designer Cognitive Scientists/Linguist Developers - Indexing, NLP, Web App Business Analyst Leader/Evangelist/Community Manager Project Manager Security Expert Legal AdvisorThursday, March 29, 12
  5. 5. Legal Advisor Intellectual Property Patents Trademarks Copyright ➡ When using 3rd party content, ensure appropriate attribution is given and royalties paid. (Publishing) Personal Information ➡Secure personal information. (Indexing, Personalization)Thursday, March 29, 12
  6. 6. Security Expert Intelligence ➡ Identify sensitive repositories (HR, Finance; Defense) Encryption ➡ Provide encryption/decryption for identified repositories & users (R&D, HR) Information Security ➡ Define ACLs and provide authorization mechanisms for identified repositories (Intranet, VPN)Thursday, March 29, 12
  7. 7. Project Manager Communication Inter- and Intra- teamwork EVMS / Agile Useful frameworks for this kind of project ➡ Deliver into production before new federal regulations go into effect on xx/xx/xxxx (Pharma) Art & Science Please, do not ask every team member how many lines of code were written each day Breaking down tasks to the WBS level destroys much value; projects are iterative and integrative; tasks overlapThursday, March 29, 12
  8. 8. Leader/Evangelist/ Community Manager Vision and Strategy Identify requirements at the C-suite level Provide resources and assistance ➡ Engage SMEs to confirm accuracy of tagging (Classification) Organizational Change Management ➡ Teach customers how to use new system Customer Relationship Management ➡ Provide support for users (account creation, tool use, repository add/change/delete)Thursday, March 29, 12
  9. 9. Business Analyst Financial Metrics Hard AND Soft Dollar Savings ➡ Reduce costs of categorizing content (Supply Chain) Revenue Management Market Analysis ➡ Identify new product opportunities for our customers with existing content (Biz Dev) Data Management Knowledge of structured repositories ➡ Integrate with structured repositories as defined Metrics ➡ Unstructured data analysis - types, amount, categories etc.Thursday, March 29, 12
  10. 10. Developers CMS/DAM ➡ Integrate multiple sources of semi-structured content ➡ Re-use content in the CMS and DAM for new web-based products Indexing/Search/MMS ➡ Index and tag content Fileserver/DMS/Portal Webserver Admin ➡ Deliver re-packaged existing content via our web store (Biz Dev) DB Admin ➡ Integrate with structured repositories as defined to provide dashboard analytics (Executive Management)Thursday, March 29, 12
  11. 11. Cognitive Scientists Linguists ➡ Identify synonyms/term hierarchy/model semantics (Categorization of content) Psychologists/Behavioral Scientists ➡ Organize objects and metadata in a manner consistent with users world view (Intranet Efficiency) Neural Networks ➡ Develop algorithms for custom applications (HR/ Engineering)Thursday, March 29, 12
  12. 12. Information Architects & User Experience designers User Interaction/User Experience ➡ Provide user-friendly search and advanced search tools (Intranet) Organizing elements, pathfinding, labeling, building relationships, consistent experiences ➡ Provide consistent labeling and linking across repositories (Intranet/Portal) How to design for n-dimensional space in a 2D or 3D environment? ➡ Provide informative and dynamic data visualizations (Executive Dashboards/ Business Analytics)Thursday, March 29, 12
  13. 13. Information Scientist Organizing information ➡ Create focused collections of data based on needed facets: business, function, etc. Cataloging and classification ➡ Create metadata schema ➡ Create taxonomies ➡ Apply metadata to content objects Knowledge sharing Primary & secondary research Searching & findingThursday, March 29, 12
  14. 14. Where Do I Find The People with these Skills?Thursday, March 29, 12
  15. 15. Professional Orgs ASIS&T AIPLA IA Institute IIBA SLA ISBA AIIM AIIP ASIThursday, March 29, 12
  16. 16. Networking G+ Public Circles Database Ontolog LinkedIn Groups IBM DeveloperWorks Groups Semantic Groups W3C Lists NoSQL Conferences CM & DAM Groups Enterprise Data World Big Data or Unstructured Data Semantic Technology Conference Data & Text Analytics Taxonomy Boot Camp Other Groups/Listservs KMWorld i.e.Taxonomy Community of Text Analytics Summit Practice (Yahoo) Meetups, Hackathons & UnCampsThursday, March 29, 12
  17. 17. Thank you! c h r i s t i n e @ t r i v i u m r l g . c o m N i c k : C J M C O n n o r sThursday, March 29, 12
