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12 tips to plan events in Macau

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12 tips to plan events in Macau in our presentation of Macau in 12 Slides for travel & meeting planners.

DOC DMC Macau is the expert on MICE in Macau and Hong Kong.

For more information: www.doc-dmc-macau.com

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12 tips to plan events in Macau

  1. 1. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 1/13 Macau in 12 Slides For travel & meeting planners September 2017
  2. 2. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 2/13 Why Macau ? Asia’s newest and most exciting destination. New Old Unique European culture in China (UNESCO World Heritage City) Style A MICE heaven, Asia’s Las Vegas (Urban Entertainment Resorts)
  3. 3. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 3/13 Macau is Asia’s newest and most exciting destination. New Nowhere in Asia a destination has changed so much in a few years. However, the charming and interesting history and culture are still major attractions. New shopping malls and street areas Several new malls added 1,000 new outlets in Venetian, Sands Cotai Central, Shoppes at the Four Seasons… Asia’s largest MICE facilities 21,000 rooms in 1 km radius. New Attractions Namely two resident shows (“The House of Dancing Water” by Franco Dragone and The House of Magic by Franz Harary); temporary shows.. New access Macau International Airport. Direct ferry connections from/to Hong Kong Airport. New excellent dining Spectacular local and international cuisine – Chinese, Macanese, Portuguese, Japanese and other Asian cuisines.
  4. 4. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 4/13 Old Unique European culture in China UNESCO World Heritage City The settlement of Macau by Portuguese navigators in the mid-16th century laid the basis for nearly five centuries of uninterrupted contact between East and West. Macau is the single most consistent example of cultural interchange between Europe and Asia. St Paul Ruins Guia Light House Tap Seak Square (Moorish architecture) Rua da FelicidadeA Ma TempleSenado Square
  5. 5. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 5/13 Style A MICE heaven, Asia’s Las Vegas (Urban Entertainment Resorts) Grand Hyatt 763 Four Seasons 409 Countdown 322 Sheraton 4,001 Venetian 3,000 Banyan Tree 256 Okura 301 Galaxy 1,449 Conrad 636 Holiday Inn 1,224 City of Dreams 1,385 Sands Cotai Central 6,261 Venetian - Parisian 6,409 Galaxy 3,591 Total Rooms in Cotai = 17,646 St. Regis 400 Ritz Carlton 250 JW Marriot 1,015 Broadway Hotel 320 Parisian 3,000 Wynn Palace 1,806 Studio City 1,600 Crown 300 MGM 1,600
  6. 6. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 6/13 Compact City Airport 500 m, 3 min. 2 Golf Courses 5 min Nature Parks 5 min Old Taipa 1,000 m, 10 min. +1,000 Shops +100 Restaurants +20 Bars & Discos Cinemas Shows… Macau Peninsula 10 min. Taipa Ferry 1,000 m, 5 min. Coloane Village 5 min
  7. 7. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 7/13 The old Macau Peninsula 21 World Heritage sites Macau Tower Convention Centre Radical Activities River Cruises Great Hotels Mandarin, MGM, Lisboa, Sofitel, Wynn…
  8. 8. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 8/13 How to get to Macau? AUSTRALIA (9 Hours) EUROPE (10 to 12 Hours) Direct Ferries between Hong Kong Airport and Macau:  No luggage collection at the Airport  No Immigration control HONG KONG AIRPORT HONG KONG & KOWLOON FERRY* (50 min.) BUS (45 min.)
  9. 9. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 9/13 BANGKOK / SAIGON (2:45 H) MANILA (2:45 H) XIAN (2:45 H) BEIJING (3:00 H) SHANGHAI (2:30 H) SEOUL (3:30 H) Macau in the Region Train (1 hour) Train (2 hours) Ferry (60 min.) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore…
  10. 10. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 10/13 How long to stay in Macau? Optimum time in Macau = 3 Days Combined with Hong Kong = 5 to 6 Days Day 7 Departure > Travel • Shopping • Free time Day 6 Deep in to Macau • Shopping • Casino Hopping • Shows Day 3 Travel > Arrival • Introduction • Welcome dinner Day 1 Macau > Hong Kong • Transfers • Sightseeing (1/2 day) Day 4Day 2 Macau’s main attractions • Sightseeing(1 or ½ day) • Cultural Challenge / Immersion Day 5 Hong Kong must do’s • Walk at Kowloon/Wan Chai • Harbor views & cruise • Aberdeen & Stanley market For long distance markets Macau is not a destination for more than 3 or 4 days. It is usually combined with Hong Kong.
  11. 11. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 11/13 What are the typical prices? Incentive/Meeting (4D/3N) Hong Kong Leisure (4D/3N) 4* Hotel ($200/room/night) USD 300 6 meals ($55/meal on average) USD 330 2 Days of Sightseeing USD 80 Transfers HKG Airport <> Hotel USD 20 Total per person USD 730 5* Hotel ($320/room/night) USD 480 6 meals ($60/meal on average) USD 360 1 Day of Sightseeing USD 50 1/2 Day Team Building USD 65 1 Day Meeting package USD 110 Transfers HKG Airport <> Hotel USD 20 Total per person USD 1,085 Notes: Values listed are average prices include breakfast and are based on double occupancy. Macau Leisure (4D/3N) Incentive/Meeting (4D/3N) 4* Hotel ($125/room/night) USD 188 6 meals ($35/meal on average) USD 210 2 Days of Sightseeing USD 50 Transfers HKG Airport <> Macau USD 80 Total per person USD 528 5* Hotel ($190/room/night) USD 285 6 meals ($45/meal on average) USD 270 1 Day of Sightseeing USD 30 1/2 Day Team Building USD 50 1 Day Meeting package USD 65 Transfers HKG Airport <> Macau USD 80 Total per person USD 780
  12. 12. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 12/13 Planning essentials Visa Requirements Visas are not required for nationals of most countries www.doc-dmc-macau.com/macau/Facts.php Cuisine & Food Wide variety of cuisines: Southeast Asian, Japanese, Indian, Middle Eastern, in addition to Chinese, Macanese, Portuguese and International. Currency Fixed exchange rate with USD (Macau’s currency is Pataca) Health and Safety The standards of health services in Macau are quite high. The territory is probably one of the safest places on earth. Sub-tropical Weather Best Season Mid-season Low-season (summer/leisure) High Season in Hong Kong: April/ May & October/ November High Season in Macau: Every Weekend! January February March April May June SUMMER July (24-32 o C) August September October November December (High humididty, tropical rain) AUTUMN (Dryer season, 16-24 o C) WINTER (Mild, 10-18 o C) SPRING (Cloudy, 16-24 o C)
  13. 13. www.doc-dmc-macau.com Slide 13/13 Highlights of Activities Dozens of other activities produced by our sister company: www.smallworldexperience.com Dragon Boat Lion Dance workshop iPad Macau Discovery Wine CasinoSky Drumming at 230mFood Safari