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(ulnos) Application_Poems

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(ulnos) Application_Poems

  1. 1. Daydream May 1, 2014 5:00 pm As I lookintoyournakedeyes I can perceive the freezeof ice You are as freshandintense asthe monthof May I can sense howyoufeel thatway As the dewdropsare falling I notice yourlove isgrowing You may predictI do not know But thisishow some love storiesgo As the sunrisesup overagainafterthe firstshowerof May I picture me ina grass fieldthere Ilay ThenI spot youon footgoingnearme Holdingmyheart’skeyas youask for a dance withme There you took myhand and holdclose me forawhile But all I coulddistinguishisasunbeam We are now separatedbymiles ThenI woke upand realizeditwasjusta dream
  2. 2. Drown May 1, 2014 5:20 pm I am havinga frustrationrightnow Maybe I justneedachow I thinkall I can do istake a bow Askfor my part when,where orhow I hate to move towardbut I’ll keeponwaiting I’ll setinmotionnotto keepmylove fromfading Is there nosupplementarywayinexchanging There’sa lotof processinchanging Lookingat my mirror,I witnessedmyself beingweak Piecesof wreckedgoblettopick I am on the corner,so sick Where inmy heartthere’salreadyanick I usedto hide myfeelingsasIdesire Ihave my ownwings To keepme awayfrom thisdownbeatthings But I learnednowit’sashowof flame rings I mustknowhow to ride withthe loopandI foundmyself drowning
  3. 3. Destined May 1, 2014 5:50 pm I may be a looserbutI am alreadya winnersince then Afterthe rainI wouldask again,“When?” I may notcome firstwitha Royal Prince now to be my Kingsomeday I couldstill have asimple guylike himtomake the nightmy day As I spotthe billionstarsathours of darkness,imaginingwe’re watchingthe highness Lyingin a small peakof sandpositionedinnearby grasses Whenhe holdsmy tenderhanditseemslike mybodyisnoton the ground Feelslike Iamsecondbysecondpound The feelingisreallydifferentfurthermore Iwanttoappreciate everymoment The timeswe usedupflashbacksfromside toside of my mind,alsothe placeswe went I wouldnotletothersborrowme and ask fora rentevenplanto paywiththousandcents Because withhim,Ifeel complete andmeant