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Iron man opening sequence analysis

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Iron man opening sequence analysis

  1. 1. Iron Man Opening Sequence AnalysisCostume: One of the people in the scene is wearing a suit, and the others are wearingidentical army uniforms. Therefore suggests that the man in the suit is important in someway and the army men and women are low down are all their uniforms are the same andare taking orders from someone.There is an upbeat song playing on a stereo in the army vehicle and because it is an upbeatsong it makes the next event surprising to the audience as it is a devistating event withpeople being killed and there being explosions.The main character has a glass with whiskey in it,which shows his importance and as it shows that noone will say no to him, eventhough it doesn’t seemlike a place where you should be drinkning alcohol inan army vehicle in the middle of a dessert.A prop that is used is a mobile phone, that looks hightech, showing that theman must be a wealthy man because he can afford a phone like that.The explosion is an action code as it builds tension and it indicates that something else isgoing to happen. As following the explosions there are gone shots. When they are driving in the army vehicle before the explosion, you don’t know where they are what they are doing, or where they are going, which could be an enigma code as the nothing is being given away to the audience of what is happening, so it starts off as a mystery to the audience.Setting: Appears to be in the middle of nowhere in the dessert, nothing surrounding them,so the audience would expect them to be fairlysafe.