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Thought Bridging AICPA Controllers Conference 2015

Great session today at the AICPA Controllers Conference. Thank you everyone for hanging in there during the final session of the day!

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Thought Bridging AICPA Controllers Conference 2015

  1. 1. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Thought Bridging:  Change Your Thinking, Change  Your Results
  2. 2. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Self Awareness “in the moment” 2
  3. 3. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers . . . it’s about the experience that others are having. 3 It may be cliché, but it’s really NOT about you . . . “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou
  4. 4. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Intellect & Emotion: How are We Wired?
  5. 5. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Intellect Can Clarify Intent
  6. 6. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Emotion Moves Us to Act
  7. 7. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Thoughts ALWAYS Precede Emotions
  8. 8. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Change the Thought, Change the Emotion
  9. 9. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Change the Emotion, Change the Action
  10. 10. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Change the Action, Change the Result
  11. 11. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers 90 Seconds How Long Does it Take for a Strong Emotion to Pass through our System?
  12. 12. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers How Can We Intervene to Change the Result? “Between stimulus and  response there is a  space. In that space lies  our freedom and power  to choose our response.  In those choices lie our  growth and our  happiness.” 
  13. 13. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers The Results ALWAYS Seek to Justify the Precipitating Thought . . . I told you I  was right!
  14. 14. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Reptile Brain (Amygdala Highjack) – Failed Intervention You see! They really  are out to get me!
  15. 15. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Our Brain is like Teflon for Positivity and Velcro for Negativity (hat tip to Gretchen Pisano)
  16. 16. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Flashlight Analogy
  17. 17. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Catastrophizing We’re all going We’re all going  to die!!!!
  18. 18. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Now It’s Your Turn: Individual Exercise • Describe a recent vivid event that elicited a  strong emotional response oThought oFelt oActed Like oResult • Alternative thought – just as believable as the  original
  19. 19. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Find a Friend: Pair Exercise • Describe your situation • Brainstorm some alternative  thoughts – push your partner’s  thinking • Switch – now it’s your partner’s turn
  20. 20. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Turning Your Brain Back On
  21. 21. American Institute of CPAs #AICPAcontrollers Contact Info Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA is the Director of Strategic Planning at  Tanner, LLC, a Salt Lake City‐based CPA firm with about 90 team  members.  Prior to merging his practice with Tanner, he co‐founded  Proficio Services Group to provide strategic & business planning,  leadership development, and business coaching services. Dan is a  graduate of the 2010 AICPA Leadership Academy and in 2011‐2012  served as the chair of the Young CPA Network Committee for the  AICPA.  In 2015, Dan received the AICPA Outstanding Young CPA  Award given to one CPA each year under the age of 40.  Dan has  also been very active with the UACPA and in 2011 was recognized as  the Outstanding CPA in Business and Management.  He was  recently selected to serve as Utah’s elected member of the AICPA  Governing Council.  Dan is an avid flyfisher, backpacker, and  gardener.  He and his wife Bibiana are the proud parents of four  children. Contact Dan at: dgriffiths@tannerco.com Or connect with him on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/dangriffithscpa