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LouisXIII Campaign Audit

  1. Louis XIII An Independent Campaign Design & Performance Audit
  2. PREFACE The objective of this review as an independent outside audit is to understand the current campaign design and to gauge early Phase 1 execution performance, and where the campaign can be improved during Phase 2 of execution and for expanded sustaining digital marketing efforts. We acknowledge that the ‘100 Years’ campaign to date has been seen as globally successful. We present our findings in the spirit that all campaigns, even those deemed successful, can achieve better performance and results through deeper levels of reflection and analysis. It is with this premise that we present the following.
  3. AGENDA ✦ Campaign Design ✦ Campaign Goals ✦ Audience Profiling ✦ Decision Journey ✦ Brand Story & Messaging ✦ Channel Optimization ✦ Budget Optimization ✦ Measurement Plan ✦ Initial Observations & Recommendations 100 YEARS CONCEPT CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS (with expanded insights) L’ODYSSEE D’UN ROI
  4. Reflection thru Observations
  5. 100 YEARS CAMPAIGN Audit & Analysis [ Phase 1 & Phase 2 ]
  6. Campaign Design
  7. CONCEPT > ‘1OO YEARS’ – THE MOVIE YOU WILL NEVER SEE Two main phases to the ‘100 Years’ campaign. Phase 1 Global Launch - Los Angeles Premier (Nov. 18, 2015 thru Dec. 11, 2015) -- Phase 2 Safe (Vault) International Road Show (April 2016 thru October 2016)
  8. CAMPAIGN DESIGN: OBJECTIVES, GOALS, STRATEGIES, TACTICS Campaign design drives execution and performance. From the insights collected and as provided, we can visually map the overall past and future effort to see how the campaign has been architected. This provides us with a framework to review and measure historic performance, and for understanding how the Campaign can do even better for creating awareness and influence in Phase 2 of the initiative.
  9. CAMPAIGN VISUAL DESIGN (PHASE 1) – GLOBAL LAUNCH 2015 / 2016 Campaign Influenced Business Objective Market Growth Stimulus Goals - Campaign Excitement with Increased Brand Awareness and Desirability Among Targeted Audiences Campaign Set-up & Design Concept Movie & Vault Core Message 100 Years Prime Markets USA China UK ROW (Secondary) Outreach Outlets Live Event Los Angeles Premier Paid Media (TV, Print, Radio, Digital) & Editorial Bloggers Social Media KOLs (Influencers) Target Audiences & Interests Geo-Targeted USA, China & World Broad Category Interests Cinema, Dining, Luxury Cars, Luxury Fashion, Luxury Hotels, Press, Wine & Spirits -- French Cuisine, Fine Dining, Food & Spirits, Foodies, Entertainment -- Investors, Luxury (Shoppers, Travelers, Vehicles), Movie, TV, Nightlife Press / Media Channel Selection Website & Landing Page Digital Advertising Social Media Search (Google & Bing) Social Media Activation USA & World Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube China WeChat, Weibo, Baidu Strategy & Tactics Owned (Content) Media Video Assets 100 Years Movie -- (3) Teasers with hypothetical future world visions -- Short trailer making of the film Photo Assets Assorted -- Product -- Celebrity -- Event Social Media Posts Instagram Influencer Co-Creation Posts Shared Media KOLs (Influencers) Posts -- Instagram & Twitter Social Engagements Virility Earned Media Press / Media Editorial Coverage Paid Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Media Buy Search Influencer Marketing Facebook & Twitter Post Promotion Local Events Los Angeles Premier Key Opinion Leaders -- Paid KPIs Campaign Visibility Video Views Paid Impressions (Performance Metrics) Social Engagements (Vanity Metrics)
  10. CAMPAIGN VISUAL DESIGN (PHASE 2) – VAULT ROAD SHOW 2015 / 2016 Campaign Influenced Business Objective Market Growth Stimulus Goals - Campaign Excitement with Increased Brand Awareness and Desirability Among Targeted Audiences Campaign Set-up & Design Concept Movie & Vault Core Message 100 Years Prime Markets USA China UK ROW (Secondary) Outreach Outlets Live Event International Vault Road Show Paid Media (TV, Print, Radio, Digital) & Editorial Bloggers Social Media KOLs (Influencers) Target Audiences & Interests Geo-Targeted USA, China & World Broad Category Interests Cinema, Dining, Luxury Cars, Luxury Fashion, Luxury Hotels, Press, Wine & Spirits -- French Cuisine, Fine Dining, Food & Spirits, Foodies, Entertainment -- Investors, Luxury (Shoppers, Travelers, Vehicles), Movie, TV, Nightlife Press / Media Channel Selection Website & Landing Page Digital Advertising Social Media Upscale Lifestyle, & Luxury Targets Social Media Activation USA & World Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube China WeChat, Weibo, Baidu Strategy & Tactics Owned (Content) Media Video Assets 100 Years Movie -- (3) Teasers with hypothetical future world visions -- Short trailer making of the film -- (2) Vault Videos Photo Assets Assorted -- Product -- Celebrity -- Event -- Roadshow Social Media Posts Instagram Influencer Co-Creation Posts Shared Media KOLs (Influencers) Posts -- Instagram & Twitter Social Engagements Virility Earned Media Press / Media Editorial Coverage Paid Media Digital Banners & Native Ads -- Cinema & Entertainment News Lifestyle, Fashion, Tech Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Media Buy Influencer Marketing Social Post Promotion Local Events International road show tour of film vault Key Opinion Leaders (Bloggers) -- Paid -- Cinema, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Tec KPIs Campaign Visibility Video Views Paid Impressions (Performance Metrics) Social Engagements (Vanity Metrics)
  11. Campaign Goals
  12. CAMPAIGN GOALS Creating the campaign’s ‘100 Years’ brand story, producing digital assets, activating channels, identifying target audiences, and broadly isolating brand awareness as the primary campaign goal is not enough to find success with the overall campaign efforts. Without knowing where the campaign is aiming based on tangible business objectives and goals, the campaign has no compass to steer campaign execution and measureable milestone performance.
  13. CAMPAIGN GOALS To ultimately find campaign success we need to link goals to the primary business objective… GOALS NEED TO BE S.M.A.R.T. Specific . Measureable. Attainable . Relevant . Time-Bound
  14. CAMPAIGN GOALS CURRENT GOAL STATEMENT (assimilated from materials) Generate excitement, desirability and awareness for the brand, especially among the target audience leveraging one message, one concept with repetition of message all year long measured against impressions and video views using a select marketing mix of traditional media, social media and digital advertising.
  15. CAMPAIGN GOALS BETTER GOAL STATEMENT Generate excitement, desirability and awareness for the brand among growing target audiences leveraging the ‘100 Years’ campaign concept as a central theme measured against pre- defined increases in MoM performance target levels for 1) website traffic, 2) new e- newsletter opt-ins, 3) new Louis XIII Charter Club memberships, and 4) consistently higher levels of social media followers and engagements using a select marketing mix of traditional media, social media and digital advertising to stimulate market growth opportunities in key geographies.
  16. CAMPAIGN GOALS Simply what we see is there needs to be a better and more tangible way to measure success. Impressions, clicks, and video views are not enough in of themselves – nor do they reveal whether the campaign is truly influencing consumer purchase behaviors. Through linking awareness, excitement and desirability campaign objectives to tangible real influential business performance targets, measurable goals can be tied to specific conversions which will drive strategy and execution leading to greater consumer influence and impact.
  17. Audience Profiling
  18. AUDIENCE PROFILING Targeting should always align to real-world influence. When we reviewed target audiences and whether current targeting is properly aligned to reach and influence the largest possible pre-qualified audiences, scrutiny reveals Campaign specific targeting has been limited to broad luxury, lifestyle category interests. What’s needed is to leverage at a deeper level changing consumer characteristics, demos and lifestyle motivations – and where market growth opportunities reside within a qualified targeted population.
  19. AUDIENCE PROFILING Louis XIII has already loosely identified two target personas (the Connoisseur and the Amateur), but we need to define audiences with greater detail in order to develop the right messaging, the right content and the right visuals to having a lasting impact on business influence. Therefore, to be even more effective with the campaign strategy and all supporting initiatives, multiple consumer personas should be defined (in as much detail as possible) and continuously validated through constant measurement and analysis to fine-tune continuous better execution performance and to realize maximum ROI.
  20. AUDIENCE PROFILING With the Louis XIII price point at $3,000 USD, it’s noted that a highly select financially secure audience obviously needs to be targeted. Yet, aside from luxury lifestyles and monetary wealth there are socio-demo nuances within this master population (and on the fringes) that need to be identified through deeper segmentation for the campaign to find its optimum balance and influence.
  21. AUDIENCE PROFILING We don’t want cognac just to be for one category of person.” Rémy Martin Executive Director, Augustin Depardon “
  22. AUDIENCE PROFILING Speaking about attracting new drinkers, the aim is to lower the target audience from 45 to 35, attract female drinkers and generally make Louis XIII aspirational to a wider group of consumers.” Louis XIII Executive Director, Ludovic du Plessis “
  23. AUDIENCE PROFILING Using Rémy Martin’s own executive directors’ quotes, we can see there is an acknowledged, predominant internal shift underway for marketing Cognac – even at the Louis XIII ultra-premium X.O. level. Within the borders of France, cognac may still be seen as the drink of choice for mature gentlemen. But in the U.S. as an example, it is often enjoyed by image driven, adventurous upscale millennials or status-conscious ‘new wealth’ revelers inspired by blingy bottles and hip-hop name-dropping songs like Busta Rhymes’ ‘Pass the Courvoisier.’
  24. AUDIENCE PROFILING Based on one simple demographic view, Nielsen reported for a recent 30- day period that white adult consumers in the United States for example drank 27% of the nation’s cognac even though they represent 66% of the adult population. Conversely, black consumers drank 40% of the cognac, yet they were only 11.2% of the population.
  25. AUDIENCE PROFILING Certainly nuances exist within this simple demographic view based on levels of Cognac quality consumption. And we acknowledge that audience segmentation is much more than just ethnicities. However, targeting will also need to take into account emerging demos for changing generational lifestyles and values that align to luxury spirits. The bottom line – ultra-premium X.O. Cognac is no longer perceived as an exclusive spirit indulged only by the one percenter’s who have extreme wealth.
  26. AUDIENCE PROFILING As a result, there’s an opportunity to make inroads into demographics Louis XIII has not generally had a strong presence - to broaden market opportunities without alienating historic core consumers and eroding the classic brand value and image. The direction isn’t about forsaking one demographic for another. Rather there is a need to complement existing broad stroked targeting into complementary and natural, deeper evolutionary extensions to convey unique contextual brand stories to appeal to multiple socio-demographics – including those of ethnicity, gender, multi-wealth status levels, lifestyles and affinity motivators.
  27. AUDIENCE PROFILING If we begin to look at today’s Cognac Luxury consumer, we can begin to paint a picture of the changing socio-demo characteristics which define the new ultra-premium X.O. consumer. This is important on multiple levels for the campaign and future marketing efforts to reach, influence and align to audiences of the largest possible size. 1) Better targets advertising and social media for maximum business impact, and 2) Contextually allows content and messaging to be better developed to resonate with expanded core audience persona types.
  28. AUDIENCE PROFILING But caution should weigh in with audience segmentation. There will always be a continuous need for validation through research, discovery, experimentation, measurement and analysis. The goal should be to focus on audiences that can realistically aspire to and actually convert to sales – either today or sometime in the foreseeable future – with a concerted focus on pre-qualified audiences.
  29. AUDIENCE PROFILING The Luxury goods market is indeed growing due to accumulating wealth among upwardly mobile key demographic population segments. However, Louis XIII’s target audience is somewhat different from the perspective that a $3,000 bottle or a $500 2-ounce pour of the premium spirit is not the same as purchasing products in some other Luxury product segments such as high-priced Fashion or Beauty products.
  30. AUDIENCE PROFILING For the Campaign and all future marketing efforts to have real, lasting impact… audiences should be carefully chosen based on the primary core and fundamental belief that a consumer’s financial capability (or future capability) is the baseline requirement to create desired and lasting business influence linked to aspirations, conversions and sales.
  31. AUDIENCE PROFILING Therefore, we have identified three core personas, which in our belief will better align the Campaign’s direction and future marketing efforts for maximum impact and value. Additional research is required, but for purposes of making our point they include: 1) Upwardly Mobile Socialites, 2) Established Sophisticates, and 3) Connoisseurs – The Over 55s. Again, this is only a starting point, which should grow, expand and evolve as an ongoing marketing initiative.
  32. AUDIENCE PROFILING Upwardly Mobile Socialites • Increasingly asking for Cognac- based cocktails • Drinking Cognac in cocktails before the meal and even during the meal and is a trend consistent with Asia • Drinking both Cognac and whiskey— sometimes in the same evening influenced by the growing halo effect of the growth in all premium brown spirits • Greatest growth opportunities coming from upscale nightclubs • Premium spirits consumption is spilling over into Cognac, which carries even more luxury appeal • Eager to be introduced to unfamiliar Cognac names and open to trying anything • Consumption doesn’t align to the traditional after-dinner formula - for them, Cognac is a spirit for all occasions • Affinities for well known and authentic brands in multiple spirit categories Socio-Demo Target Predominantly Male, 30–35 years old, upwardly mobile, annual income $250K+, net worth accumulating, ethnic diversity, professional, white collar, socially active, aware, and adventurous. Key Need: emotional connection. Motivators Luxury. Status. Image. Wealth. Quality. Exclusivity. Community. Social validation. Brand experience.
  33. AUDIENCE PROFILING Established Sophisticates • More educated with a greater desire to trade up to experience the premium end of the market • In upscale bars, eager to be introduced to unfamiliar Cognac names even for $560 2-ounce pour of Louis XIII • Growing sophistication for tasting different notes and blends • Food pairing capability is becoming more important • Affinities for fewer premium spirit categories than Socialites • Greater affinities to purchase based on recollection of multi-media promotional advertising (more so than other personas) Socio-Demo Target Male or Female, 36–55 years old, sophisticated, affluent, empowered, financially secure, net worth $1MM+ and liquid assets massing, ethnic diversity, professional, white collar, ambitious, individualistic, independent. Key Need: earned influence. Motivators Luxury. Work / life balance. Freedom to make choices – non-committal. Simplicity. Brand values. High aversion to hype. Instant gratification.
  34. AUDIENCE PROFILING Connoisseurs – The Over 55s • Connoisseurs of Cognac • Tasting notes and blends are more prominently valued • Aren’t very open-minded to estates they don’t recognize • Traditionalist in consumption with preference as an after-dinner enjoyable indulgence • Food pairing capability is more important than the 'heritage and story of the brand‘ • Affinities for well known and authentic brands Socio-Demo Target Male, 55+ years old, extreme wealth, affluent, high net worth, multi-millionaires, high liquidity assets, ethnic diversity, professional, white collar. Key Need:, indulgence, comfort and relaxation. Motivators Living the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Status. Quality. Taste. Entitlement.
  35. AUDIENCE PROFILING From this review of audience profiling, the key takeaway is that building awareness and influence with pre-qualified audiences within the consumer’s decision journey is indeed a long-term effort. However, spending time, resources and budgets on unqualified mass audiences who simply aspire to a luxury lifestyle may not be the best approach to Louis XIII’s digital marketing initiatives. Better marketing efficiencies can and should be realized through this one step alone.
  36. Luxury Consumers’ Decision Journey
  37. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Once target audiences have been better identified, it would be prudent to consider the effect of digital on luxury consumer shopping habits, attitudes and behaviors. Within this exercise, it’s important to look at the entire digital ecosystem. Research has shown that three out of four luxury purchases, even if they still take place in stores, are influenced by what consumers see, do and hear online. Digital, in other words, is now the engine of the luxury shopping experience.
  38. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Luxury consumers are highly social, in a digital sense. Some 80 percent of shoppers use social media on a monthly basis, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a Messaging app. Half are weekly users and more than 25 percent are daily social media users. And they are not passive users. Two-thirds of Luxury consumers generate social media content – photographs, videos, product reviews or re-postings of content created by others – at least once a month. Fifteen percent do it daily.
  39. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY And it should be noted that the story of digital use is not just one of Millennials or of growing China influence either. The previous stated findings hold true across all countries and generations. The only little generational difference among Luxury consumers is in social media, where 87 percent of Millennials use it monthly vs. 71 percent of aging Baby Boomers.
  40. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Overall luxury consumers are highly digital, mobile and social, and because of this they have extremely high expectations for what they want in a purchasing experience. And more so than most, luxury shoppers want a seamless, digitally enabled, multi- channel experience. Consumers are fundamentally cross-touchpoint engaging through a variety of touchpoints and expect to be able to so with very little patience for disjointed brand experiences.
  41. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Three-quarters of the total luxury goods market is influenced in one way or another by a brand’s digital presence. Touchpoints along the luxury consumer decision journey are many. The key to leveraging this insight into campaign planning and future marketing efforts lies in understanding the increasing number of touchpoints, both online and offline – and then for Louis XIII to pick the right mix of touchpoints within budget parameters for campaign initiatives.
  42. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY When Luxury consumers begin shopping for a particular item, they usually have a pre-selected set of brands in mind at the outset – an initial consideration set. This initial consideration stage is of particular importance because luxury consumers tend to purchase from brands they are already familiar. More than three quarters of luxury purchases come from the few brands present in the initial consideration. Of special note, the active evaluation decision making stage is much less relevant than it is for other consumer goods categories.
  43. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY The implication for Louis XIII and for any future campaign is that campaigns need to continuously build preeminence over time and be present just about everywhere in order to be at the top of a consumer’s mind whenever a purchase occasion occurs. Research has shown that Luxury consumer decision journeys are now composed from as many as 21 different touchpoints – 11 offline (such as print media or store visits) and 10 online (such as search, social media and the online brand store).
  44. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Based on differing levels of luxury maturity, ecosystems and shopping habits within geographies, a Luxury shopper on average will be influenced by nine points of contact with the brand he or she finally purchases. City Store Online Community / Blog Special Interest Website or App Word of Mouth TV or Cinema Ad Social Media Channels Search Catalogue or Personal Letter Experts Recommendations Sales Person Recommendation Event Sponsorship / Advertisement Multi-Brand Online Shop Brand Website / Online Shop Fashion or Luxury App Online Banner Advertisement Fashion / Luxury Magazine Poster or Large Outdoor Billboard YouTube or Other Online Video Service Travel Retailer Movie or TV Series Placement Newsletter or Email/SMS Current ‘100 Years’ Campaign Touchpoints
  45. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY The good news – while brands must be everywhere, research has shown there are five particular influential consumer touchpoints. These stand out across all geographies, categories and price points. They are the most qualitative points of customer contact and have a clear impact on the final purchase decision at least two-thirds of the time. In short, they are vital for creating an outstanding luxury customer experience. 1) Physical Stores 2) Word of Mouth 3) Online Search 4) Sales People 5) Brand Website
  46. LUXURY CONSUMERS’ BUYER JOURNEY Based on this key research and working through the limitations of not having a physical real-world presence, Louis XIII is already leveraging three of the most influential consumer touchpoints in its brand communications at some level… while being astute to complement campaign strategies and execution with a secondary mix of touchpoints that align to goals. Yet, there remains an opportunity to better expand and optimize these touchpoints based on past performance, budget re-allocations, and a managed plan for digital footprint expansion.
  47. Brand Story & Messaging
  48. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING The art of storytelling has always been a key aspect of the luxury spirits category, and an important differentiator. In a category full of high-theatre, intricate stories and ostentatious packaging, whispering sometimes can be louder than shouting. The key is to appeal to consumer motivations and lifestyles (aligned to target audience profiles) for connecting emotional affinities to personal empowerment through knowledge and differentiation in a market congested with messages of provenance and ingredients.
  49. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING The campaign has produced a number of digital assets in support of the ‘100 Years’ initiative. So far, the ‘owned’ Brand story is largely limited to the subtle artistic visual narratives within the video assets. What’s missing is a cohesive, continuing overarching crafted storyline to weave a more comprehensive story together for disparate, yet similar audience types to create required micro-moments for developing greater reach and sustaining influence beyond brief video touches to garner initial or renewed consumer awareness.
  50. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING As a result, the Content Marketing strategy (beyond the video assets) including social media content development and strategic publishing in support of the overall campaign appears disjointed and fragmented. What’s needed is a consistent publishing schedule with relevant, contextual content (leveraging social media and a more dynamic website) to tell an expanded comprehensive Brand Story and to keep brand loyalists and followers engaged – especially in periods of inactive advertising support and non-video promotion.
  51. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING The Louis XIII Brand Story is impressive and inspiring, yet the campaign loses an opportunity to create a more robust ‘back story’ with ‘persona stories’ in support of the ‘100 Years’ initiative (and for future marketing efforts). As a result, current content and the lack of it produced (specifically for social media as a primary campaign channel) does not deliver levels of emotional attachment and personalization, which is required to appeal to larger growth opportunity audiences identified by socio-demo persona lifestyles and tastes.
  52. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING If we look at the core elements of the Brand story, collectively the brand story elements represent a unique opportunity to support the ‘100 Years’ initiative with an expanded storyline for greater Brand appeal as well as campaign impact and benefit.
  53. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING And although many of these brand story elements can be found in the subtle visual narratives within the highly artistic videos, the greatest opportunity remains with building a content platform to complement campaign periods and the video assets. This will require the content marketing direction to shift and expand to include the creation of a series of visual, experiential micro-moments in serial format to appeal to unique audience lifestyles and emotive motivations to keep awareness and engagements high with a consistent and frequent publishing schedule.
  54. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING Creatively weaving Brand story elements together offers the benefit of delivering differentiated brand experiences at multiple levels. Major topical storyline themes could easily include: • Past, Present, Future (includes the legacy Louis XIII back story, personalized targeted persona story themes, and an expanded ‘100 Years’ future story). • Conceptually, sub-sets of this direction could easily include even deeper experiential level serial storylines:
  55. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING (1) ‘The Art & Passion of Distilling’ – craftsmanship, details, creating a masterpiece; (2) ‘Mastery of Time - Four generations’ – heritage, legacy, cellar masters and craft mastery; (3) ‘Unique Blend’ – aging, blends, taste and quality; (4) ‘Ultimate Expressions’ - persona lifestyles, motivations, experience affinities; (5) ‘Adventure and Discovery’ - iconic moments and journeys in time (past, present, future) from the Farthest corners of the globe (tie in to "l'odyssee d'un roi" campaign); (6) ‘True Luxury’ – the King of Cognacs, an icon in the making.
  56. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING All the while supported with highly targeted and sensory Campaign and CTA storylines adaptable to both social media and advertising. • Brand History and Values • Continuing ‘100 Years’ awareness • Vault Roadshow amplification • 2115 Exclusive Invitations, 100 Years Unveiling (1,000 invites for descendants) • LOUIS XIII L’Odyssée d'un Roi campaign
  57. With emotive micro-moment concepts easily coming to life using storyboarding to develop the serial storyline visual assets. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING Persona Target Identity Visual Cue Identifiers Message Cue Motivators Social Creation Optimized Distribution Analytical What type of content is resonating with audiences? Common Center Creative Micro-moment conceptualization In serial format Events, Campaigns, Weekly Engagements 1. What’s the objective? 2. What’s the desired result? 3. Who are we targeting? 4. What’s the visual storyline? 5. How and where will we engage? 6. What is success?
