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Brighton SEO - Getting a competitive advantage on ebay

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If you are thinking of selling on ebay, or already selling there - here is a guide on how to do it properly.

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Brighton SEO - Getting a competitive advantage on ebay

  1. 1. Darren Ratcliffe Digitl Getting a competitive 
 advantage on ebay @webdarren http://www.slideshare.net/DarrenRatcliffe2
  2. 2. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Quick Introductions A modern eCommerce Agency based in Manchester - eCommerce Websites - Support for Multi Channel Retailers - 
 - Traditional Web Design - Digital Marketing -
  3. 3. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Quick Introductions [~]$ whoami?
  4. 4. What are we going to cover?
  5. 5. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Some initial starting points • You know what ebay actually is (say now if you don’t) • You’re familiar with Feedback and DSRs? • Do you know how Best Match works?
  6. 6. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency There are a lot of misconceptions about ebay!
  7. 7. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Getting first things first • Don’t JUST think about ebay, what is the wider picture? • Manage your stock levels properly • Integrate using smart software, don’t use My eBay

  8. 8. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency No matter what, your products won’t sell if you don’t list them properly.
  9. 9. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO UPN / EAN and ebay
  10. 10. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Getting your titles correct
  11. 11. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Categories - a huge impact Category: Other Women’s Shoes
  12. 12. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Item & Variant Specifics
  13. 13. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO ebay Branded Storefronts As of June 2017, ebay advise customers that they should NOT be using branded storefronts.
  14. 14. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Branded Listing Templates
  15. 15. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Branded Listing Templates
  16. 16. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Branded Listing Templates Storefronts and Item Templates are changing LOTS - keep on top of all the latest changes.
  17. 17. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Photography - it’s vital
  18. 18. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Going global - it’s easy! • Enable the global shipping programme - instant growth • Use this to research more opportunities overseas • Start then to look at localisation for each country • Remember, demand will differ due to local trends
  19. 19. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Make sure you do your homework There are lots of good tools out there for research - we can’t live without these two:
  20. 20. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO A quick look at Tera Peak
  21. 21. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO A quick look at Tera Peak
  22. 22. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO A quick look at Tera Peak
  23. 23. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO A totally free option…
  24. 24. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Promoted Listings
  25. 25. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency#BrightonSEO Promoted Listings
  26. 26. @wearedigitl
 http://digitl.agency That’s me done. Do you have any questions?
 @webdarren // darren@digitl.agency