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Deloitte Innovation

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Deloitte Innovation

  1. 1. InnovationYour guide to aninnovative organisation
  2. 2. Contents1 People matter 42 Innovation Tracks 8 3 Innovation Tools 1 44 Cases 26
  3. 3. 84% of the world’s CEO’s consider innovation crucial for theirbusiness growth strategy. Yet, organising successful innovationprocesses is no mean feat. Deloitte Innovation developed aunique innovation approach. Because we strongly believe thatusing the full potential of your people facilitated by our creativeand result driven process creates a sustainable and successfulinnovative organisation.
  4. 4. 1 People matter Your people are the ones making the difference! Your organisation provides the people, the strategy, the targets, the budget and Innovation distinguishes between the ideas. We guide you through the process and we provide the tools to make a leader and a follower. innovation happen. This guarantees a persistent change in thinking, in acting and in creating new business opportunities. And ultimately in a new attitude facing the Steve Jobs challenges of tomorrow’s markets. Teaming example Deloitte Innovation releases the full potential of your organisation by leveraging Ideation Incubation Commercialization the talent and skills of your people in multidisciplinary teams. We have developed a teaming program to analyse these essential skills for the best team composition. This attitude will be fuelled by an intense passion for innovation. Whether incorporating radical innovation, change or renovation, passion improves the quality of the results. A matching attitude of company leadership will greatly help in achieving the right results. Creativity, create ideas Problem solving capability, Sales, realize wins Analyse problem & solution, taking initiative, persevere, adjust Analyse client needs, advise conceptual thinking Analyse problem & solution, Structure sales process Concretize, summarize (pitch) conceptual thinking Focus and speed of the sales process Speed Quality & project management to close the first deals Speed, decisive Building client relationship Cooperation, evaluate4
  5. 5. The resultInnovative powerAt Deloitte Innovation we do not only aim for successful innovations.By going through the innovation process together, we aim to improvethe innovative power of your organisation.For us an innovation has succeeded if:* The innovations create the new revenues you targeted,* Your organisation is ready for a continuous flow of innovation projects, creating sustainable growth,* Your people are motivated and committed to help creating the future of the company,* The image of your company has strengthened to a more open, innovative, business leadership profile.Innovation as we see it is not an isolated creative activity, on the contrary:it is a fundamental characteristic of your organisation. 5
  6. 6. Our way Setting the stage for innovation Innovation is about creating sustainable growth. Tomorrow’s business requires today’s strong focus and commitment. By clearly expressing your goals and commitment to innovation you create an indispensible condition to release the full potential of your people. End-to-end approach A brilliant idea itself is not yet an innovation. Innovating effectively requires a 1. Our Business 6. Our Business mix of several components; conditions, processes and most of all people. Our approach combines these components and provides a proven structure to minimise your risks and maximise your Return On Innovation. ROI = creativity X leadership X relentlessness. 2. Our Markets 5. Our Markets We make innovation work To realise your ambition innovation is not only to be structured and organised but 3. Our Environment 4. Our Environment also executed. Deloitte works with you, from A to Z. Because an idea is only an innovation when you benefit from it. Today Future6
  7. 7. Deloitte Innovation?Partner in knowledgeThe world is changing at an accelerating pace. This offers opportunities fororganisations that adapt quickly. For this innovation is crucial.Deloitte Innovation is a strong partner in innovation. Because we know ourbusiness and bring two worlds together.On the one hand, we are Deloitte. With us you hire more than 175 years ofknowledge and reliability. Deloitte employs over 182.000 people in 150countries, whose skills and brains are available for turning your innovation Deloitteinto a success.On the other hand, Deloitte Innovation is a refreshing entrepreneurialbusiness unit with years of experience in innovation. Our specialists know theinnovation process inside-out. We work with you on effective realisation of Innovation Accountancy Tax Consultinginnovation processes and leverage our skills to help you create an innovativeorganization. 7
  8. 8. 2 Innovation Tracks If you want to grow tomorrow’s business, you need to innovate faster than Growth Track the market develops. (long term) We offer you our “tracks” approach: routes we take with you during your Super growth outside traditional business innovation process. Our Growth Track is for radical innovation, our Innovator Revenue Track for new products and services and our Fast Track for quick wins. Based on your company’s strategy and goals we select a track and make sure your people Innovator Track achieve the results targeted. (medium term) We begin our tracks with three questions: * What is your ambition, where would you like to stand five to ten years Grow your traditional business from now? * Which part of that ambition can you achieve with your current organization? * What extras can innovation bring you? The answers to these questions outline Renovate your business Fast Track the stepping stones towards your goal. (short term) Decline without innovation Today Time8