  58. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING Where each serial storyline would stand on its own to tell an expanded visual brand story over a series of multiple posts leveraging the concept “consumer attention is best realized through snackable micro-moments.” And where each individual post would also encapsulate a key visual/message takeaway that can also stand on its own or be recalled with ease and emotional contextual relevance when viewed as part of the more expanded storyline.
  59. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING Serial storylines can be of any length (number of posts or duration). Storylines can also overlap within a publishing calendar if strategically designed and scheduled for multiple, distinct segmented audience profiles to reinforce the ability to continuously deliver fresh content to all targeted audiences’ newsfeeds on a consistent and regular basis.
  60. CONTENT: BRAND STORY & MESSAGING The ultimate goal is to create a more consistent publishing schedule with an abundance and variety of contextual content in support of Campaigns and sustaining year-round levels of high engagements. If successful, the Campaign and all marketing efforts will elicit far greater emotional attachment to the brand while increasing reach, awareness, engagements and influence with multiple targeted audiences – without being overtly too promotional. This approach moves Louis XIII beyond it’s historic content direction of heavy product visual promotion to one of better balance with aspirational experiences and lifestyles for greater brand admiration and appeal.
  61. Channel Optimization
  62. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Progressively reviewing Louis XIII’s digital footprint and campaign design, we’re able to validate the Campaign’s choice for channels and outlets, and the opportunities they provide in reaching intended targeted audiences. From our background review, we’ve determined what’s needed is a slightly better optimized and balance approach for channel / outlet use and budget allocation.
  63. Louis XIII Social Media Profiles Louis XIII E-Newsletters CRM Rémy Martin Corporate Brand Website Louis XIII Multi-Lingual Brand Websites Louis XIII Society Club Microsite Louis XIII Brand Website Upon review of Louis XIII’s current present-day digital ecosystem in support of campaign execution, a simple visual map of online consumer touchpoints begins to look as follows. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION + Website Marketing + Search Marketing + Digital Advertising + Social Media Marketing + Campaign Marketing + Influencer Marketing + Real-World Integration Campaign Initiatives and Touchpoint Influence Louis XIII Brand Website
  64. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION With aggregated baseline performance results for Phase 1. Facebook Purpose & Use • Social Hub • Awareness • Post and video views • Impressions, engagements, virility • Organic follower growth • $31,399 (video) $0.05 CPV 1,774,155 impressions • $4,838 (post) $0.85 CPC 117,479 impressions • 13% Budget Loosely Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions Instagram Purpose & Use • Social Extension • Awareness • Post and video views • Impressions, engagements, virility • Organic follower growth • $2,986 (billboard) $0.70 CPE 171,991 impressions • 1% Budget Loosely Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions Twitter Purpose & Use • Social Extension • Awareness • Post and video views • Impressions, engagements, virility • Paid follower growth • $31,470 (account) $10.38 CPF 2,861,371 impressions • $7,045 (tweets) $1.46 CPE 248,475 impressions • 14% Budget Loosely Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions Search Purpose & Use • Organic Discovery • Awareness • Campaign landing page web traffic • Visits, page views and duration • $2,936 (keywords) $0.90 CPC 69,938 impressions • 1% Budget Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions YouTube Purpose & Use • Social Extension • Awareness • Video views • Impressions and engagements • Organic subscriber growth • $23,200 (promoted) $0.08 CPV 1,573,523 impressions • 8.5% Budget Loosely Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions Influencers Purpose & Use • Social Extension • Awareness • Post and video views • Impressions, engagements, virility • $171,500 (posts) $0.66 CPE [28,990,000 impressions] - highly estimated • 62.5% Budget Loosely Pre-Qualified Targeted Impressions
  65. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Compared against each channel’s demographics and usage.
  66. And then compared against budget/performance ratios, channel preferences and target audience pre-qualification; we can begin to see how we can better optimize the Campaign channel efforts. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Budget Percentage Avg. Cost per Engagement Channel Preference Audience Qualification Channel Use Cross Comparisons Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube • Facebook Notable: Overall, the best performing channel to date aligned to CPE, channel preference and audience pre-qualification is Facebook. Yet it received only 13 percent of the overall budget in Phase 1. • Instagram Notable: It should also be noted that although Instagram’s low CPE looks somewhat attractive, it cannot be absolutely verified that Influencer activities influenced the right pre-qualified audiences. Based on channel demographics alone, it would suggest there is considerable waste in the number of impressions achieved.
  67. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION With further validation Facebook should be at the center of the Campaign effort from available research revealing which social media channels are most preferred by select primary countries. 8% 9% 11% 11% 12% 15% 15% 17% 26% 41% Tumblr Skype SnapChat LinkedIn Google+ Instagram Pinterest Twitter Messenger Facebook 8% 10% 10% 12% 13% 14% 20% 24% 32% 47% Pinterest LinkedIn Google+ SnapChat Skype Instagram Twitter WhatsApp Messenger Facebook
  68. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION What is evident is that all of the channels selected are valid choices within Louis XIII’s current digital ecosystem. What’s needed at this stage is slightly better alignment for use and focus in Phase 2 of the campaign. Therefore, based on the limited early data available for the performance review, coupled with target audience demos and overall channel use, we can rank the social media channels in order of influence and efficiencies, which affords Louis XIII the opportunity to realign emphasis and budget allocations accordingly for Phase 2 of the Campaign period. 1) Facebook 2) YouTube 3) Instagram 4) Twitter
  69. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION However, understanding which channels to use and with emphasis is only one step in optimizing the channels. If we take a deeper reflection of each channel at the execution level (without being involved in pre-planning and with limited background planning insights), there are a number of additional optimization opportunities that become evidently available.
