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Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution

The rules of the game have changed
The way goods are produced today is completely different, and so are the goods produced.

With the new trend in technology, consumers can now influence design and control production, and manufacturers are now able to adapt quickly to specific consumer demands.
This shift is particularly exciting for consumers who are able to see the results of their input taken into consideration.
Gone are the days for manufacturers who may be threatened by consumer feedback. Today the technology exists for the development and creation processes to engage consumers earlier to poll for their ideas and opinions. Consumers can become a part of the development process.

The evolution lead manufacturing to face other new challenges such as mass-customization, sustainability and 3D printing . Thus, factories have to be adapted and smarter to improve the consumer experience. Internet of Things, Big Data analytic and remote control are one of the key factors and must be supported by an efficient business process management to connect machines and real time data together. Then, OEMs will be able to answer glocal needs and lower time-to-market, cost while producing high quality products and/or services. Those who embrace this approach are ready to enter the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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