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What is power apps

  1. MICROSOFT POWERAPPS Presented By : Udit Handa
  2. TOPICS  What is PowerApps  PowerApps Components  Related Technologies  Creating your first App  Publishing your App  Using Your App
  3. WHAT IS POWERAPPS  Powerapps is a tool provided by Microsoft to its office365 customers that allows users at all level of computer expertise to create powerful apps that connect data from various sources and present it in a meaningful way.  These apps can then be viewed across platforms like web and mobile.
  4. POWERAPPS COMPONENTS  – This portal is used to manage the apps build using powerapps  PowerApps Studio - Easy to use visual tools that can be used to build powerful apps either on the web or on desktop.  PowerApps Mobile – Mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS that can be used to access your apps natively on a phone.  PowerApps admin center – Common area to administer PowerApps and other components
  5. RELATED TECHNOLOGY  Microsoft Flow – Used to create automated workflows diverse services. Example creating lead in your CRM from a web inquiry  Data sources, connections and connectors, and gateways – Powerful way to converge cloud and on-premises data into your apps.  Common Data Services – A common database that can be shared across business applications.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 – A common web platform to run all your business apps. This include apps from Microsoft, Partners and App creators in your organization.  Microsoft AppSource – An app store for all apps created using PowerApps and related technologies.
  6. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP  From the Home Screen Click on Create a New App button  You are presented with a screen as shown on the left hand side to either use PowerApps Studio for Windows or PoweApps Studio for Web.  We will select the web version
  7. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP CONT..  You will be presented with a screen to select your datasource  We will be selecting Sharepoint as our datasource
  8. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP CONT..  We will connect to our cloud service on sharepoint
  9. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP CONT..  Once connected select your sharepoint list  In our case we have selected a code review list that maintains simple code review details of our projects  Click Connect once selected  Powerapps builds an app automatically from your datasource
  10. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP CONT..  This PowerApp Studio can be used to configure your app further
  11. CREATING YOUR FIRST APP  You can then goto File menu to save your app.
  12. PUBLISHING YOUR APP  Finally you need to publish your app and select users in your organization with whome you want to share the App.
  13. USING YOUR APP  The App is available within Dynamics 365  You can also use PowerApps mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows
  14. CONTACT HANDLES Contact No: +1-612-800-9092,+918272014440, +918430155522 Website : Email :