  70. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Facebook • Based on past spend efficiencies and a large pre-qualified target audience, Facebook should be considered as the Community Hub for all social media efforts. Further, it should receive a ‘lion’s share’ of the social media budget. • The one constraint so far for not realizing even greater performance is the absence of an expanded organic, owned content strategy (in support of active and non-active campaign cycles). • This can be easily corrected with the use of serial storylines developed specifically for multiple target personas to keep Fans engaged and the community growing with sufficient content variety and with a more consistent, higher frequency publishing schedule. • Other areas requiring optimization include Optimized Audience Targeting techniques. This should be key to reach audiences of real influence. Not only for post publishing, but also for deeper targeting for paid advertising and promotion.
  71. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Facebook (continued) • There is also untapped potential with building Facebook audience target lists by leveraging the Rémy Martin and Louis XIII e-newsletter lists and other CRM data, as well as retargeting website visitors, to reach expanded pre-qualified audiences. This data can be easily imported into Facebook and third-party ad serving platforms. • For Facebook in particular, there is the added opportunity to build ‘look-alike’ audiences by targeting other well established Luxury Lifestyle Facebook brands (e.g., peer premium spirits, jewelry and watches, more). This approach, although simplistic in nature, can offer key benefit for identifying and reaching new semi- qualified audiences that may be otherwise overlooked with other targeting techniques. • There is also a missed opportunity to geo-target posts, which should be selectively used to reach influential secondary markets in native languages. (Benefit can also be derived for posts developed for regional differences and localization such as recommended persona affinity posts.)
  72. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Instagram • Essentially consuming two-thirds of the Phase 1 budget (when apportioned paid influencer costs have been added), Instagram remains somewhat an anomaly. There is a lot of upside potential due to its growing popularity, which can be developed over time with more experimentation. • Unfortunately, although at the moment an Instagram Influencer program may be fashionable, it may be more ‘all sizzle and no steak’ and be eye candy for both Brand, marketing managers and influencer mass followers alike – than actually delivering real business influence and value at Louis XIII’s luxury status level. • The key concern is whether Celebrity Instagram (Paid) Influencers can truly reach desired Louis XIII’s pre-qualified audiences. • Certainly the number of engagements were high across the celebrity mix in Phase 1 of the campaign with a respectable cost per engagement.
  73. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Instagram (continued) • But those engagements came at a premium overall cost, and where the majority of people likely reached were not pre-qualified based on income requirements. • While it’s important to recognize that having Celebrities in attendance at key events raises the profiles of the events, upon closer scrutiny of each celebrity’s Instagram profile, what we can find is that each influencer quite often and frequently shills products for money. And this tends to be a major problem with paid engagements. • The micro-moments influencers create among their Instagram followers are not long lasting (brief blips on a consumer’s radar if seen at all), and consequently post vanity ‘likes’ do not really make a measureable business difference unlike real Brand Ambassadors who are invested in the Brand. • A better approach to current Instagram execution may simply be to continue building Louis XIII’s own Instagram profile, attract new followers who have a genuine interest in the Brand through owned content, as well as organic and paid growth support, and leverage Instagram as an extension to Facebook advertising for greater reach.
  74. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Instagram (continued) • The smart money would double down on Facebook, while using the current campaign and the balance of 2016 as an opportunity to continue to experiment with Instagram on a limited budget basis for greater understanding and use for future marketing efforts. • If Louis XIII is committed to an Instagram Influencer program, it would be best advised to weigh budget costs of the paid influencer engagement against three potential benefit levels: 1) the benefit of influencer event attendance for greater event appeal, 2) the influencer’s Instagram follower income demographics (now available thru third-party tools and which should be readily supplied by any reputable influencer), and 3) the benefit of briefly reaching influencer followers. • Relative to Twitter as part of any active Instagram Influencer engagement, historic performance in Phase 1 of the Campaign reveals tweets significantly underperformed in engagements and impressions were highly over estimated. This aligns to Twitter in general. It would be advised that in the future, tweets be removed as part of any influencer agreement unless the influencer graciously agrees to tweet as an added incentive to close the engagement deal with Louis XIII.
  75. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Twitter • As a high-end Luxury brand of Louis XIII’s status, Twitter will always be subservient to other select social media channels. It’s simply the nature of the channel and how users use it. • The cost per engagement will always be high and reach for any single tweet considerably marginalized (no matter how large the follower base) based on how long a tweet ‘lives’. Further compounded by Twitter’s own tweaking of how tweets will be prioritized and served in a user’s home newsfeed. • The best use of Twitter is simply as an extended publishing platform and another touchpoint in the Luxury consumer’s decision journey to keep the Brand top-of-mind. • What’s required is emphasis on a consistent and frequent publishing initiative using re-purposed content from other channels (with organic and occasional paid growth support) over any innate desire to garner mass engagements.
  76. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Twitter (continued) • Side benefits may include using Twitter as a linking strategy to other Brand destinations and content, while reinforcing SEO at some levels. • Twitter remains to be a ‘must-have’ social media channel, but it should be used with a clear understanding of it’s realistic role and potential and that of actual influence for supporting Brand initiatives.
  77. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION YouTube • It should be acknowledged small media spends for video promotion will not sustain new visits and views upon completion of the media buy. • Therefore, the goal for paid media support on YouTube should be to build video views over short periods of time in support of a particular campaign. • Cost per engagement efficiencies do exist and as proven in Phase 1 of the campaign. • The primary optimization consideration is to make sure the Channel and videos are optimized for SEO with a clean playlist structure so that benefits can be realized from organic video discovery. • Further, where possible, video production techniques should start to produce versions of YouTube videos with specific ‘linkable’ calls to action to drive traffic back to other Brand destinations once a video is viewed in its entirety.
