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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.4

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Chapter 2.4 of a Loving Legacy with teenagers sneaking out, birthdays, and one very sad death.

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.4

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.4! Last chapter Juliet pictured above in the middle met her cousin Victoria and they quickly became close friends. Aimee and Weldon found out that they were pregnant again much to their surprise. Rosaline pictured above on the right grew up into a kid along with her cousin Alexandra. The four girls all got to meet each other and play together. Aimee had Romeo pictured above on the left and he grew up into an adorable little toddler. Lastly Juliet and Victoria grew up into teenagers. Juliet rolled family with the lifetime want of reaching the top of the education career and Victoria rolled pleasure wanting to become a master chef. Now onto the chapter...
  2. 2. “ Are you being serious?” Juliet asked Victoria with a smile as they stood in the London's house on a Tuesday evening. Juliet and Victoria had recently become teenagers and Juliet had come over to study with Victoria for a big history test the next day. The two girls had both been exceedingly shocked at how much harder the classes were as teenagers, their easy writing and arithmetic classes had turned into the much more confusing classes of British Literature, Algebra, and more hard subjects to add to the mix. “ Of coarse I am!” Victoria raised her hand and stared at her cousin, the last thing she wanted to do was study for some boring history test that she was probably going to fail anyway regardless of how much she studied, Victoria was horrible at test taking.
  3. 3. “ Come on Juliet,” Victoria continued, “we are teenagers now meaning we no longer have to be cooped up being forced to play stupid board games with our parents against our will, we have freedom now and it is the perfect time seeming that my dad is at some school board meeting and my mom is sleeping. We can easily leave and I have heard so much about the clubs downtown and can't wait till Friday to go and think about the potential guys for dating!” Juliet listened to her cousins rebellious plan, she really was in no hurry to head downtown and she really did not want to get in trouble, “I don't know Victoria, mom, dad, and grandma would freak if they found out!” “ Which is why they are not going to!” Victoria rolled her eyes and waved her hand to the side, “I used to sneak out as a kid constantly, granted I only went as far at the neighborhood park, but still I never got caught!”
  4. 4. “ But I'm supposed to be home by 10:30 and it takes at least 15 minutes to even get to downtown!” Juliet insisted thinking up of an excuse to not go downtown, despite getting in trouble the whole idea of downtown gave her the creeps, I mean who even knows what kind of sims could be hanging out there! “ Relax, I already have that under control, just call your rents and tell them that you this test has so much information and that you need to stay over night in order to get it all done, your parents won't care, they are way cooler than mine!” Victoria grinned thinking how brilliant she was. “ Uhhh” Juliet stuttered trying to think of another excuse, “We still need to study for that test, I mean it's a really big deal!” she insisted, granted this was no a problem seeming as Juliet had studied before coming over knowing that she would of gotten nothing done with Victoria getting off topic every 5 seconds, but she still needed an excuse.
  5. 5. “ Oh please, we will study on the way okay?” Victoria cried knowing this was a lie, “Now will you shut up and just come, I mean you're a family sim right? You might meet your prince charming or whatever!” Juliet sighed, “I just don't think this a very good idea can't we wait till it's Friday, we will be able to stay out longer.” “ No, we cannot wait, the very perfect guy could be waiting for you right now and then tomorrow he will be gone and you would of missed your chance! I promise nothing bad will happen!” Victoria urged raising her hands.
  6. 6. “ Uhh” Juliet stuttered apprehensively “ Come on, I promise we will be safe!” Victoria insisted crossing her arms in annoyance. “ You promise?” Juliet asked unsure. “ I promise now let's go!” Victoria whined itching to get out of her house.
  7. 7. “ I thought you said we would be safe!” Juliet demanded as they both stood in front of flaming platforms that had just erupted into giant orange flames. They had just arrived at a club called P.U.R.E and Juliet already knew this was a bad idea. “ We are!” Victoria retorted walking up to the flames, “They are just decorations okay?” Juliet began to ask questions quickly wanting to already leave, “Fine, but why are there bars on the doors? