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Digital disruption - From Disrupted To Disruptor

  1. We’re facing a new Digital Age . .We’re facing a new Digital Age . .
  2. An undeniable force is here . . .An undeniable force is here . . .
  3. Companies are compelled to beCompanies are compelled to be differentdifferent
  4. What is Digital Disruption?What is Digital Disruption?  The change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.
  5. Why is it Occurring?Why is it Occurring?  The rapid increase of mobile devices for personal use, often referred to as the “Consumerization of IT”, has increased disruption across many industries.
  6. Early Disruptors:Early Disruptors:
  7. Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu have disrupted the media and entertainment industries by changing how content is accessed by customers and monetized by advertisers.
  8. Data creation is erupting . . .Data creation is erupting . . . And it’s exponential
  9. Adapting to DisruptionAdapting to Disruption  Digital disruption requires rethinking the entire business, not just one’s technology portfolio.  It requires thinking - and then behaving - like a digital disruptor.
  10. How to be a Digital Disruptor:How to be a Digital Disruptor:  Use and create digital tools.  Exploit digital platforms provided by companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google.  Accept the fact that the customer is ultimately in charge of your strategy.  Innovate through focused pursuit of adjacent consumer benefits.  Become a promiscuous partner & deliver these benefits quickly and at a low cost.
  11. Digital Disruptor: Note to Self…Digital Disruptor: Note to Self…  Not all disruptions require that you have a new patentable technology.  Instead, you use digital resources to provide more value to people in more contexts than everybody else.
  12. Question: What are our customers’Question: What are our customers’ futurefuture wants?wants?
  13. Beware of the competition . . .Beware of the competition . . .
  14. …… Even the small disruptorsEven the small disruptors
  15. And their vision or product . . .And their vision or product . . .
  16. Planning for Digital DisruptionPlanning for Digital Disruption  Having a clear-cut IT strategy is key to establishing a competitive advantage over any competition.  It can be the difference between success and failure.
  17. Basic Human Needs of DD:Basic Human Needs of DD:
  18. Establish a progressive thinker in theEstablish a progressive thinker in the C-Suite . . .C-Suite . . .
  19. Create innovation teams to negotiateCreate innovation teams to negotiate disruption, and create a strategy fordisruption, and create a strategy for progress.progress.
  20. Digital Disruption: BehaviorDigital Disruption: Behavior  Adopt a digital disruption ideologyAdopt a digital disruption ideology  Behave like a digital disruptorBehave like a digital disruptor
  21. Methodology to DDMethodology to DD  Assess energy, skills & policiesAssess energy, skills & policies  Establish DD as a priorityEstablish DD as a priority  Identify barriersIdentify barriers  Design small innovative teamsDesign small innovative teams  Learn from competitionLearn from competition
  22. ConclusionConclusion  New Product experienceNew Product experience  Build a digital bridgeBuild a digital bridge  Use essential, free digital toolsUse essential, free digital tools  Become digitally promiscuousBecome digitally promiscuous  Measure differentlyMeasure differently  Expect and accept some failureExpect and accept some failure  OWN YOUR SUCCESS!!OWN YOUR SUCCESS!!