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Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera(WL WSHC-01)

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd. is the global leading supplier for IOT(Internet of Things) devices and solutions. Based on the demand by our customers, we continue to innovate and lead the industry of IOT sensor, controller, mobile IOT and cloud computing.
Wulian has our own brands, and more than 70 kinds of patents.We are the only supplier who can supply the whole set of home automation system and solutions in the world. we have more than 200 kinds of series of wireless products and 12 home automation systems,
Looking for strong Distributor for Wireless ZIGBEE Home Automation System, including the Hardware and Software. We can provide Technology Support ,Experience Pavilion Building Support,Training Support and Others.

Welcome to email me : Chendh@wuliangroup.cn

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Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera(WL WSHC-01)

  1. 1. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Copyright notation ©2011 Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved. Wulian, are the trademarks and registered trademarks of Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. The other products mentioned in this article or company names may be the trademark or trade name of their respective owners. Before installing and using the products, please read user manual carefully, which will help you use the products better. The pictures in the manual are just for your information. If some pictures are different from material object, the material object is final. The content in the manual is protected by copyright law legislator. It strictly prohibits any forms of copying, passing, distributing and storing any content of the manual without prior, written, consent of the instructor of Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. When using, if the practical situation of the product is different from that in the manual, or if you want to get more information, or you have any questions or ideas, please contact us as below: Service telephone: +86-25-5226 9091 Service website: http://www.wulian.cc/english/ 1
  2. 2. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Ⅰ.Product Introduction Traditional DVR and camera can meet the needs of a modern family to some extent, but it is far from people’s requirements on IOT smart home. Wulian IOT Sensor Co. launches the smart home camera armed with IOT technology worldwide. WL-WSHC-01 It not only boasts all functions of the traditional camera, but also applies smart home technology and cloud technology. It achieves stereo and holographic perception, which makes all your concerns visible. Ⅱ.Function Features Support IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi Support real-time monitoring of smart mobile terminals Support 360°adjustment of the monitoring angles in any smart mobile terminals Wireless design, easy to install without setting video and network cables Intelligentized design to get rid of complex configuration, ready to use when energized Support video replay of any smart mobile terminals Support two-way intercom between smart mobile terminal and camera (Optional) 2
  3. 3. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Ⅲ. Function Illustration 3 Network Indicator Power Indicator Power Cord Jack Network Cable Jack Audio Intercom Jack TF card jack Video Cable jack
  4. 4. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual 4 Ⅳ. How to use 1. Debug Method (1) Debugging Diagram (2) Service Condition A. Please have the power cord and network cable plugged into the camera to make it keep work B. Please make sure PC and wireless router work fine with good connection Name Content PC Connected with gateway under the same router(A switchboard can be used ) Wireless Router Start UPnP Software Service port, user name, and password should comply with IP settings
  5. 5. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual 5 (3) Default Setup Name Content User Name admin Password 12345 IP Address Auto access Service Port 12201 Wireless Network Auto access(Users should set to join wireless network) UPnP Enable the external port 12201 Cloud Deck Setup Normal(can be set inverted) Access Method IE Notes Acquire IP address via IpcamCfg.exe (4) Manual Configuration Name Route User Name Setup->System->User Management Password Setup->System->User Management IP Address Setup->NetworkFunction Setup->Network Parameter Service Port Setup->NetworkFunction Setup->Network Parameter Wireless Setup-> Network Function Setup ->Wireless Card Network UPnP Setup-> Network Function Setup ->UPnP Cloud Deck Setup Setup-> Network Function Setup ->Cloud Deck setup Access Method IE Notes IP Camera needs to be restarted after the accomplishment of configuration
  6. 6. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual 6 (5) Visit IP Camera via IE Users need to download the page plugin and install it to access real-time images of the IP camera when it is the first time to visit IP camera via IE. First of all, enter the IP or domain name in the address filed. Http:// shall be added before the IP address or the domain field. And, the domain name shall be followed with related port number. Eg: Click home page to download the plugin and install this plugin. The installation steps are as follows. Click and you’ll see a popup dialog shown as follows:
  7. 7. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Click【】 →【】to install the page plugin. Enter user name and password (default to admin) in the login screen after installation of the plugin has finished. Click 【Login】and the interface will show up as follows: 7
  8. 8. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual 2. Software Download (1) Networking diagram under the working state (2) Software Download a) Choose the related software according to different smart mobile terminal: ① Android users please search “wulian” in “Google Play Store", selecting “Smart Home” for downloading; ② iPhone users please come to “APP Store” to search “smart home”, selecting “smart home” for downloading; ③ Pad users can directly download from our official website http://www.wulian.cc. 8
  9. 9. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual b) Install and operate according to the indication of each version of software; c) Installation completed, enter setup and usage interface. 3. How to use (1) Settings and usage of this product shall be realized through software operation; (2) Specific operational processes see various versions of instructions; (3) Users check the video image of the surveillance area via any smart mobile terminals and adjust the monitoring angle remotely after the setup has completed. Ⅴ. Installation Steps 1. Users can install it on any stationary planar or place it anywhere to use after the setup has finished; 2. Have the power cord plugged in, the installation completed. Ceiling Mounted Ordinary Use 9
  10. 10. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Ⅵ.Notes Installation If you are new to using it, please read this product instruction carefully before installation. Cleaning This product should be installed in a clean and dry place to avoid humidity or other material entering internal components which will influence its work. When the surface is stained with dust, dry it with soft cloth, cleaning fluid with corrosive composition and other chemical solvent are forbidden. Storage Those products packed in boxes should be placed in the location which is dry, free of corrosive gas and available to air. The height of pile should be no more than 10 layers. Store temperature should be between -10℃~ + 40 ℃ with humidity ≤75%. Transportation Those products packed in boxes can be transported with any kind of means, if the direct influence of rain, snow, and severe impact is avoided. After-sale Service Once broken, it should be send to the local maintenance station and only professional personnel can open it. Our customer service department is also available for help. 10
  11. 11. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Ⅶ.Production Specification Communication Mode IEEE802.15.4(ZigBee) Communication Distance 100m(Visible) Network Connection Methods IEEE 802.11b/g WiFi Level Angle 0-350º Vertical Angle -30º to 90º Power Supply DC 12V Working Temperature -10℃~+55℃ Weight 560g Net Weight 460g Color Black Ⅷ. Contents within the Package Components Quantity Wireless 1 12V Power Wire 1 User Manual 1 11
  12. 12. Wireless IOT Smart Home Camera User Manual Ⅸ.Ordering Information Art.No. WLPN1103112 Model No. WL-WSHC-01 Packing Size 230×130×160mm 12