  18. 18. Vp, search and semantic technology - New York - Other Jobs Elsevier is currently seeking a VP, Search and Semantic Technology to identify with the needs of electronic publishing and define a search and discovery technology strategy for next generation electronic products. This position works closely with Elsevier product management, Labs, Enterprise Architecture, and Elsevier divisional strategy to ensure that the semantic technologies implement and inform the product vision. Responsibilities include: * Test, implement, program and evaluate search engines and partnerships * Keep current with cutting edge research in semantic technologies and translate these into practical timelines for Elsevier * Analyze implications of integrating new semantic technologies from both a technical perspective and a user/customer perspective. * Work with product strategy to inform and help shape step changes in customer value * Work with engineering development managers on assigned projects to plan integration of new technologies * Define solutions and evaluate trade-offs for epublishing needs as related to search and other semantic capabilities * Work with product architects to ensure that the search technologies meets the specific business needs of future products * Manage, develop and own high level technical proposals and effort estimates as the initial piece of the overall product process * Determine and recommend technical skills needed to complete a project * Responsible for the knowledge transfer of information throughout Elsevier and with the engineering product groups regarding technical issues as related to search and semantic technologies * Significantly contribute to knowledge base throughout Elsevier in the form of technical talks, white papers and seminars on technology that support the electronic publishing efforts throughout the business units * Contribute to overall platform and technology directions for Elsevier with an emphasis on search * Provide Consulting role to projects and product groups for the key search-related technology issues for their business * Significantly contribute to RE Ventures&39; evaluations of emerging search and discovery technologies * Assist Enterprise Architects in coordination with RE Applied Technology for the planning and introduction of new search-related technologies * Key communicator with IT and product management regarding current and future search capabilities GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Ability to influence; Proven ability to communicate (written and verbal) technology effectively to senior management, product marketing and to engineers; Proven ability to absorb large amounts of technical and business detail and synthesize that into a usable problem definition and technical approach; Ability to workThursday, March 29, 12
  19. 19. Print Information Management Officer, P-4 DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 21 Jul 2009 DATE OF ISSUANCE: 22 May 2009 ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs DUTY STATION: New York VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER: 09-IMA-OCHA-421174-R-NEW YORK Staff members are subject to the authority of the Secretary-General and to assignment by him or her. In this context, all staff are expected to move periodically to new functions in their careers in accordance with established rules and procedures. Extension of the appointment is subject to extension of the mandate and/or the availability of the funds. Remuneration Depending on professional background, experience and family situation, a competitive compensation and benefits package is offered. More Info United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity Responsibilities Within delegated authority, the Information Management Officer (Head of Web Services Section) will be responsible for the following duties: • Conducts policy-oriented research and drafting on developments in information technology as applicable to the web, using data from internal and external sources. Develops and implements policies and guidelines relating to visual design, navigation, content strategy, creation and dissolution of OCHA institutional websites. • Takes the lead in strategy, planning, development and implementation of content for OCHA institutional websites; works with geographically distributed OCHA content editors to define processes for content creation and updating and ensure incorporation of organizational messaging and themes into all relevant web content. • Provides advisory services for all OCHA internal clients on web management practices based on web usability testing, analytics, analysis of stakeholder and end user requirements, periodic consultations with key audiences, surveys, and other research and analytical approaches; makes recommendations for continuous improvement of organizational websites and their adoption as institutional tools within headquarters, implementation strategies and resource requirements. Develops client outreach strategy and programme and coordinates its implementation. • Works closely with OCHA IT Section to define the technical functionality of the underlying platforms of OCHA institutional sites; monitors the progress of web projects, ensures compliance with standards and