  9. 9. Creating new visions New business models Organisations that want to innovate radically, opt for the Growth Track.‘Inspired by experts’ Create the future market We launched this Track together with the international think tank Future World.Radical innovation. Invest in future chances You will be inspired by leading experts, learn to think different and to act in order Create new business models to shape the future of your organisation. The strategic plans and new business Alliance with strategic partners. models arising from Growth Track offer your organisation a guide for the next five to ten years.Doing different things New products and / or services The Innovator Track aims to achieve sustainable growth within one to three years.‘Inspired by trends’ Create new changes in the market Together we look for new markets for existing products or develop new products orProduct/service innovation. Fast implementation of innovations services for existing or new markets. We guide you through the entire process, Realize renewing of the market inspire your employees and enable them to develop ideas. Then we select the most Alliance with partners. promising ideas, to be converted into concrete business cases and results.Doing things different Modifications The Fast Track is for organisations that want to generate more sales by innovation on‘Inspired by customers’ Doing things better short terms. Together we set up a process to improve your existing services orProduct/service improvement. Further developing current strengths products. Our experts guide your staff in devising and implementing these changes. Adapt to changing environment Capitalize on current assets. 9
  10. 10. Innovation process From our experience we learned that each innovation process is genuinely unique. Radical innovation creates radical output and needs more time to mature. We know that each innovation track has common characteristics. Most important are the four phases which are identical for each track of innovation: * Insight * Ideation * Incubation * Commercialisation. Each phase in an innovation process needs unique tools. At Deloitte Innovation we have developed and tested several innovation tools. These result driven tools Input Throughput Output have different focuses, depending on the phase of the innovation process we are in. Additionally we developed workshop protocols, ranging from strategic to Growth Track 2-12 months 1.5-3 years Radical Innovation operational levels. Our tools give direction to the innovation process and are flexible to fit all types of innovation. Innovator Track 2-4 months 9-16 months Innovation Fast Track 1-2 months 3-6 months Renovation10
  11. 11. Process flow Innovation tools Phases & subphases 1. Diverge view to global changes 2. Be inspired Insight 3. Design your future business 4. Set up seperate governance 5. Set up activation campaign 6. Implement structure & process Growth Track Design Direction Portal 7. Implement tools Innovation Governance Activation Campaign 1. Source ideas Breakthrough Café 2. Generate wide flow of ideas DeepDive TM Team Ideation 3. Screen ideas 4. Assemble team Session 5. Conduct preliminary research 6. Turn selected ideas to concepts 7. Create draft business plan Workshop Discover Your Idea 8. Screen concepts 9. Research market in detail 10. Make financial analysis Pressure Cooker Course 11. Create business plan 1. Define resources 2. Develop team 3. Create process & organisation Incubation 4. Install tracking and reporting 5. Initiate testing & validation 6. Start pilot, incl. client feedback 7. Start prototyping 1. Create marketing & sales plan 2. Develop team Ambition Governance Themes Ideas Selection Research Analysis Activation Teamwork Training Portfoliomanagement Marketing & Sales 3. Involve staff & support 4. Evaluate & collect feedback Commercialisation 5. Plan sales acceleration 6. Monitor 7. Release11
  12. 12. Validated at Deloitte Target Methods Result We facilitated the Deloitte organisation in Growth Track programs, Innovator Track programs • 1500+ ideas generated. The Netherlands in creating new business and Fast Track programs. •1 5 new companies created. opportunities and new revenues. Goals were to • 40 new, innovative propositions foster innovation, create eminence, attract talent introduced to the market. and stimulate cross organizational collaboration. • 12 new services products launched. •P rofound press coverage. • After 2 years over € 20 million new turnover was created.12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. 3 Innovation Tools: Growth Track Design Direction Objective Process How to plan for tomorrow in a storm of change? 1 Determine which global developments are most likely to influence your business. The Deloitte Growth Track Design Direction sessions will help you find the answers. The sessions are co-produced with partners 2 Invite expert speakers and get inspirations from these such as FutureWorld and helps to identify and design your insights in trends and upcoming changes. business of tomorrow. In several inspiring sessions leading experts give insight in the most significant trends and global changes. 3 Use the acquired outside-in perspective to discuss the possibilities for your business. These insights are used in a workshop to design a vision of your future company and build on new opportunities. 4 Design the outline of your future business. 5 Determine how to act today to realise the future. Scan the QR or go to: inspirationforinnovation.deloitte.nl14
