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  1. SuitUp with WatchWire 3.16.2023 Opening Doors and Reimagining Pathways for Students Everywhere…
  2. students served volunteers engaged 21 13 About WatchWire WatchWire is a sustainability and energy management software-as-a-service provider. Across the globe, WatchWire helps commercial and corporate real estate portfolios, Fortune 500 industrial/manufacturing and big-box retail, government, healthcare, and educational facilities reduce emissions and expenses while simplifying sustainability and carbon reporting. About PS 161 Don Pedro Albizu P.S./M.S 161, also known as the Don Pedro Albizu Campos School, is a learning community where scholars develop their identities and explore limitless possibilities. The school’s goal is to encourage self- discovery and individuality through a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment. Furthermore, they are committed to fostering an environment where students can be change-makers in their communities and beyond.
  3. Volunteers Gender Students 55% Female 57% 45% Male 38% N/A Non Binary 5% Meet the Participants Volunteers Race/Ethnicity Students 18% African American N/A 18% Asian / Pacific Islander N/A 64% Caucasian/White N/A N/A Hispanic/Latinx 95% N/A Prefer Not Say 5%
  4. 4 Business Case Challenge Through SuitUp, volunteers from WatchWire and students from PS 161 Don Pedro Albizu participated in a SuitUp business competition in which they created a new, innovative feature for WatchWire that encourages schools to be more water and energy efficient. Volunteers coached students in various departments before helping them pitch to judges for a cash prize. Winning Team: Cobra Dojo Team 1: Sustainable.code Team 3: Cobra Dojo Team 2: HydroWatch SuitUp to the Challenge Team 4: Environmental Help INSERT WINNING TEAM PHOTO
  5. From Student to CEO… A look at how we are changing life trajectories through corporate skills-based volunteering
  6. Competitions Make a Difference… 95% of students feel more confident in school and preparing for a career after working with SuitUp and their coaches 100% of volunteers believe their company made a positive impact through SuitUp 100% of volunteers see SuitUp as a way to encourage more students to explore their industry or company AFTER SUITUP...
  7. WatchWire’s Impact SuitUp asked students if WatchWire’s SuitUp competition made an impact on their future career choice. 100% of students said that engaging with the volunteers influenced their career choice and now they can see themselves using skills such as communication, teamwork and public speaking. Students are now interested in exploring the following fields: Business Administration / Entrepreneurship 22% Education 9% Fashion Design 3% Financial Services 16% Graphic/Web Design 6% Healthcare 16% Marketing 13% Other 22%
  8. Same time next week? 100% of volunteers are interested in doing a SuitUp competition again 100% of students enjoyed interacting with their SuitUp coaches 100% of students would like to participate in SuitUp again
  9. During the competition, we overheard… ““I want to be an engineer because it’s fun to make some things that people might need. I want to create my own company.” - SuitUp Student “It was really nice to see how your passion aligned with your idea.” - WatchWire Judge “I enjoyed witnessing the students open up and become more comfortable throughout the day.” - WatchWire Volunteer
  10. Get Involved A huge thank you from all of us in the SuitUp family… JOIN SUITUP’S CORPORATE BOARD VOLUNTEER AT FUTURE EVENTS MAKE AN INTRO TO ANOTHER COMPANY GIVE A GIFT This board meets 4x a year and helps SuitUp implement its strategic plan to scale and serve more students. Follow us on social media and stay engaged in order to sign up for other volunteer opportunities in the future. SuitUp is always seeking new corporate partners to host and sponsor SuitUp competitions and events. We work across the US and even the UK. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, SuitUp is always seeking financial or in-kind support to continue our work in communities that need it most. All gifts are tax deductible.
  11. THANK YOU Hope to see you again soon!