guidelines and provides assistance in identifying consultants as required and associated project Terms of Reference. • Assesses and makes recommendations relating to the use of information systems for web content management; provides reliable, up-to-date research and client-facing specifications. Evaluates emerging technologies; develops and maintains expertise necessary to advise OCHA in web content management. • Participates in the planning and organizing of training for Headquarters and mission staff and users with respect to utilization of web management tools and services. • Evaluates applications and cost-effectiveness of services in relation to technology options and prepares data and recommendations for decision-making. Draft, negotiate and manage consultantThursday, March 29, 12
  20. 20. Location: Baltimore, MD Area Code: 410 Title: Bioinformatics Analyst III Tax Term: FULLTIME Skills: UNIX, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, genomic data QC/QA, assembly, Pay Rate: Commensurate annnotation or other analysis w/exper Length: Position ID: 3363a Date: 6-5-2009 Dice ID: RTX12cb06 Travel Required: none Description: Telecommute: no The newly created Institute for Genome Sciences is recruiting for a Bioinformatics Analyst. The institute was established to support genomic, basic and translational research to improve human health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and beyond. We intend to accomplish this goal by leveraging a state-of-the-art computational facility, the expertise of our domain experts, computational scientists, engineers, and our partnerships with other universities and organizations. The selected Bioinformatics Analyst III will contribute to genomic sequencing projects and scientific analysis of the data generated by those projects using a variety of bioinformatics techniques and software applications. Responsibilities include generating, annotating, and analyzing genomic data and preparing the data for further research or publication. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: * Data mining, annotation and analysis activities including: interpreting complex biological information: adding value to basic genomic and proteomic data through targeted data curation; maintaining knowledge of appropriate scientific literature; preparing data and reports for publication and utilization by other scientific staff. * Public resource development including: collecting and curating primary data of interest, integrating genomic data with diverse data types from external sources; ontology use and development, requirements development, community outreach and training. * Integrate and analyze data from genome sequencing projects, functional genomics analysis, and other school of medicine research projects. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Thursday, March 29, 12 * Bachelor*s degree (Master*s preferred) in Life Sciences, including fields such as Biology,
  21. 21. Job Title: Knowledge Engineer Company Name: ARES System Group LLC Location: Alexandria, VA Profession: Software Design/Development Job Description: Description:ARES is seeking a Knowledge Engineer to provide intelligence analysis and leverage ITexpertise for DoD clients and developmental IT systems such as ARES’s Common IEDExploitation Target Set (CIEDETS). This position will be primarily responsible for thecontinued development of the CIEDETS data model. The data model provides forcorrelation of CIED-related signatures to test criteria and the development ofdecision support software products for U.S. Government use in test and evaluation. Theposition will assist in collection and development of logical formalisms and rules torepresent expertise collected from assigned stakeholders and SMEs, analysis of large datasets, verification and validation of the data model, preparation of documents, and qualitycontrol of the final product. Qualifications:Minimum Qualifications: - Experience in computational semantics and ontologies and the application of logicalformalisms to complex decision making in “fuzzy” environments- 5+ years of Knowledge Engineering experience- 4+ years of experience with intelligence analysis, imagery analysis, or C-IED systemoperations- BS in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a relatedfield- Active SECRET clearance required- Experience with Owl, RDF, SWRL Rules, SPARQL Queries, and related technologies.Thursday, March 29, 12
