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  1. 1. SharePoint Branding 101 Tips to enhancing your experience D’arce Hess UI/UX Developer
  2. 2. • Themes & Composed Looks • Responsive Design • Gotchas Agenda
  3. 3. Themes & Composed Looks
  4. 4. This is the Out-of-the-Box method for branding SharePoint 2013 and O365.. • Great for end-users • Easy to add custom color schemes without fully customized master pages and page layouts
  5. 5. • Master Pages • CSS • Color Palettes • Font Palettes • Background image What are Composed Looks made of?
  6. 6. Do not modify the .master file. Only work out of the .html file Only need to create a .preview file if you want to select your master page from the drop- down in the preview.
  7. 7. Where do you find the composed looks?
  8. 8. • The configuration of each Composed Look • The Masterpage used • The Color Palette file • The Background img Location • Font Scheme used What did I just see?
  9. 9. /_catalogs/theme/15/ Where is the SP color file located?
  10. 10. Responsive Design
  11. 11. • Uses CSS3 Media Queries to allow for design to adapt to screen width. • Requires a different thought process for tables and content. • Mobile First vs. Desktop. • When to ask for help.
  12. 12. With great power comes great responsibility • Responsive Design should not be used in all projects. • Takes more time for development, but less time to maintain. • One Master Page to rule them all. • Design to screen width not to specific device. • Need to watch for optimization of content prevent bandwidth and data overload.
  13. 13. Gotcha
  14. 14. Design Manager in SharePoint 2013 • Do NOT use the create Design Package • <form> </form> will not validate in XML validator Bootstrap • Watch out for box-model. SharePoint requires use of content-box to work properly. • Several resets needed to allow for bootstrap to work with SharePoint.
  15. 15. How can we help you achieve your optimal SharePoint experience?
  16. 16. QUESTIONS
  17. 17. THANK YOU