  15. 15. What I take away from a Growth Tracksession is an understanding of what willdistinguish my organisation and how we canaccomplish that. It helps you adjust to achanging world by asking yourself what youwant the future to look like.Ton Goedmakers, CEO Vebego 15
  16. 16. Innovation Governance Objective Process Successful innovation only happens with the right ingredients, 1 Name your innovation ambition that serves your the so called pillars of innovation. Those pillars are your strategy, overall strategy goals. governance, number of people involved and processes in place. An innovation mandate includes for example your annual 2 F oster innovation and entrepreneurship by creating innovation budget, council members and a stage gate process independency for your activities. description. The mandate is a guide to get a firm grip on your innovation activities and create a setting for sustainable 3 I nstall an innovation council and participate in the innovation. stage gates to control the process. 4 C reate a communication strategy to announce your innovation ambitions and invite all your people to take part in it.16
  17. 17. You cannot mandate productivity, youmust provide the tools to let peoplebecome their best.Steve Jobs 17
  18. 18. Breakthrough Café Objective Process Getting the results out of creativity to meet your innovation 1 Many people are invited. ambitions. The Deloitte Innovation Breakthrough Café is a result focused mass brainstorm session of two hours and designed to 2 P articipants are inspired by themes and challenges that guide inspiration creativity towards a meaningful outcome. have been defined prior to the session. It is a low threshold activity open for all employees to generate many ideas from this diverse group of people by triggering them 3 A combination of creative thinking techniques are with the right creative input. applied like associative thinking and learning from the future to generate ideas. 4 U sing the collective wisdom of the brainstorm group, the idea with the most potential is selected and detailed while combining ideas is stimulated.18
  19. 19. Creative thinking is not a talent, it is askill that can be learned. It empowerspeople by adding strength to theirnatural abilities which improvesteamwork, productivity and profits.Edward de Bono 19
  20. 20. DeepDive™ Session Objective Process TM The Deloitte Innovation DeepDive Session is a focused team 1 F irst formulate the challenge: what is the issue you want approach for solutions to specific problems or challenges. to solve? Through brainstorming, direct feedback and rapid prototyping a solution to the challenge is formed into a newspaper article. 2 P articipants are inspired by themes and challenges that In a 2 minute elevator pitch the solution is presented to a council. have been defined prior to the session. It creates broad contribution of the participants and leadership alignment on the best opportunities. 3 A series of brainstorming prototyping frenzy cycles that Trigger generate progressively superior solutions. TM The DeepDive Session is flexible and can be repeated, providing a functional method for problem solving. 4 T he best solution(s) is (are) selected and further worked TM Intensity and speed of the DeepDive Session cater for out in detail while combining ideas is stimulated. (on average) 80% of your innovation solution in one day only. Core message Explanation20
  21. 21. DeepDiveTM is a unique way of pullinga team together to work on any itemthat is important to your organization.I find this to be of great value to ourcompany.Vice President, F200 High Tech 21
  22. 22. Workshop Discover Your Idea Objective Process The Deloitte Innovation Workshop Discover Your Idea starts with a 1 W hat is the intended offer and what are the perceived rough idea. By using input from team members you build on the benefits of the product? idea and improve the performance of your future offer. 2 M ake a stakeholder analysis of your customer, what It is about getting down to the essentials of your new business are the crucial relationships? offer at an early stage. In an energizing setting you will evaluate and fine tune your offer to the target customers. 3 F rom customer perspective, what are their needs and what are the real benefits of your product? Key is to get in touch with your consumer and clarify the benefits of your offer. Market Needs Benefit Benefits Trends Golden Triangle Proposition Name Customer Offer Target Solution Groups22
  23. 23. Change before you have to.Jack Welch 23
