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Christoph Cemper. Links for SEO in 2018 and Beyond

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For years we’ve heard the news that SEO is dead, links are dead. Now we hear that Google would magically “figure it all out”. But links are more powerful than ever. With many people shying away, not wanting to take any risks and thereby leaving all the money on the table – for YOU.

Learn what’s working and what’s not working in links for SEO in 2018 and beyond. Learn why Link Audits and the Disavow file are still so important, and what kind of links work and where and how you’d better be careful.

Key areas covered in this session:

1. Should we still use the disavow tool?
2. Are link audits still important?
3. Are links still important?
4. How can redirects impact my rankings?
5. Should we still build links
6. How do PBN links and work and how to build them so they stick?

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Christoph Cemper. Links for SEO in 2018 and Beyond

  1. 1. Links For SEO in 2018 – and beyond
  2. 2. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua привіт, одеся!
  3. 3. @cemper #8pua Hi, I am Christoph C. Cemper Links & SEO since 2003 Founder & CEO of
  4. 4. @cemper #8pua Orange Jackets and SEO
  5. 5. @cemper #8pua Author of “Spaghetti Code” Detangling Life and Work With Programmer Wisdom A bridge between Developers and „Other People“ Because I‘m also a developer 
  6. 6. @cemper #8pua 7 Chapters in 20 minutes But we have a break afterwards 
  7. 7. @cemper #8pua ARE LINKS IMPORTANT? 1
  8. 8. @cemper #8pua YES, the web is Content and Links
  9. 9. @cemper #8puaLinks still No#1 Ranking Factor Andrey Lipattsev – Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google’s March 2016
  10. 10. #8pua @cemper “You do a great job at reminding people about the importance of links. And WE (Google) don’t appreciate that.” ~Garry Ilyes to Cemper, Brighton Sep 2017 !
  11. 11. @cemper #8pua HOW TO BUILD GREAT LINKS (some ideas that still work) 2
  12. 12. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/linkmetrics/8p BUY Links (but be careful) •Which? The right ones. •Look at Link Detox Risk *BEFORE* with LORT https://lrt.co/lort/8p •Look at POWER •Look at TRUST
  13. 13. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/linkmetrics/8p BUY Links (but be careful) • Don’t buy where everyone buys. • BUY only the best links, as decided by LORT • “Buy” from yourself – your web (PBN…) •Careful - Don’t get caught by Google • Don’t brag, don’t talk
  14. 14. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/lort/8p LORT? A quick reminder A Link is a connection from Source(A) to Target(B)
  15. 15. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/lort/8p Are you Checking Link Quality or only Source Page Quality? A BTHIS is the LINK I am only the source page I am the LINK you want to check I am only the target page Don’t check ONLY the Source! (like everyone else)
  16. 16. @cemper #8pua LORT? • Don’t check ONLY the Source Page • Check a Link as A to B - before you build it! • Estimate risk before possible damage is done • Build the best links only available • Save Time and Money • Benefit Long Term
  17. 17. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/pbn/8p Build a Powerful PBN, means •KNOW the best domain buying strategy •KNOW how to recover link power •KNOW the best content strategy @cemper #8pua
  18. 18. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/pbn/8p Build a Powerful PBN, means •Clean expired domains •Cleaned up Spam and Penalties •No footprints •P for PRIVATE – not Public •Link Detox “off-label use” = PBN Building @cemper #8pua
  19. 19. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/pbn/8p Build a Powerful PBN, how to 1. Find strong, expired domains - https://lrt.co/url/8p 2. Set up in a clean environment 3. DISAVOW all the BAD links ASAP - https://lrt.co/dtox/8p 4. Recover the content and improve it strategy 5. Recover the power + trust from good links – https://lrt.co/ljr/8p 6. Boost those links for faster effect - https://lrt.co/boost/8p @cemper #8pua
  20. 20. @cemper #8puaHow to build a PBN with LinkResearchTools (LRT) We wrote a book on it…
  21. 21. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/pbn/8p 35 page DIY Guide How to Build a PBN https://lrt.co/pbn/8p Use code: 8P for 33%
  22. 22. @cemper #8pua Recent Google PBN penalties? Overdone money keywords. Watch your keyword ratios! • https://lrt.co/pbn/8p
  23. 23. #8pua @cemper Do YOU know YOUR OWN money anchor text ratios? https://lrt.co/blp/8p
  24. 24. @cemper #8pua Do YOU know YOUR OWN vs. Competitor money anchor text ratios? https://lrt.co/cla/8p
  25. 25. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/lort/8p Build Low Risk Links You Miss •Simple “link gap” can be dangerous •Missing links only great with low risk •Simulate risk before building them •How? Link Opportunity Review Tool (LORT) @cemper #8pua
  26. 26. @cemper #8pua Think outside the box. BUT - Great Links… …don’t get served on a silver plate.
  27. 27. @cemper #8pua Buy very easy to spot with Beware of “Fake Links”… Old, but still working trick
  28. 28. FREE: Link Redirect Trace • Understand redirects as you surf • Find Fake Links • Find and fix slow redirects • Find link juice killing redirects • See cookies and track links • Export Screenshot or Excel https://lrt.co/linkredirecttrace/8p
  29. 29. @cemper #8pua Bulk Check in LinkResearchTools https://lrt.co/8p
  30. 30. @cemper #8pua WATCH OUT FOR TOXIC REDIRECTS 3