  22. 22. -va-415 Date: 6-12-2009 Description: Full Time - Permanent Job Description Senior/Lead Developer This role requires strong LAMP stack based and DRUPAL based development experience, full life cycle development experience and experience with high volume web sites. Technical Skills: * Experience with Drupal, including module and theme development. * Strong PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Javascript and jQuery experience * Experience integrating with third-party APIs and web services very helpful * Skills developing solution requiring ATOM/RSS feeds * Sills with Semantic web and RDFa is desired * Skills in Social Networking products/frameworks such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, or My Space and Google Social - are desired. Work Experience Other Skills: * Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are a must * Fluency in English is required (both oral and written) * Ability to work as both a team member and independently * Ability to write technical papers, reports, client deliverables, and other reports * Ability to manage and deliver on multiple concurrent project tasks * Willingness to learn and apply new software development tools, technologies, and methodologies Education and Training This role requires strong LAMP stack based and DRUPAL based development experience, full life cycle development experience and experience with high volume web sites. Send in your resumes for immediate consideration to: -Sam Prakash Thursday, March 29, 12
  23. 23. E041 Date: 6-12-2009 Description: Command & Control Systems and Software (C2S2), which includes the former L-3 Communications ILEX Systems, is currently seeking a Java Semantic Developer for our Eatontown, NJ location. C2S2, a Division of L-3 Services, Inc. utilizes state of the art technologies to provide the highest level of systems and software engineering, program management and operational services to the Aviation and Defense markets. Java Semantic Developer will be responsible for development and creation of web services including all phases of the engineering process from requirements development, through design and development, to implementation and maintenance. Qualifications/Experience: * BS Degree in a Technical/Engineering discipline. Four years related work experience or Associate*s Degree in a related discipline and two years related experience may substitute for the Bachelor*s Degree * 5+ years of experience in the following required: J2EE, JBoss, Java Server Faces, XML, XML Schema, XSLT/XPath 2.0, WSDL, RDF, RDFS, OWL-DL * Experience with the following applications strongly desired: Altova XMLSpy, Altova MapForce, Altova Semantic Works, TopBraid Composer * Strong foundation in object-oriented design principles, including design patterns required * Development of ontologies strongly desired US Citizenship is required and candidate must be eligible for a security clearance. Current clearance is a plus. Company Benefits: L-3 Communications/C2S2 offers a comprehensive benefits package which includes Thursday, March 29, 12 medical, dental, and vision which begin on day one!! The company has 10 paid holidays per
  24. 24. Job Description Printer-Friendly Pay Rate: 1 Job Length: Java Software Engineer with Endeca Search Engine Experience Position ID: 0 New York, NY Dice ID: e **Please indicate your search engine experience (date and company name) Travel Required: n on your application** Telecommute: n Our clients, a major Fortune 500 media company, is looking for a Search and Classification Systems professional to join their team Contact In Requirements: Contact: K Address: 3 Candidates will possess a Bachelors Degree in a related field N Phone: ( Experience with search technologies is a must; Endeca experience is a plus Fax: ( Experience with taxonomy / ontology tools a must; specific experience with http OWL-based technologies a major plus Requires a high-level understanding of the integration of search and taxonomy/ontology tools with a content management system Online Publishing / Media experience a huge plus Experienced with Web based projects, preferably in the onlineThursday, March content/publishing space. 29, 12
  25. 25. Date: 6-6-2009 Description: Sr PHP Coder 6month initial contract * likely to be extended Looking for Senior level PHP developer to work on the service layer of a major new build. Must have experience with building web services from the ground up using SOAP and REST. Requirements: REST and SOAP Strong in XML High Performance Code Zend framework NO THIRD PARTIES Shulman Fleming & Partners Web: http://www.sfp8.com/Thursday, March 29, 12