  24. 24. Pressure Cooker Course Objective Process The Deloitte Innovation Pressure Cooker Course is an important 1 S tart with identifying customer needs. What are the Market Product/Service Organization part of our innovation process. It is a unique and active 3 day real benefits your product or service offer? Actual Benefits Key Activities program to transform ideas into action. This is achieved by customer feedback is used to test your proposition. creating an energizing context where a structured process keeps a clear focus on deliverables. Tips and inspirational insights from 2 W hat key elements form the business model behind Partner experts enable quick decisions and allow for highly applicable the proposition? Customers Offer Network results. At the end of the course the results are pitched to a council to get green light for the next phase. 3 W hat will be your action plan for the coming months? What is the ambition and how are you going to realize that? Channels Key Resources Revenue Cost Structure Flows For more information on this tool, scan the QR or go to: Youtube.com/watch?v=mOpMirLKonI24
  25. 25. Every single thing you see on-screencame out of somebody’s creativity. Itdoesn’t exist. Nature didn’t deliver itto us. Everything had to be dreamed.Jeffrey Katzenberg Anticipation Always One Step Ahead Pragmatism Relentlessness 25
  26. 26. 4 Cases: consumer electronics Target Method Result Enlarging the growth potential to a Growth Track, utilising several •S trategy that not only leads to a level in which the company becomes brainstorm sessions. Involving bigger growth in terms of turnover market leader in the segment of many experts from our network. and market share, but also in a digital television. higher brand value. • igher profit in a branche which is H characterised by standardisation and shrinking margins.26
  27. 27. Consumer products Target Method Result Development of new product and Innovator Track, utilising several • early turnover growth target of Y marketing concepts. brainstorm sessions to get quick € 200 million. results. Many insightfull experts • Over 1200 ideas generated. from our network were involved. • 225 participants in the brainstorm sessions. • o-creation: 12 external companies C were involved. • Identification of 20 high potential value spaces. 27
  28. 28. Amsterdam trading venue Target Method Result Convince Asian companies who want Fast Track tutilising several brainstorm • First batch of changes and a listing in Europe to obtain it in sessions. Involving outside expertise. innovations are now live and Amsterdam (instead of Frankfurt or already have a strong impact on London). Most important issue for markets. Asian companies is to realise the listing as quick as possible. Goal is shortening the IPO-route to 5 weeks only.28
  29. 29. International logistics companyTarget Method ResultUse online gaming, since it is a very Content of the game was co-created • Online business simulation game on effective learning method. with TNT. ‘Developing Responsible Leadership’ used in management development program of TNT. 29
  30. 30. Dutch export sector Target Method Result Stimulating growth of the Innovator Track, utilising the Pressure • 2 organisation, banks, 2 Dutch export by developping Cooker Course to get quick results. insurers, exporting companies, innovative financial products Development of a shared vision of the all working together. supporting the export. future, defining the most important • 4 winning concepts. innovation themes for the coming • Realisation in 4 months. years. Finding and selecting the best • Creating extra potential in the ideas to fulfill the current gaps. export of € 25 billion.30
  31. 31. Sustainable real estate Target Method Result Sustainable real estate by reduction Innovative solutions taking the • ntegrated sustainability approach. I of CO2 emission and use of energy interest of all stakeholders into • Scaling energy labels 2 steps up. in accordance with governmental account. • 30% reduction of energy usage. criteria and regulations. • onitoring of sustainability targets. M • eveloped in partnership with D Gemeente Rotterdam. Scan the QR or go to: http://www.deloitteinnovator.nl/pitches/videoplayer/index.php?video=retrofit 31
  32. 32. ContactsFor more information, please contactDeloitte InnovationOrteliuslaan 982, 3528 BD, UtrechtP.O. BOX 3180, 3502 GD, UtrechtThe Netherlands+31 (0) 88 288 1220innovation@deloitte.nlwww.deloitte.nl/innovationFor further information, visit our website at www.deloitte.nlDeloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries. With a globally connected network of memberfirms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to clients, delivering the insights they need to address their most complexbusiness challenges. Deloitte’s approximately 182,000 professionals are committed to becoming the standard of excellence. Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte ToucheTohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity.Please see www.deloitte.com/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms.This publication contains generalinformation only, and none of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, its member firms, or their related entities (collectively, the “Deloitte Network”) is, by means of this publication,rendering professional advice or services. Before making any decision or taking any action that may affect your finances or your business, you should consult a qualified Scan the QR or go to:professional adviser. No entity in the Deloitte Network shall be responsible for any loss whatsoever sustained by any person who relies on this publication. http://www.deloitte.com/view/nl_NL/ nl/diensten/innovatie/innovatie-aanpak/© October 2011 Deloitte The Netherlands index.html