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The Ultimate Way to Increase Your Medicare DM Response

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The Ultimate Way to Increase Your Medicare DM Response

  1. 1. How to increase direct mail response rates using targeted digital display advertising. Smart Zones Actionable Marketing Intelligence Smart Zones Brought to you by DMN3
  2. 2. Who the heck are Pam and Marty? Pam Lockard – DMN3  CEO & Founder  25+ years of Boomer and Senior lead generation experience  6 years of Medicare Marketing  Mailed over 100 million direct mail packages in the last 10 years  One of only 360 U.S. certified direct marketers (PDM) Marty Agius  Enhanced Data Solutions Expert  30 year veteran of integrated direct marketing  Helped launch the patented Smart Zone technology in 2012  Agency purchased by Semcasting in 2014  Expert in how to enhance direct mail with online campaigns
  3. 3. 3 Smart Zones Marketing challenges Medicare marketers are faced with increasing competition and are challenged to improve cpl, cpa/enrollments. Traditional channels, as well as pay-per-click (ppc), are heavily used during AEP by competitors. Medicare aggregators often get top SEO listings. Most online display advertising is cookie based and gets blocked at the browser level. It’s challenging to integrate direct mail and online.
  4. 4. 4 Smart Zones Benefits Gives you a way to reach your direct mail targets when they’re online – without having to compete with other Medicare marketers. Helps you drive Medicare prospects to your site to start their buying journey. Provides great reach and frequency at a low cpm. This is the only online marketing process to receive a U.S. patent.
  5. 5. 5 Proven Smart Zone Results Over 3,000 online campaigns averaged 128% lift over traditional online display
  6. 6. 6 Proven Smart Zone Results Last AEP, one Medicare Advantage plan saw a 3-fold, year-over-year, increase in online enrollments using Smart Zones
  7. 7. 100% Reach Reach over 250 million-plus individuals. Data Rich Define audiences with over 750 consumer variables. Device Independent 100% reach to all Internet-enabled devices (i.e., desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones). Cookie-Free Privacy No tracking, no use of cookies and no inferred audience segmentation. Smart Zones What is Smart Zones? Smart Zones is the only audience targeting platform linking B2C customer CRM files, mailing lists or IP website traffic to ISP delivery points at the neighborhood level. Value Proposition:
  8. 8. 8 DataAudience Building Media ZonesProfiling & Modeling Smart Zones Smart Zones
  9. 9. U.S. & Canadian Coverage: 250 Million-Plus Individuals 131 Million-Plus Households 1.8 Billion-Plus IP Addresses Every U.S. household: Postal Email Phone Smart Zones 100% Reach
  10. 10. Smart Zones Smart Zones reaches audiences across all offline and online marketing channels. 100% Reach
  11. 11. Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) & Profiling Provides an on-demand detailed snapshot of site visitors and what they look like. • Every site visit can be tied to a specific location, device type and demographic profile • Captures and matches IP information to offline demographic data through a patented process that protects the privacy of the household • Determines: – The source of a visit at the device level – The source of the search (search request, an online page, email link, and even direct mail, television or radio) Smart Zones Site Visitor Attribution (SVA)
  12. 12. It also answers the growing question; “Is my advertising working as it should?” • Optimize campaigns based on strong (or weak) site traffic • Retarget site visitors • Generate data appends for analytics • Track response from online and traditional media campaigns • Tie attribution metrics from all impressions served to the responders who engage with the site Smart Zones Site Visitor Attribution (SVA)
  13. 13. All data is derived from publicly available information, and adheres to the highest privacy standards and to all FTC recommendations―both online and offline. Data Sources Include: IRS Voter Registration Home Transactions Dept. of Commerce Federal Reserve Data Voter Contributions Data Bureau of Economic Analysis National Phone Directory Data Dept. of House and Urban Development Housing Management Development Assoc. Data Rich Sources Smart Zones
  14. 14. Define your B2C audiences with over 750 data variables. Age Gender Ethnicity Life Stage Education Vehicle Type Dwelling Type Purchases & Interests Income IRA/401k Net Worth Home Value Political Party Household Income Discretionary Income Charitable Contributions B2C Variables Include: B2C Data Variables Smart Zones
  15. 15. Automated Predictive Modeling Smart Zones’ genetic algorithms platform automates the creation of custom targeting models. More variables = more accuracy. We identify what is unique about customers compared to the balance of the local population based on multivariate data. Audience Building Smart Zones
  16. 16. Smart Zones Reach more customers with accuracy and privacy on any Internet-enabled device. No Tracking No Use of Cookies No Inferred Audience Segmentation Cookie-Free Privacy Over 50% of Browsers Block Cookies
  17. 17. Smart Zones 100% reach to all Internet-enabled devices. Desktops Laptops Tablets Smart Phones Device Independent
  18. 18. Smart Zones goes much further than just identifying people on the internet at a Zip 5 postal code. Zip 5 postal code Smart Zones How Does it Work?
