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  1. 1. From Comportment To Mirror Neurons: One Inside the Other Dana Ulveland
  2. 2. “What I am trying to get to you is more mysterious; it is entwined in the very roots ofbeing, in the impalpable source of sensations.”
  3. 3. The flesh we are speaking of is not matter. It is the coiling over of the visible upon the seeing body, of the tangible upon the touching body . . . This bursting forth of the mass of the body toward the things.
  4. 4. This pact between them and me according to which I lend them my body in order that they inscribe upon it and give me their resemblance. We must . . . think the flesh . . . as the concrete emblem of a general manner of being.
  5. 5. Since things and my body are made of the same stuff, vision must somehow take place in them; their manifest visibility must be repeated in the body by a secret visibility. . . .Things have an internal equivalent in me; they arouse in me a carnal formula of their presence.
  6. 6. “I have only to see something to know how to reach it and deal with it, even if I do not know how this happens in the nervous machine.” Eye and Mind
  7. 7. Ménilmontant• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5guIdpsclnI