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Insights to Action Application - Wyoming Society of CPAs

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Session at Inaugural Session of Wyoming Society of CPAs Leadership Academy

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Insights to Action Application - Wyoming Society of CPAs

  1. 1. Strategic Thinking It’s More Than Just Arriving at the Right Answer
  2. 2. Just How Important is it? Study of 60,000 leaders: “We found that a strategic approach to leadership was, on average, 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other behaviors studied.”
  3. 3. Numbers: THE answer to all of the world’s problems . . .
  4. 4. Three Words that Changed My Life Engage Align Lead
  5. 5. A Tale of Two Transactions
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. I2a Overview
  8. 8. Establish Shared Meaning & Context as it relates to your Past, Present & Future Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  9. 9. Insight: Sift everything that you’ve got for insights. What matters right now, and why?
  10. 10. How is Leadership Changing?
  11. 11. We live in exponential times 11
  12. 12. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words . . .
  13. 13. MBSN – “Management By Sticky Note” (hat tip to Tom Hood)
  14. 14. Make Your Thinking Visible May the best ideas win!
  15. 15. Let People Weigh In
  16. 16. Trust the Wisdom of the Group “No matter how much I know, the group always knows better.” ~ Albert Einstein
  17. 17. Jack Welch Story Hands Head Heart
  18. 18. Create Safety
  19. 19. Structural Improvements . . .
  20. 20. From Advocacy to Inquiry
  21. 21. Focus on Opportunities
  22. 22. Dan Griffiths, CPA, CGMA is the Director of Strategic Planning at Tanner, LLC, a Salt Lake City-based professional services firm with 85 team members. Prior to merging his practice with Tanner, he co-founded Proficio Services Group to provide strategic & business planning, leadership development, and business coaching services. Dan is a graduate of the 2010 AICPA Leadership Academy and in 2011-2012 served as the chair of the Young CPA Network Committee for the AICPA. Dan has also been very active with the UACPA and in 2011 was recognized as the Outstanding CPA in Business and Management. He was recently selected to serve as Utah’s elected member of the AICPA Governing Council. Dan is an avid flyfisher, backpacker, and gardener. He and his wife Bibiana just welcomed their fourth child to the family. Contact Dan at: dgriffiths@tannerco.com Or connect with him on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/dangriffithscpa