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1. Apr 2021

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  1. Presented by – Dababrata Mondal 1
  2. Outlines  Introduction  History of Recycling  Recyclable & Non Recyclable Materials  How Recycling Impacts on Environment  Recycling in case of Bangladesh  Benefits & Drawbacks of Recycling  Waste Management in Bangladesh  Our Ideas  Conclusion 2
  3. Introduction What is recycling?  Recycling is to pass a substance through a system that enables that substance to be reused. This is done to reduce the use of raw materials that would have been used.  It generally reduces waste. 3
  4. History of Recycling  In pre-industrial times, evidence of scrap bronze and other metals collected for reuse.  In Britain dust and ash was collected by 'dustmen' and used in brick making.  In 1813, Benjamin Law developed the process of turning rags into 'shoddy' and 'mungo' wool in Batley, Yorkshire 4
  5. Contd.  The recycling movement began in the early 1960s . Environmentalist believed that Americans were wasting minerals, fuels, water, and trees, some of the worlds most valuable resources  In response to the waste outbreak, environmentalist began to develop conservation methods to prevent the inevitable 5
  6. Recyclable & Non Recyclable Materials Recyclable Non Recyclable Metal Containers (Aluminum, steel and tin cans ) Non recyclable paper (Foil-coatings or glitter, photographic film) Paper milk and juice cartons Treated or contaminated wood (Sheetrock or window glass) Colored or clear glass (Jars, bottles etc ) Non recyclable plastic consumer items ( Dishware, vinyl, disposable diapers, toys) Plastics ( Bottles) Non recyclable glass ( Window glass, mirrors) Mixed Paper (Newspaper, magazines) Other waste (Ashes, soil, animal feces ) 6
  7. How Recycling Impacts on Environment Recycling reduces landfill Non-biodegradable products remain in landfill sites for centuries 7
  8. How Recycling Impacts on Environment (Contd.) Recycling saves energy Manufacturing items from new sources uses more energy Energy saved in recycling a glass bottle powers a PC for 25 minutes 8
  9. How Recycling Impacts on Environment (Contd.) Recycling improves the soil Organic waste is rich in carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients which enrich soil 9
  10. How Recycling Impacts on Environment (Contd.)  Recycling decreases pollution  Recycling conserves natural resources  Recycling reduces costs 10
  11. Recycling in Case of Bangladesh  Dhaka City Corporation collects in excess of 50,000 tons of plastic waste annually  The plastic recycling industries save the city from being submerged in a sea of plastic. 11
  12. Benefits of Recycling  Recycling saves resources  Recycling saves energy  Recycling helps protecting the environment  Recycling reduces incineration  Recycling reduces pollution  Recycling saves money 12
  13. Drawbacks of Recycling  Methane gas produced during recycling if allowed to seep out can lead to global warming  Operating and maintaining recycling equipment is cost intensive  Poor management of recycling sites can lead to the creation of unhygienic conditions 13
  14. Waste Management in Bangladesh  Major sectors of waste 14
  15. Waste Management in Bangladesh (Contd.)  Various new projects have been adopted in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica)  DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon had disclosed a plan to set up nearly 12,000 bins with Tk 8,000 on average spent for each bin 15
  16. Few Examples Of Good Practices  Source Separation of Waste at Uttara Model Town (Sector 5)  Composting of Waste in Slums  Battery buy back by Raheem Afroze for recycling  A Tk 21 cr. waste management project, financed by Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund 16
  17. Our Ideas  We can spread awareness among people about the good effects of recycling  We can gather people from our neighborhood on week offs and collectively make efforts to collect useful garbage  We must use bins every time we dump waste material  We must use internet to know more and about recycling 17
  18. Recycling is The Way of New Era  Once you make the choice to recycle  And stick to that choice everyday  Recycling becomes second nature – a way of life 18
  19. Conclusion So, lets start recycling from today for a better tomorrow 19
  20. Thank You 20