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Presentation INSPIRE HAck

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Presentation from Webinar for INSPIRE Hackathon

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Presentation INSPIRE HAck

  1. 1. INSPIRE Hackathon 2018 Karel Charvat
  2. 2. A little history
  3. 3. A little history
  4. 4. A little different Hack – focus on work together • Main focus is on sustainability of (not only) EU research • Focus more on connection of different project teams and initiatives • Transfer of results from past projects into new activities and also to potential businesses • Exchange data and tools among running projects • Support better utilization of results • Re use data and tools
  5. 5. INSPIRE Hackathon •INSPIRE Hackathon is not event •INSPIRE Hackathon is process
  6. 6. INSPIRE Hackathon • The INSPIRE Hackathon ensures continuity of open data integrations done in time limited efforts such as those in EU funded projects. • The INSPIRE Hackathon contributes to capacity building and education of open data policy implementation and management
  7. 7. INSPIRE Hackathon • The INSPIRE Hackathon uses INSPIRE as its platform. From this platform a network of satellite hackathons aresupported to grow the community in Europe and beyond. For the future evolution we foresee to be able to organise preparations before hackathon events (including coding) that might include input from problemathons, ideathons and datathons – as input and preparations for future INSPIRE hackathons.
  8. 8. INSPIRE Hacks are not limited on INSPIRE
  9. 9. INSPIRE Hacks are not limited on Europe https://goo.gl/mWDvTb
  10. 10. How to participate • At first is good to study on Plan4all web pages and look on already registered projects https://www.plan4all.eu/updates/inspire- hackathon-2018-projects/
  11. 11. How to participate • and also study available API https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mDO3MWUPaQpBPb7UV vZIaXpqddf4TyK5OwAexZj1jyM/edit#gid=2028333971
  12. 12. How to participate • (you can also offer your own API https://www.plan4all.eu/api/
  13. 13. How to participate • You have to options, how to participate., you have at first registered here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpmlAJP- WqvOJdCyWs00kgECfLMDbFwifRGJ-a6RkYBswJA/viewform
  14. 14. How to participate • Then you will receive access to Workspace for INSPIRE Hack. You can add your name and start edit and share ideas in some existing project
  15. 15. How to participate • or you can create your own project