  19. 19. Smart Zones is also very different from traditional Zip 9 postal code targeting. Zip 5 postal code Zip 9 postal code Smart Zones How Does it Work?
  20. 20. Smart Zones are defined by the delivery points of ISP providers. An IP address range will serve individual homes and clusters of homes. Typically, a postal zip code has over 800 zones, with each zone averaging 1 to 8 households. Millennials Dual Income no Kids IP Range Smart Zones How Does it Work? Age 65+
  21. 21. Step 1: Simply upload your customer lists as postal lists, IP addresses from log files, zip codes or congressional districts into our cloud-based Smart Zones’ Platform. Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  22. 22. Step 2: Match each individual record with Smart Zones’ offline data. Over 750 demographic attributes are appended to each consumer record. Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  23. 23. Step 3: Create a personalized snapshot of your consumer audience that is in the targeted campaign trade area. Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  24. 24. Step 4: Create a target audience of exact matches or select Auto-Model to find look-alike prospects. Then map that audience to the Media Zones or sites that best align to that audience for "pre-optimization" of your campaign. Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  25. 25. Step 5: Match your target audience to the exact websites and media outlets that are most likely visited by your prospects Devices Ad Sizes Impressions Time of Day Day of Week Media Categories Preferred Websites Click-Through Rate (CTR) Real-Time Bid (RTB) Price Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) Media Zones Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  26. 26. Step 6: Load your audience into one of our partner Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) or Trading Desk Platforms. Also, post the site whitelist and/or blacklist from the Media Zones analysis and your campaign is ready to be launched. Smart Zones What Is the Process?
  27. 27. Smart Zones Wrap Up Reporting Example Overall Performance: The campaign delivered the assigned budget with a 0.08% CTR. 2,349 users were driven to the campaigns landing page. Ad size 300x250 – Rotating had the best performing CTR of 0.09%. Performance between V1 & V2 creatives was virtually the same. Friday was the best performing day of week with a 0.08% CTR. Top performing categories included: Special & Restricted Diets, Weather & Science.
  28. 28. Ad Size Performance Category CTR Special & Restricted Diets 0.19% Weather 0.19% Science 0.18% Beauty & Fitness 0.12% Family & Relationships 0.12% Health Conditions 0.10% Arts & Entertainment 0.08% Real Estate 0.08% Hobbies & Leisure 0.07% Travel 0.07% Top 10 Performing Categories Day of Week Performance by CTR Unit Size Impressions Clicks CTR 160x600 Rotating 519,947 382 0.07% 160X600 V1 259,822 203 0.08% 160X600 V2 260,125 179 0.07% 300X250 Rotating 1,569,617 1,400 0.09% 300X250 V1 784,999 689 0.09% 300X250 V2 784,618 711 0.09% 728X90 Rotating 985,963 567 0.06% 728X90 V1 493,713 284 0.06% 728X90 V2 492,250 283 0.06% Totals 3,075,527 2,349 0.08%
  29. 29. 128% average lift over cookie- based campaigns. (Averages based on over 3,000 campaigns) Smart Zones Performance
  30. 30. Leaders in all industries see success with Smart Zones. Smart Zones Campaigns Tested
  31. 31. Customized Profiling Personalized consumer reporting based on postal or IP addresses Data Appends Append over 750 Data variables to 250 million-plus individuals On-Boarding One-Step audience on-boarding with 100% reach Smart Zones is the only cloud-based, self-serve platform offering complete CRM profiling, enhancement, audience building, and offline to online onboarding in a single platform. Audience Building Select, build and deploy Smart Zone audiences Data Management Toolset Advanced online & offline data hygiene tools for your CRM, hosted on our secure cloud-based platform Media Zones Match audiences to the exact websites and media outlets they are most likely to frequent. Smart Zones Recap
  32. 32. Pam Lockard Pam.Lockard@dmn3.com 713-581-1787 ext 244 Thank You! Let DMN3 help you put Smart Zones to work! Contact Pam Lockard to get your free no obligation Smart Zones market proposal.