  26. 26. 85311 Date: 6-3-20090121853oneo Description: Intelligent Automation, Inc. is an R&D organization headquartered in Rockville, Maryland that conducts state of the art research and product development in the fast evolving areas of Distributed Intelligent Systems, Education & Training, Robotics, Networks and Control. The Distributed Intelligent Systems group is looking for software developers with the following experience: (a) Java experience in middleware development. UML knowledge is required, as well as professional use of software productivity tools, and strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Awareness of the role of standards in developing software products is also required. Experience in the GIS domain and knowledge of software agent systems are a plus. US Citizenship is required; or (b) Masters degree or higher in CS or a related field, to support the software development of semantic system development and composition tools. Candidates should have extensive experience with Java software development as well as expertise in one or more of the following technologies - Data and object modeling and tool development - Eclipse plugin development , including SWT - Model-based architectures and development, Experience in ontologies, semantic web technologies, and robotics is also desirable. US citizenship is required. Job duties include software development and engineering for the creation of development tools for semantically enabled services and component technologies, primarily using Java. For more details, please visit our job board at http://iai.speediarms.com. IAI is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual preference. Intelligent Automation 15400 Calhoun Drive Suite 400 Rockville, MD 20855 Phone: (301) 294-5200 Thursday, March 29, 12
  27. 27. Date: 6-3-2009NWY Description: 98137 This is a small and nimble, yet stable and profitable, software firm with less than 100 employees that requires all job applicants to demonstrate their coding abilities in a timed exercise by solving a set of algorithmic / word / math problems with Java code. This is not enterprise applications code, but the resolution of highly complex system level challenges requiring extensive knowledge of modern computer science applications and practices. Requirements: B.S. / M.S. in Computer Science degree with a significant record of academic accomplishment. Several years of commercial software development experience focused on solving unique, challenging, complex problems. A high degree of proficiency with core Java and proven abilities in writing complex data models. Knowledge and passion for advancing the technological and business objectives of natural language processing and as it applies to the next generation of the web. If you are already working with a Winter Wyman recruiter, please contact them directly; otherwise, please send your resume and contact information to Winter, Wymans Software Technology group at: swjobs@winterwyman.com. Winter, Wyman & Company 950 Winter St Suite 3100 Waltham, MA 02451 Web: http://www.winterwyman.comThursday, March 29, 12
  28. 28. customers. SENIOR FRONT-END ENGINEER, USER INTERFACE The world of web development is quickly evolving from a thin client model to one with rich and robust browser-based user interface functionality, using the latest developments in front-end technology. At SuccessFactors, we strive to constantly improve the way we build user interfaces and not only employ the latest UI development methodologies, but also *push the envelope* to discover and establish our own, unique approaches to UI development. From that perspective, we are actively seeking candidates who want to flex UI development muscles and be part of a dynamic, growing team of engineers dedicated to defining and creating the next generation in front-end, UI technology here at SuccessFactors, Inc.. Duties and Responsibilities: As a UI Engineer, your responsibilities will include working with a team to develop rich user interfaces for enterprise-level Software as a Service (SaaS) applications; constantly driving for consistent user interaction by not only building cutting-edge UI functionality, but also consolidating common JavaScript and DHTML code to improve our current user interface. In addition, you will be able to clearly communicate your ideas and both openly and honestly provide and receive regular input from your peers. While teamwork is of the utmost in importance, you can also work independently with minimal supervision, and take the initiative to constantly keep yourself engaged. Also, you never settle for second best. You possess a strong focus on quality and attention to detail, and possess the ability to quickly understand and solve unique and even undocumented programming problems. Naturally curious, you have a penchant for and drive to quickly learn and master skills in new technologies. Finally, you have a strong sense of fun and a passion for being part of a movement. As partThursday, March 29, 12
