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2019 Tech for All Policy Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

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Partner with the Tech for All Alliance, Inc. for our 3rd Annual Tech Policy Conference for a more inclusive tech policy environment. Download this comprehensive package and contact us for more information.

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2019 Tech for All Policy Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. 1. Tech For All Policy Conference SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Produced by: Tech for All Alliance, Inc. Dear Potential Sponsor: Thank you for considering sponsorship for our 3rd Annual “Tech for All” Policy Conference (formerly known as “GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference”.) This event will take place November 6th from 8 am- 3 pm at Atlanta City Hall in partnership with Councilman Andre Dickens. We are changing our brand to be more inclusive of the diversity within the state of Georgia and the nation. We hope that you will join us on this journey towards developing and advocating for more inclusive, innovative and dynamic tech policies that impact our unique communities in a profound way. Our sponsorships provide visibility to Georgia’s tech and political community and access to the best technologists, companies, organizations, founders, and stakeholders in tech within the state of Georgia. We look forward to a productive partnership as we go forward with our goal of “Creating a Strategy for a Diverse Tomorrow.” The due date for ALL sponsorships is August 1st, 2019 so that we can give your organization the best exposure for the conference. The earlier your support, the more exposure you receive as we update our materials monthly. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a customized sponsorship package prepared just for you. Best Professional Regards, Dar’shun Kendrick, President & CEO Tech For All Alliance, Inc. (404) 697-8006 DKendrick@TechForAllAlliance,com
  2. 2. Past Policy Conference Sponsors TriNet (Presenting Sponsor) Dr. Kevin Woods (Presenting Sponsor) Tech Square Lab (Reception Sponsor) Office of Councilman Andre Dickens (Venue Sponsor- 2 years) Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (Reception Venue Sponsor) Office of State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick (2 years) Empowered (2 years) Opportunity Hub (2 years) Andre Dickens (2 years) HBCU SXSW (2 years) The Cola Family (2 years) TAG Diversity Society* (2 years) Microsoft Uber Kimberlyn Carter Strategies Jack Cooper Thompson Hine Mike Ross Simplifi Sciberus Scope Jockey Analytics Cre8+* The Institute for Local Innovations Tony Byrd* The Village Market* Atlanta Black Tech* *In kind donations
  3. 3. What We Accomplished TOGETHER through the Tech Policy Conference Through the GA Blacks in Tech Policy initiative (and now the “Tech for All Policy Conference”), we have achieved the following: 1. Passage of HR 1036 (passed 2018 legislative session)- came out of the 1st GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference 2. Managed to get HR 72 (Pitch competition) and HR 38 (HBCU study committee on tech partnership) are currently in the Rules committee, the step before a vote on the floor of the House- came out of the 2nd GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference 3. Obtained a position on the national level as I am a committee of the Science, Technology and Telecommunications committee of the National Council of Black State Legislators ("NBCSL") 4. Secured a premier space at the 2020 NBCSL National Conference which will be here in Atlanta, bringing over 700 black legislators and thousands of other vendors and supporters to discuss policy 5. Completed 2 successful "GA Blacks in Tech Day" of action at the State Capitol, recognizing and allowing an honored Georgian to address the Georgia House of Representatives about inclusive tech policy, networking with legislators and other high profile guest speakers; 6. Started the TIE (Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) Caucus composed of state legislators and stakeholders in the GA House of Representatives---the 1st of its kind! We have only just begun! It’s our hopes to take this even more national as a model for policy makers and tech stakeholders throughout the nation to leverage the diversity in tech and implement more inclusive tech policy. Join us! On Behalf of the Tech for All Alliance, Inc. Board of Directors
  4. 4. OVERVIEW OF POLICY CONFERENCE This year the conference will be set up in a “hack-a-thon” type setting where legislators, policy analysts, advocates and tech entrepreneurs can collaborate on finding solutions to technology issues in Georgia. There will be up to fifteen (15) roundtable discussions, led by a member of the host committee, to develop policy around a particular issue. Below is the tentative schedule of events: • 9-9:15- Intro Remarks • 9:15-9:30- Transition to Tables • 9:30-11:00- Formulation of policy with policy wonks, legislators and general public (10 topics; 10 ppl a table) > Short presentations o How a bill is passed (paper and practice) primer for each group o Moderator (from planning committee), time keeper, 1 legislator and 1 "activist" o Issue & Solutions • 11:30-12:30- Presentations from Groups • 12:30-2:30 pm- Awards & Panel OR Keynote remarks • 2:30-3:00 pm- Ending remarks • 3-4:00 pm- VIP reception *Invite only
  5. 5. Sponsorship Opportunities *More opportunities on NEXT page • Display table. • Logo and name on all marketing material for conference. Tech Entrepreneur ($500.00) • All benefits of Tech Innovator plus ability to put information in gift bags and on registration table. Tech Innovator ($1,000.00) • All benefits of Tech Entrepreneur plus host of a roundtable discussion on a one of the topics provided. Tech Investor ($2,500.00) *Limit 10-15
  6. 6. Presenting Sponsor ($10,000.00) *Limit 1 Conference named after organization All benefits of Tech Investor Co host awards ceremony and moderate panel Reception/Awards Sponsor ($5,000.00) *Limit 2 Reception/Awards named after organization All benefits of Tech Investor Co hosts awards ceremony
  7. 7. Highlights from Conference 3 EASY STEPS WHEN YOU ARE READY TO BECOME A SPONSOR….. 1. Pay one of several ways: (1) on our homepage at www.TechForAllPolicy.com or (2) mail a check to: Tech For All Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 630, Lithonia, GA 30058 or (3) call and we can take information over the phone (3.5% charge added). 2. Sign the Sponsorship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and return to DKendrick@DarshunKendrick.com. 3. Email your logo and sponsor contact to DKendrick@DarshunKendrick.com. Total Reach: Over 30,000 targeted individuals Keynote speaker: Mr. Ashley Bell, Southeast Regional Administrator for the Small Business Administration 305 registrants last year 23 legislators present from the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate, including sit down with Congressman Hank Johnson Follow Up "GA Blacks in Tech" Day of Action at the GA State Capitol on February 6th, 2019 Honorees from across the state receive Georgia House of Representatives resolution