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Key takeaways for SAP PI Integration 2018

  1. November 2018 How to architect your Integration © Figaf 2018
  2. Cloud = More integrations faster
  3. • 20 minutes on the SAP keynotes • SAP need to make it easy for customer to integrate their systems • Line of Business Application out of the box • Also make it easier to implement other applications • Have an integration offering that customers want Integration has high priority
  4. Integration Pillars
  5. Understand your integration
  6. • Understand where you are going • Without a goal or reason you will get spaghetti • S/4 Hana and Cloud Products on the roadmap • Understand that business will by SaaS or Cloud products then self to bypass the integration • Get it in project charter/method Architecture
  7. • A process from SAP that allow your to understand the tools and concepts in your organisation • Many high profile organisations is using it to create guidelines and guide the process. • Give recommendation to which patterns to chose • Map the patterns to which that makes the most sense • You can get access to the presentation for free, just search for ISA- M for access Integration Solution Advisor - Methodology
  8. • Setup architecture board to understand needs • How to evaluate the different integrations purchased by business and how it works • Roles in your organization with integration • Make business case to improve the scope of the integration department ISA-M
  9. CIO Guides for Integration Further Information & Detailed Technology Guidance 9 • Describes SAP’s long term Vision for Integration • Key Integration Use Cases • API Alignment • Process Integration Guidance • Data Integration Guidance 96bd-b97c-0010-82c7-eda71af511fa.html SAP Vision for Integrating SAP Applications in Cloud and Hybrid Environments • Refined Guidance for Process, B2B and Data Integration • Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) • SAP API Strategy • Integration Automation • SAP S/4HANA Transition Guidance 8a0-077d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.html Process & Data Integration in Hybrid Landscapes Identity Lifecycle in Hybrid Landscapes • Reference Architecture for Identity and Access Management • Scenarios for Identity and Access Management • Standards for Authentication and Provisioning • SSO with SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication 7d25-067d-0010-87a3-c30de2ffd8ff.html From the ISA-M SAP
  10. Existing integration
  11. • 11000 customers • CEI in progress • Test tool like the Figaf Test tool • B2B tool • Few other things planed • 7.5 End of support 2025 • CPI on PI updates to add new functions • Next PI version in 2022 (depending on partner) • May not contain ABAP, BPM and BRM (depending on legal and Customers) • Java upgrade to next relase 10-11 • Valid until 2030ish PI Roadmap
  12. • Be able to upgrade every 3-6 months, if you are using CPI on the PO system • Patch solutions faster • Scalable can you grow the data volumn What your landscape should expect
  13. • PI is powerful for handling messages that are ”simple” and is easy for EO/EOIO • PI flows for pattern where it can be used out of the box • Async and Sync • Flows where a single lookup can be performed • Bridges ? • CPI for delivered content • CPI for techinal processes • BPM for user actions Onprem Integration
  14. • Gives you the option to use CPI on PI for the tecnial BPM • Will be a large project getting it running it • Seeburger migration to get to B2B Add-on • Resources • • Migration to single stack
  15. • 7.5 will give you • Some improvments that will not be back ported • Test tool, B2B Option • BPM UI update, but not recommended to develop new flow in • Option to run CPI onprem, so you can make workflow on the system • Extended support, needed to bridge de gap for next release Single stack 7.31/7.4 upgrade to 7.5
  16. • Existing process continue to run • New techinal processes should be implmented in CPI if possible • Workflow processes use Cloud Workflow BPM/BRM
  17. Survey integration-2018-part-1/ Planned release upgrade / migration for SAP PI/PRO? Versions of SAP Process Integration
  18. Cloud Platfrom Integration Suite iPaaS
  19. • A bundle of all the integration related products from SAP • IPaaS • Not a SKU yet but the Cloud Integration Enterprise Edition contains many of the components • Will make it eaiser to make integration because you have all tools and can use the best suited, not the one you have • Cloud Credits so you can run the applications that makes sense • 8-10 different products or solutions Cloud Integration Suite
  20. • One place to • Shop, Transport, Monitor and Manage • You don’t have to look at too many different patterns that you want to support • Pay as you go • Integrated product • Cloud Integration Suite • Trusted vendor SAP First strategy
  21. • May get a cheaper price/features at vendor direct • Ie. Apigee has more features and probably able to fix issues faster, or features will be delayed • If the tool is not there from SAP you anyway need to do an RFP Downsides of SAP first
  22. • New cloud based mapping tool for B2B primary but also make sense for A2A application • Tool to create mapping for your EDI documents based on semantics like • Country • Industry • Uses a ML to make the best predictions of to find the best matches • Generates XSLT to map the documents for CPI • Will be able to use them onpremis on PI Integration Content Advisor
  23. • A harmonized open framework for making API based integration • No reason to read all providers API documentation from each cloud service. This is abstracted in the API • Save a lot of time • No need to custome connectors • All groups of interfaces is ”identical” in the API • Use it as hub to distribute data based on company • 1mio API calls from 1.000 EUR/month Open Connectors
  24. • API will have a large role in the future integration • One place to find all APIs and Integration content hosted by SAP and all types of interfaces • REST • ODATA • SOAP • Events • Integration content for CPI or API Management API and API Hub
  25. • The next gen workflow tool on Cloud Platfrom • BPMN modelling tool • 3 ways to create user tasks • Code them self • Templates • Forms that allow you create simple form • Scripting to run and test the implementation • Requires portal, webide and Workflow service Cloud Workflow
  26. • A concept that allow (near) realtime masterdata to flow between systems. • One Cloud System will then own an object, and the other can then subscribe to it • Will simplify integration if masterdata is excluded • GA? Masterdata service
  27. You need to do more with less Operations
  28. • Continues Integration. Understanding new way of developing and deploy content. New way of developing and can speed up the development. • Agile (SAFe) • Test driven development • Get up to speed on what others are doing • Regression testing when doing any changes • Things are also changing in the SAP space on the area Devops
  29. • Integration is more important than ever, so you must be able to identify problems and solve as fast as possible • Faster response on incidents • Share the knowledge • Continues improvement of your support • Testing in the process Support
  30. • Understand what to document • Create documents that allow you to be agile and solve issues • Not have a large burden on developers Documentation
  31. • Most integration developers is 40+ • You can outsource to Asia for development • The architecure require some knowledge about all used tools and how to set it into context • Understand tools to be more productive, and understand what your workers are doing Skills
  32. Tools to consider
  33. • One tool that support the full development lifecycle of your development • Documentation of what is changed • Testing of the changed interfaces • Validate transports • Operational support • Handle both CPI and PI development • Get started for free at: Figaf IRT
  34. How Figaf IRT can speed up your development Next week