  29. 29. of the SuccessFactors family, you have a unique opportunity to join an exciting, dynamic and closely-interactive group of people whose focus is to change the way the world works! Proven experience in the following areas (not necessarily in order of importance) * 6+ years hands-on experience in full development life cycle software development, predominately in User Interface development. * Hand-coded, W3C-compliant and semantic (X)HTML and CSS with an emphasis on CSS-driven page layouts. * High level of proficiency with JavaScript (including object-oriented JS), DHTML, XMLHttpRequest, XML, JSON. * Familiarity with best-practices for usability and accessibility standards. * Writing high-quality, testable, maintainable, and well-documented code. * Proficiency in a server-side scripting language such as JSP, PHP, or ASP. * Solid understanding of working within a Model-View-Controller program architecture paradigm. * Bachelor*s degree in Computer Science, Engineering (any type) or a related field Desired skills * Experience with the integration and use of a third-party JavaScript library such as: Yahoo UI Library, Prototype, jQuery, DOJO, etc. * Experience in creating standalone, JavaScript-based UI widgets. * Java/J2EE server-side development * Experience with Flash, Flex, and SQL are a huge plus, but not required. Please visit us at www.SuccessFactors.com to learn more about us, to view all current job postings, and to apply.Thursday, March 29, 12
  30. 30. s) here----- Job Information Title: Data Architect IV Location: San Francisco, CA Job Type: Contract Compensation: per Hour Reference Code: 922481-NRC Description: Our client is seeking a Data Architect to analyze data requirements and create logical and physical models and specifications of data. The Senior Content Engineer will work directly with the editors, project managers, system architects and software developers to develop editorial tools and delivery products that utilize data markup. Functions: Analyze complex data and product requirements Lead the development of data models and specifications in a variety of markup language syntaxes (W3C schema, RELAX NG Schema, XML DTDs, and RDF) Perform the change control and update process for maintaining modular data markup specifications Lead the development and maintenance of data transformation scripts Lead the development and maintenance of data conformance validation Develop ontology/vocabulary to be shared across disparate content types Work with editors, project managers, system architects, and software developers to define and develop editorial tools and products that utilize data markup Deliver presentations and/or train users on use of data markup, as required Organize and lead data modeling workshops to develop markup specifications Write documentation for markup specifications and design principles Research industry standards to contribute to recommendations for architectural direction Candidates are preferred to work in either Dayton, OH, Bethesda, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, Albany, NY, New Providence, NJ, Charlottesville, or San Francisco, CA; however, strong candidates from anywhere should apply without consideration to relocation. Occasional travel is required. Requirements:Thursday, March 29, 12 Data Architect IV Qualifications:
  31. 31. ONTOLOGIST / SR. VOCABULARY SPECIALIST Ontologist / Sr. Vocabulary Specialist Rosslyn, VAgineer 10% Job Description: The Ontologist / Sr. Vocabulary Specialist will work in a team-oriented environment, directly interface with a Department of Defense (DoD) customer and be a member of an Enterprise Vocabulary Team. The Vocabulary specialist will be the primary interface to assigned communities or offices through development of vocabulary artifacts and provide specific support and guidance consistent with approved methodologies. Relationship with DoD community points of contact in support of their data strategy implementation. Development of a Standard Information Structure that includes a glossary,ng- semantic model, and an object model.ny Provide glossary development support. Provide thesaurus development support.n by Provide ontology development support. Elicit knowledge from Subject Matter Experts. Support handoff of vocabulary products to XML developers. Support optimization of search engine tuning parameters based on content of vocabulary content. Conduct vocabulary analysis and harmonization activities. Develop documentation and presentations for delivery to clients. Help resolve problems and ensure customer satisfaction. Foster positive client relationships DoD customers on adopted approach to development of vocabularies that are based on business process definition and identifying authoritative data sources. Minimum Qualifications Thursday, March 29, 12
