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MINT-­‐DM2E	                           	              Nasos	  Drosopoulos	  Na1onal	  Technical	  University	  of	  Athens...
Outline	  •  MINT2	  DM2E	  instance	  (migra1on	  from	  test	     environment)	  •  EDM+	  implementa1on	  •  Mapping	  ...
MINT	  Overview	  A	  web	  based	  plaOorm	  that	  implements	  aggrega1on	  workflows	  •  Import	  (XML,	  CSV)	  or	  ...
MINT2	  Naviga1on	                      hZp://mint-­‐projects.image.ntua.gr/dm2e	  •  Column-­‐based	  browsing	  of	  app...
EDM+	  •  Implementa1on	  based	  on	  Europeana’s	  XSD	  for	  RDF/XML	     serializa1on	  of	  EDM	       –  EDM	  Clas...
Mapping	  Editor	  
Free	  text	  search	  for	  input	    and	  target	  elements	                                 Navigable	  links	        ...
MINT2	  API	  Used	  to	  integrate	  MINT	  with	  DM2E’s	  interoperability	  infrastructure	  •  HTTP-­‐based	  access	...
Ongoing	  development	  •  EDM	  HTML	  preview	  (Europeana,	  RDF	  graph)	  •  RDF	  store	  publica1on	  •  QC	  –	  E...
Thank	  you	                       	  hZp://mint-­‐projects.image.ntua.gr/dm2e	                       	                   ...
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Nasos Drosopoulos - MINT DM2E

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Nasos Drosopoulos - MINT DM2E

  1. 1. MINT-­‐DM2E     Nasos  Drosopoulos  Na1onal  Technical  University  of  Athens       DM2E  All  WP  Mee1ng   Vienna  –  Nov.  30,  2012  
  2. 2. Outline  •  MINT2  DM2E  instance  (migra1on  from  test   environment)  •  EDM+  implementa1on  •  Mapping  to  EDM+  •  MINT2  API  
  3. 3. MINT  Overview  A  web  based  plaOorm  that  implements  aggrega1on  workflows  •  Import  (XML,  CSV)  or  harvest  (OAI-­‐PMH)  •  Align  to  aggrega1on  data  model  (XSLT   mapping  editor)  •  Remediate  (OAI-­‐PMH,  XML/RDF  store,  third-­‐ party  repositories)  
  4. 4. MINT2  Naviga1on   hZp://mint-­‐projects.image.ntua.gr/dm2e  •  Column-­‐based  browsing  of  applica1on’s  screens  •  Breadcrumb  trail      
  5. 5. EDM+  •  Implementa1on  based  on  Europeana’s  XSD  for  RDF/XML   serializa1on  of  EDM   –  EDM  Classes  are  represented  by  the  same  complex  types  used   in  EDM  XSD     –  EDM+  Classes  are  represented  by  new  complex  types  defined  in   EDM+  namespace     –  Mul1ple  class  instan1a1on  is  allowed   –  rdf:type  element  is  used  with  a  controlled  list  (enumera1on)  of   classes   –  Domain  and  range  of  EDM+  proper1es  are  consistent  to   specifica1on  by  sebng  the  appropriate  types                    e.g.  element  dm2e:ar1st  has  type  edm:Agent  and  the  only   value  that  rdf:type  can  take  in  this  case  is  Person  •  Output  is  a  valid  EDM+  instance  in  RDF/XML  serializa1on    
  6. 6. Mapping  Editor  
  7. 7. Preview  
  8. 8. Free  text  search  for  input   and  target  elements   Navigable  links   Bookmarks   Mandatory  elements  
  9. 9. MINT2  API  Used  to  integrate  MINT  with  DM2E’s  interoperability  infrastructure  •  HTTP-­‐based  access  to  MINT2  data  (imports,   mappings  etc.)  •  JSON  serializa1on  •  Access  to  MINT’s  services  (import,  mapping   editor  etc.)  
  10. 10. Ongoing  development  •  EDM  HTML  preview  (Europeana,  RDF  graph)  •  RDF  store  publica1on  •  QC  –  EDM  completeness  report  •  Support  for  SKOS  vocabularies  in  target   schema  •  API  security  (currently  IP  filtering)  
  11. 11. Thank  you    hZp://mint-­‐projects.image.ntua.gr/dm2e       ndroso@image.ntua.gr   mint-­‐support@image.ntua.gr