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Globe Best Online Reservation Systems

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Globres en

  1. 1. GlobRes is a web booking engine that is a part of "all in one" hospitality management solution that enables hotels to manage their data, reports, and optimize sales and revenue. The great difference between GlobRes solutions and many others lies in the capability to provide Hotel partners with a professional hospitality management solutions that will enable them to add modules depending on their evolving needs. GlobRes systems are compatible and interoperable between each other as well as with more than 65 "world class" Property Management Systems (PMS) including Revenue Management Systems (RMS) and Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM). Not only you will have hard time to önd similar speciöcations amongst our competitors, but what is more important, is this continuity in development, so that GlobRes systems remain always a step ahead. The TOP 10 reasons to choose GlobRes web booking engine and its modules: Customer support 1. Fully customizable - integrates seamlessly with the hotel or chain website; hotels have complete control over booking øow and speciöc functionality 2. SaaS - means no hardware to buy or install and reduces the cost of ownership by up to 40% compared to traditional deployments; rapid implementation; easily conögured by users; automatic and free upgrades to keep your booking engine on the cutting edge 3. Unlimited Merchandizing Capabilities - sell and promote hotel property with multiple images, dynamic packaging and promotional pricing 4. Internationalization - give your hotel guests the convenience of booking in their native language and currency 5. Mobile & Social Media enabled - Mobile, Facebook, VK, TripConnect versions of our web booking engine expands your hotels distribution 6. Cross sell opportunities - by offering alternate destinations, properties or even dates 7. Itinerary and Multi-Room Functionality - makes it simple for guests to book rooms with no limits on number of room types or bookings in a single transaction 8. CRM Integration - keep track of valuable customer data from online guests; collect customer loyalty program data right at the point of sale 9. Measure your KPI's - integrated tracking with any online reporting tool like Google Analytics or our own proprietary RezTrack report which measures the success of all online marketing campaigns. 10.Integration to PMS - 2 way interfaces between Web Booking Engine and property management systems, this means single image of inventory and less worries about managing separate systems. GLOBRES BOOKNG SYSTEM DESIGN Ukraina Hotel Moscow Domina Prestige St Petersburg GlobRes customer service and support teams are experienced, professional and dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer care and advice in the industry. Each of our hotel partners is provided with a dedicated account manager to work hard and to build long-term and productive relationships in order to maximize hotel revenue and reservations. From implementation, through activation and while hotel is 'live' our support teams are here to assist and to focus on increasing production, so that the hotel can make the most of its sales channels. Having a dedicated account manager means that you will have a single point of contact for all queries and support regarding the services in use. With industry leading experts at your disposal, we are prepared to offer more than just a troubleshooting service. Our multilingual team can give product and sales advice as well as information on the most effective techniques for each of our distribution channels. PAYMENT CONDITIONS џ Free reservation system integration and training on its usage џ from 2,5% of the turnover recieved from reservations from all types of devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones) A huge difference in the features, module expansion opportunities, and design constituent of reservation systems indicate unconditional advantages of using Globres.

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  • DariaHvozdyk

    Oct. 13, 2014

Globe Best Online Reservation Systems


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