  32. 32. er Spring, MD Title: Knowledge ManagerLTIME Skills: self-starter, business systems analysis, databases, Microsoft Office SharePointry Server 2007, web part development, site definitions and workflow, information taxonomy and other features, Office 2007Timeos705775 Date: 6-2-2009143098e Description: Job Summary The Knowledge Manager gathers, reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs and writes detailed description of user needs, program functions, and general requirements. This person should have good understanding of relational database concepts and client-server concepts. May lead and direct the work of others, including managing vendors and vendor contracts. Working with limited managerial oversight, the Knowledge Manager is responsible for fielding requests from users, analyzing those requests, producing business and functional requirements, creation of metrics and test plans to prove that functional requirements have been met, documenting, and training both the end-user and the User Support Department on the end product. This individual will determine and demonstrate whether SharePoint can be effectively used "out-of-the-box" to meet requirements or whether custom coding will be required. Mentoring IPM and IT on SharePoint policies and best practices as part of project planning and scoping as needed, including site structure, security and other areas. The Knowledge Manager will apply advanced problem-solving skills including hypothesis generation, testing, successful resolution and communication. Assist project manager with issue and risk identification. The Knowledge Manager will also serve on the IPM SharePoint Governance Board. Job Responsibilities To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty Thursday, March 29, 12 satisfactorily:
  33. 33. Position ID: 679636 Date: 5-21-2009 Dice ID: RTL84898el Required: none Description:elecommute: no Were looking for a Senior Manager/Front-End Engineer to serve as Team Lead for our client-side development efforts. Are you the person were looking for? Maybe, if: You understand how to gracefully degrade styles and JavaScript behaviors, how to structure information and keep it and presentation style separate. You read sites like A List Apart and Ajaxian. You know what our yslow score is and have many suggestions for how to make it better. You have an opinion on the Semantic Web, Microformats, HTML5, jquery vs mootools vs ext, and what doctypes we should be using. You know your way around conditional CSS selectors and the DOM. You used Blueprint when it came out, but now find Fluid 960 a bit more to your taste. You know what "template inheritance" means and how extension differs from composition. Having done this before, youll find it even more fun to lead a team of other front-end folks, and keep a whole bunch of back-end engineers intrigued with new things to figure out. You are going to look on our sites and despair. And then make them more efficient, functional, and beautiful, and show us how you did it. And you think that sounds like fun. ::About Us:: Were looking for someone with at least 5 years of front-end engineering experience, with a super-strong preference for team lead experience. We want someone who enjoys teaching others how to manage the front-end work, and has built a set of tools for doing so in the past. Our technology stack includes Linux, Postgres, Ruby+Rails, Python+Django, Javascript+Ext, with several ongoing experiments using Pylons, Jinja, jQuery, Dojo and other tools and frameworks. We use Subversion to manage our code, and Mercurial to manage our content. Our applications are designed for, built and run in high-availability environments. So this is not front-end for the sake of front-end, but front-end for the sake of results. Directly. You will be in the drivers seat. Thursday, March 29, 12 Leapfrog Online provides Fortune 500 marketers with customized, performance-based
  34. 34. Semantic Technology: Knowledge Engineering Associates =========================================== Applications are invited for Research Associate, Graduate Student and PDF positions in the Knowledge Navigation Infrastructure Team (KNIT) lead by the Innovatia Research Chair at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John http://www.unb.ca/news/view.cgi?id=1680 Researchers will collaboratively develop reusable infrastructures to support custom vertical search across multiple application domains in biomedical, health care, energy and telecom. Researchers will develop solutions for enterprise search using semantic web technologies, service oriented architecture, ontologies and text mining. Successful candidates will have demonstrated software development expertise and familiarity with knowledge engineering lifecycles. Candidates with demonstrated experience with two or more of the following technologies are encouraged to apply: 1) Web based Content Acquisition Strategies 2) Knowledge Representation with OWL / RDF 3) Text Mining / Natural Language Processing 4) Ontology based reasoning over instance / triple stores 5) Terminology Management and Curation 6) Literature and (Meta) Data Integration 7) Provenance Tracking / Tracability 8) Algorithm Design / Graph Matching 9) Human Computer Interaction 10) Semantically Enabled Software Architecture 11) Semantic Desktops and Publishing Enquiries and applications and can be made by sending a full CV and cover letter to: bakerc@unbsj.caThursday, March 29, 12