  78. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Search Engine Marketing • The consideration for Search marketing is primarily with keyword selection. Acknowledging that Search is one of the key touchpoints in a Luxury Consumer’s Decision Journey, it is imperative keyword research be continuously conducted, including long-tail and competitive research. • Search may not be the ‘glamorous’ part of any campaign, but it serves a core and primary purpose and builds discoverability for not only the campaign in itself, but also for driving traffic to the Brand website. • Organic SEO is equally important to ensure all digital destination Brand assets (websites and social) are optimized for setup and technical issues, on-page optimization, and link building. This also includes Website UX – discoverability, the user experience, load times, link integrity, navigation, and regional websites.
  79. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Display & Native Advertising (considerations under review) GQ Magazine Esquire Vanity Fair elite traveler Upscale Living • Median Age – 36 • Male/Female Ratio – 72/28 • Avg. HHI - $84K • Rich media, billboards, site skins, homepage takeovers, email • Median Age – 46 • Male/Female Ratio – 65/35 • Avg. HHI - $84K • Rich media, native ad, billboards, site skins, homepage takeovers, email • Median Age – 46 • Male/Female Ratio – 48/52 • Avg. HHI - $96K • Rich media, native ad, billboards, site skins, homepage takeovers, email • Median Age – 41 • Male/Female Ratio – 60/40 • Avg. HHI - $2.3MM • Custom microsite, ROS banners, billboards, site skins • Median Age – 45 • Male/Female Ratio – 43/57 • Avg. HHI - $350K • Native ad, ROS banners, billboards AFAR Conde Nast Traveler Robb Report Dujour Departures • Median Age – 48 • Male/Female Ratio – 47/53 • Avg. HHI - $315K • ROS banners, native ad • Median Age – ? • Male/Female Ratio – 44/56 • Avg. HHI - $108K • Rich media, ROS banners, Billboards, site skins • Median Age – 45 • Male/Female Ratio – 78/22 • Avg. HHI - $375K • Rich media, ROS banners, interstitials, email • Median Age – 41 • Male/Female Ratio – 46/54 • Avg. HHI - $210K • ROS banners, interstitials, city guide • Median Age – 57 • Male/Female Ratio – 53/47 • Avg. HHI - $741K • Native ad, ROS banners, billboards Martini media Fortune Facebook Instagram Twitter • Median Age – 39 • Male/Female Ratio – 49/51 • Avg. HHI - $250K • ROS banners • Median Age – 51 • Male/Female Ratio – 66/34 • Avg. HHI - $162K • ROS banners • Promoted Posts • Video Posts • Carousel Ads • Photo Ads • Video Ads • Carousel Ads • Promoted Tweets w/ Images • Promoted Tweets w/ video • Media planning requires specialty expertise and careful consideration. However, upon initial review of the proposed media buy, we can immediately see outlet options which do not align to pre-qualified target audiences. • What will be important within the active media placements is the understanding, it’s not a buy once and forget scenario. • Continuous measurement cycles will be required throughout the Ad Run to ensure an optimum mix of outlets is realizing maximum benefit. • Emakina has media planning specialists and experts, and we would be happy to take on the media planning, buying and management role where appropriate for each identified geography.
  80. As a last exercise for reviewing channel optimization, we reflected on what a more robust digital presence would look like. From this review, there is an opportunity to manage expansion (over time) to create even greater influence from within Louis XIII’s own digital ecosystem. CHANNEL OPTIMIZATION Facebook Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Louis XIII Social Media Profiles Louis XIII E-Newsletters CRM Rémy Martin Corporate Brand Website Louis XIII Multi-Lingual Brand Websites Louis XIII Society Club Microsite Louis XIII Brand Website + Website Marketing + Search Marketing + Digital Advertising + Social Media Marketing + Campaign Marketing + Influencer Marketing + Real-World Integration + Experiential (Content) Marketing + Email Marketing + Mobile & SMS Marketing + Messaging & App Marketing Expanded Initiatives and Touchpoint Influence A seamless, omnichannel and digitally integrated presence can be built to play to Luxury Consumer expectations and needs.
  81. Budget Optimization
  82. BUDGET OPTIMIZATION For purposes of this review, we have elected to stay within actual supplied budget numbers due to the many unknowns as to how Louis XIII develops and assigns their marketing dollars, and whether there are hidden reserves for special needs and projects. From this basis we have aligned what information has been made available for Paid Media and aligned past performance and placed valued judgements to recommend proposed budget allocations. Of course there are additional expenses for any creative, content development, and campaign and community management, as well as assorted agency fees that do not show up in this budget analysis – which must be taken into final consideration for how budgets may be allocated.