  32. 32. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua And even more… WATCH OUT FOR TOXIC REL CANONICALS Negative SEO Trick we know since 2015 is now out in the public. Google denies this one of course… Because it’s tough to spot.
  34. 34. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua “Google figures bad links out? Themselves”? • Communicated Since September 2016 … umm.. 2006. • “ALL bad links”? • Or just “bad links”? • We see recoveries from link cleanups - EVERY WEEK
  35. 35. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua Let’s imagine for a moment… • Google would change the algos and rules in hindsight • Make all bad links work negative • Let 100.000 of websites drop over night • Google would never do that, or?
  36. 36. @cemper #8pua There’s a thing called GOOGLE PENGUIN An automated web spam fighter.
  37. 37. @cemper #8pua GOOGLE “Real Time” PENGUIN • Automated Link Spam Algo • Granular Penalizes pages, subfolders, keywords • Real-Time Every crawl affects your rankings! https://lrt.co/penguin/8p
  38. 38. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua And it’s about SITE vs. Granular
  39. 39. @cemper #8pua Watch your rankings Real Time Penguin runs always https://lrt.co/penguin/8p
  40. 40. @cemper #8pua a 99% TRAFFIC DROP hurts https://lrt.co/penguin/8p
  41. 41. @cemper #8pua Maybe because of virus links? https://lrt.co/penguin/8p
  42. 42. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/penguin/8p The Google Penguin Book
  43. 43. @cemper #8pua MAKING YOUR EFFORTS WORTHLESS But Penguin can also SILENTLY HOLD YOU BACK Get help before it’s too late
  44. 44. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua THERE’S A SIMPLE TRICK TO LEAVE PENGUIN BEHIND
  45. 45. @cemper #8pua Do you know that SIMPLE Trick?
  46. 46. @cemper #8pua Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p Don’t just look at a slice of data!
  47. 47. @cemper #8pua IT’S LIKE CHECKING 1 TOOTH ONLY
  48. 48. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua LOOK AT ALL THE LINKS Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit
  49. 49. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua And all the… • AND ALL the Redirects • AND ALL the Rel-Canonicals • AND ALL the so called “DELETED LINKS” which are just blocked in ROBOTS. • FYI LinkResearchTools (LRT) goes beyond the robots.txt
  50. 50. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua
  51. 51. @cemper #8pua 4 ARE LINK AUDITS and LINK MONITORING IMPORTANT?
  52. 52. #8pua @cemper Let’s remember for a moment… • That a link brings you real traffic • That a link can lead to actual conversions • That a link can help BIG in Google. • And other search engines. • Does it makes sense to watch links?
  53. 53. @cemper #8pua So the opposite is possible, too… • That a link can be worthless • That a link can drive engaged users the wrong way • That a link can hurt your rankings in Google • And other search engines! • Does it makes sense to watch those links? Let’s remember for a moment…
  54. 54. @cemper #8puahttps://lrt.co/linkaudits/8p DIY Link Audit Guide
  55. 55. @cemper #8pua Do you want to leave that up to chance or goodwill of Google?
  56. 56. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua Important TODOs
  57. 57. @cemper #8pua Google Penguin can affect only just a small but important part of a website. MONITOR IMPORTANT FOLDERS OR PAGES EVERY DAY
  58. 58. @cemper #8pua You will find some great links in there. DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR OLD DISAVOW FILE https://lrt.co/disavowfileaudit/8p
  59. 59. @cemper #8pua It makes your disavow file work faster. DO NOT FORGET TO RUN Link Detox Boost https://lrt.co/disavowfileaudit/8p
  60. 60. @cemper #8pua WHICH LINKS MATTER? 5
  61. 61. @cemper #8pua YOU NEED TO GO FOR THE HIGH-TRUST LINKS
  62. 62. @cemper #8pua AND (VERY) LOW RISK LINKS https://lrt.co/lort/8p
  63. 63. @cemper #8pua WHICH LINKS TO WORK WITH, TO AUDIT? 6
  64. 64. @cemper #8pua Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit DON’T JUST LOOK AT ONE SLICE https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p
  65. 65. @cemper #8pua THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p
  66. 66. @cemper #8pua KEEP THE GOOD ONES https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p
  67. 67. @cemper #8pua DISAVOW THE BAD ONES https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p
  68. 68. @cemper #8pua REPAIR THE UGLY https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p
  69. 69. @cemper #8pua @cemper #8pua Links You Audited Links You Didn't Audit OFTEN HIDE IN HERE!  https://lrt.co/fullaudit/8p THE BAD & UGLY ONES
  70. 70. @cemper #8pua One last thing 6
  71. 71. @cemper #8puaspaghetticodebook.com Get 1 of 28 Signed Books FOR FREE. AFTER THIS TALK. A bridge between Developers and „Other People“
  72. 72. @cemper #8pua LRT Associate Training • Comprehensive online videos with Christoph C. Cemper • Lifetime Access to the LRT Associate Community • Goodie Box now with autographed copy of Spaghetti Code • Learn all the methods • Backlink Analysis, Link Audits • Google Penalty Recovery • Link Quality Checks • Competitor Analysis, Backlink Monitoring • Link Prospecting, SEO Metrics • LRT Browser Extensions • and more http://lrt.co/associate/8p
  73. 73. @cemper #8pua In the LRT Goodie Box  http://lrt.co/associate/8p
  74. 74. @cemper #8pua Your Certificate http://lrt.co/associate/8p
  75. 75. @cemper #8pua First 30: EUR 14.90 (297) (ca. 450 UAH) http://lrt.co/associate/8p http://lrt.co/associate/8p Use Coupon Code 8p
  76. 76. @cemper #8puahttp://lrt.co/associate/8p Your SEO Knowledge Matters
  77. 77. @cemper #8pua ASK ME ANYTHING… Slides at https://lrt.co/8p …even a photo 