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001 Campaign Navigator

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Navigator helps you quickly identify issues and opportunities and sets the direction for your campaign. Using Radar’s proven methodology, we can tap consumer conversations for insights into your business.

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001 Campaign Navigator

  1. 1. Campaign Navigator
  2. 2. Radar unleashes the power of social media and customer data to provide insights and intelligence for businesses. W H A T I S R A D A R
  3. 3. R A D A R S E R V I C E S – H O W T O M A K E M A R K E T I N G S T R O N G E R 001 Campaign Navigator 002 Brand Deep Dive 003 Content Wavemaker 004 Engagement Solutions Pinpoint how your business is performing according real consumer insights Recommendation of a series of activities to achieve market growth Develop content (films, videos, infotainment) for your brand to stand out Create a repertoire of solutions to stimulate desired consumer behavior/response
  4. 4. A L L D R I V E N B Y D A T A While our core competency is in social data, another of our key strengths is our ability to blend social data with other sources to gain deeper insights. The largest available database of consumer behavior. For example, consumers may not talk about more private things openly but they will search for it. This is a strong indicator of interest and intent. Search How consumers interact with branded websites, apps, Facebook pages etc. For example, consumers may not talk about price because it makes them look cheap but they will click on that discount button. Owned Digital Analytics Traditional research techniques reveal the implicit opinions and beliefs of consumers which complements the explicit voice of social conversations. Focus Groups & Panels Purchase behavior is the ultimate measure and indicator. Looking at transactions in isolation only informs the outcome. Blending it with other data can inform intention and preferences. Transactional
  5. 5. I N D E P E N D E N T O R H O L I S T I C Campaign Navigator Brand Deep Dive Content Wavemaker Engagement Solutions
  6. 6. Campaign Navigator Navigator helps you quickly identify issues and opportunities and sets the direction for your campaign. Using Radar’s proven methodology, we can tap consumer conversations for insights into your business.
  7. 7. Navigator Framework This framework is designed to set the foundation for social listening and insights. Using a single framework establishes consistency of insights over time and flexibility for scaling based on the client’s needs. Which social media platforms contain the conversations we’re interested in? Data How is the data going to be extracted from social media platforms? Extraction How is the data categorized and interpreted to become meaningful insights? Analysis How do the insights need to be delivered to the people that need them? Reporting • Selection of platforms & communities • Markets • Languages • Keyword structures • Selection of tools and third-party services • Automated analysis vs. manual • Quantitative vs. qualitative • Sentiment analysis (NSP) • Product, brand, journey attributes • Type of reports • Frequency • Presentation What are we trying to achieve with social insights and who needs to achieve it? Decision Making • Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer service • Business priorities, insights
  8. 8. Campaign Navigator + Redevelop product positioning in light of competitive pressure
  9. 9. DBS MULTIPLIER 16% OCBC 360 84% Complexity Investment Strategy Mention Qualification Rate Consumer Insights Difficulty in changing salary crediting Confusion over which credit cards qualify Confusion over billing arrangements Opening new account takes too long Unsure which GIRO codes work Client Issue Two weeks after DBS launched the DBS Multiplier Account which gives up to 2.08% interest, OCBC launched the OCBC 360 with a higher rate of 3.05%. DBS needed to find creative way to compete without getting into a price war. Radar Approach Radar analyzed one month’s data covering both the launches of DBS Multiplier and OCBC 360. Though the conversations we identified areas weakness in OCBC and used those insights to change the way DBS communicates.
  10. 10. Campaign Navigator + Facilitate F1 sponsorship activation program
  11. 11. Client Issue ExxonMobil was looking for sponsorship and marketing activation opportunities around the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. Radar Approach Radar looked back at social conversations around the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix and analyzed the conversations around F1 Teams, F1 Drivers, Fuel Brands, Sponsors, Celebrities, and Event Attributes. We uncovered three top segments,12 unique themes, and concluded with nine identified opportunities for ExxonMobil. Race Music Tickets
  12. 12. Campaign Navigator + Develop global brand positioning based on social insight
  13. 13. S H A R E O F S O C I A L V O I C E - L E A G U E S The markets in which local league has highest market share are Australia, Qatar and Japan P A N R E G I O N A L V I E W O F M A T C H D E S C R I P T I O N Match descriptions reference the quality of matches more than the entertainment value in local league activity • Matches and the team • Strategies and tactics • Passages of plays and players • Referees and match controversy • Quality of goals • GOOOOAAAL • Live match drama • Last minute drama • Dramatic results and games • Passion from the fans • Specific players and player rivalry’s • Team rivalry Client Issue In the increasingly popular global football and sports market WSG needed to conduct a brand refresh for ACL to maintain its appeal Radar Approach Comprehensive analysis of social conversations on ACL and its “local competitors” in Australia, China, Korea, Japan, KSA, Qatar, and Thailand. Insights were used to develop a new brand positioning and GTM plan across all markets.
  14. 14. S O L U T I O N S U M M A R Y 001 Campaign Navigator 002 Brand Deep Dive 003 Content Wavemaker 004 Engagement Solutions Key targets: DDB clients, for regular reporting or for single use e.g. planning an upcoming campaign. Prospects, for pitches and new business opps Key targets: Best for pitches and clients with demanding competitive challenges at brand, product and customer experience levels. Key targets: Ideal for TV, print and online news broadcasters. Clients who need high volume of online content. Key targets: Clients who need break through digital engagement solutions
  15. 15. Team Carlos Palacios Regional Strategy Director Benjamin Koe Consulting Director Yang Yang Consulting Manager Cheryl Ong Digital Strategist Alexis Cheong Strategy Planner