  83. BUDGET OPTIMIZATION Outlet Phase 1 (USA) Budget Percentage Phase 2 (USA) Budget Percentage Recommended Budget Recommended Percentage Display & Native -- -- $105,000 65.0% $95,000 58.5% Paid Search $2,937 1.0% $2,000 1.1% $10,000 6.3% Facebook $35,515 13.0% $9,200 5.7% $30,000 18.5% Instagram $2,986 1.0% $800 0.5% $1,000 0.6% Twitter $38,515 14.0% $10,000 6.2% $1,000 0.6% YouTube $23,200 8.5% -- -- -- -- Influencers $171,500 62.5% $35,000 21.5% $25,000 15.5% Totals $274,749 100.0% $162,000 100.0% $162,000 100.0% Phase 2 Social apportioned and estimated based on same percentages used as in Phase 1
  84. Measurement Plan Greater Reach > Greater Engagements > Greater Awareness > Greater Web Traffic > Greater Conversions
  85. MEASUREMENT PLAN Social Media Goals AWARENESS – COMMUNITY – EXPERIENCE - INFLUENCE - CONVERSIONS KPIs & Tactics Increase Awareness (Owned, Earned & Paid Media) Social Engagements (CX) Assisted Conversions Assisted Conversions Audience Targeted Profiling Content & Campaigns New Email & Club Signups Website Landing Page Traffic Metrics & Targets Metric Organic Reach Impressions Frequency Engagements CPE Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Paid Reach Impressions Frequency Engagements CPE Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Total Reach Impressions Frequency Engagements CPE Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Social Interactions Likes Comments Shares Clicks Video Views Fan & Follower Growth Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Engagement Rate MoM Unique Reach Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Landing Page Traffic Completed Conversions Traffic Source Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Metric Assisted and Direct Web Traffic Visits Page Views Duration Traffic Source Targets TBD based on past benchmarks Segments Paid Media Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube United States United Kingdom Optional Secondary Markets English Optional Secondary Languages Upwardly Mobile Socialites Established Sophisticates The Connoisseur – Over 55s Desktop Mobile Desktop & Mobile
  86. L’ODYSSEE D’UN ROI [Planned Auction]
  87. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS L’ODYSSEE D’UN ROI • What: Three ultimate masterpieces featuring a rare blend of Louis XIII, designed by Hermés, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis will be sold at auction by Sotheby’s. • Pays tribute to the heritage of adventure and discovery and the iconic journeys inspired by the first shipments of Louis XIII in the late 1870’s. Each masterpiece inspired by the continent destined for auction with an added bonus: a unique work of art in itself – a beautiful book chronicling France’s King Louis XIII’s global mythical journeys dating back to the 16th century. • Auction dates: New York (Sep. 2016), Hong Kong (Oct. 2016), and London (Nov. 2016). • Key Notable Campaign Elements:  Auction prices expected to start at +100,000 Euros  Eco-friendly brand highlight tie-in for pledging to re-plant 115,000 oak trees in France  Film Foundation support pledge to protect cultural treasures in film with Martin Scorsese  (9) artistic short- and long-form (each) promotional movies + (2) 120 sec. videos  Assortment of 10 animated gifs produced from videos will emphasize craftsmanship and the different collaborations >> 65 assorted images
  88. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS L’ODYSSEE D’UN ROI • Communications Objectives: 1) reinforce icon of luxury status, 2) build storyline around King Louis’ mythical journeys, 3) create brand awareness and desirability, 4) stimulate interest at auction • Target Audience: wider, younger audience (male + female, affluent, younger 25+/35+) – fashion, design, lifestyle interests • Digital Channels: website and landing page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr (new) • Of special note: Tumblr center of digital communication strategy with a special focus on the journey of the trunk around the world • Paid media support – all channels plus display and native  (FB – 15K USA; 5K UK)  (Instagram – 6K USA; 3K UK)  (Twitter – 6K USA; 3K UK)  (Tumblr – 30K USA; 10K UK)
  89. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS L’ODYSSEE D’UN ROI • (5) Planned Facebook Posts -Announcement of the trunk arrival in the country -Announcement of the trunk departure and next stop -Announcement of auctions (+ information about TFF). -Announcement of the amount of funds raised in benefit of The Film Foundation. -Promote of Tumblr • (2) Planned Instagram Posts -Invitation to discover the story on Tumblr -Reminder at the end of the journey before the auction ceremony • (5) Planned Tweet Posts -Announcement of the journey / road show -Announcement arrival in New-York -Announcement arrival in London -Announcement arrival in Singapore -Announcement of the auction ceremony
  90. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS Initial Observations & Recommendations • The foremost obvious question – why Tumblr? Without a back story on the rationale, it seems quite out of place. • Tumblr skews to the younger, less affluent social media user with a niche user base and reserving the majority of the budget for the channel seems undue risky – especially for an untested, first-time channel use for the Brand. • Tumblr targeting just seems askew to actual business influence and impact, especially for garnering key awareness for highly priced auction items. • Facebook has already proven itself as an efficient and effective channel from early performance for the ‘100 Years’ campaign. It does receive 38% of the overall budget -- which is good with Twitter and Instagram scaled back to more in line with our earlier observations revealed and with our resulting recommendations.
  91. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS Initial Observations & Recommendations • The visual imagery of the campaign is wonderful and can be easily integrated into our recommendations for expanded and sustaining serial post storylines in support of promoting the videos and views. • The varied storylines are also a nice complement to our other recommended creative story concepts, and ties in nicely for building a content platform which can be sustained with frequency and variety of publishing throughout 2016. • As for targeting in general, our previous recommendations for personas hold true with the caveat that the younger upwardly mobile socialite persona would not be a suitable target based on the required accumulated wealth for an auction winner. Therefore, in our view targeting should scale to the older persona profile type and not the younger (which is completely counter to the planned targeting for the campaign).
  92. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS Initial Observations & Recommendations • Which brings us back to why Tumblr? Ideally, social channel emphasis would be placed on Facebook with some added support for YouTube video promotion views which is conspicuously absent in the mix even though the ‘100 Years’ Campaign results show that it’s the second most efficient and highly targeted pre-qualified channel in Louis XIII’s digital footprint. • Tumblr can certainly be tested, but it just wouldn’t be our first choice to anchor a campaign. • As for content and posts planned (organic and promoted), the publishing schedule seems light and there’s a missed opportunity to develop a more visual story aside from ‘trunk’ journey pictures. • In support of the videos, background stories on Hermés, Puiforcat and Saint-Louis can be highly visual to highlight their involvement and be further targeted to their brand-interest audiences for expanded reach and awareness with a high degree of appeal.
  93. CAMPAIGN CONSIDERATIONS Initial Observations & Recommendations • Tribute to the heritage of adventure and discovery and the iconic journeys inspired by the first shipments of Louis XIII in the late 1870’s is another interesting and brand value story that could be developed. • Leveraging imagery of the chronicling France’s King Louis XIII’s global mythical journeys from the book to be included at auction is another wonderful story to tell. • And then there are stories surrounding Louis XIII being a good corporate global citizen with eco-friendly and film conservation efforts (which plays extremely well with affinities for the millennial mindset). • In closing, all the recommended storylines is fodder for bloggers and media / press outreach. Defining and shaping these storylines will go a long way in securing earned media coverage.