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The Urgent/Important Matrix: A brief description

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This presentation created in Canva was adapted from a previous PowerPoint version. The content was based on an article from Mind Tools. The original article does not seem to be available right now: the URL cited redirects to Mind Tools' main Time Management page. But you may find some other helpful resources.

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The Urgent/Important Matrix: A brief description

  1. 1. The Urgent/Important Matrix A brief description by Danielle Nocon
  2. 2. The Urgent/Important Matrix is a time management methodology which comprises the four combinations of these two elements.
  3. 3. Important Important Not Urgent Urgent Important Urgent Not Important Urgent Not Important Not Urgent
  4. 4. Important Important activities further your goals.
  5. 5. Urgent Urgent activities must be addressed swiftly and often disrupt your important activities.
  6. 6. Eisenhower said: "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important."
  7. 7. Important / Not Urgent Ideally, you should spend the bulk of your day on the non-urgent important activities that serve your own objectives.
  8. 8. Important / Urgent(a) Crises requiring prompt action can occur suddenly and upredictably.
  9. 9. Important / Urgent(b) Some activities become short on time due to unanticipated disruptions, inadequate planning, or procrastination.
  10. 10. Not Important / Urgent Non-important urgent tasks (often requests from others) interfere with your primary important work.
  11. 11. Not Important / Not Urgent Tasks that are neither important nor urgent should be set adrift.
  12. 12. Free up more time for your important activities For your presentation design needs Email Danielle at dnemail-pptdesigns@yahoo.com
  13. 13. Content based on "The Urgent/Important Matrix: Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently" from Mind Tools (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newHTE_91.htm)
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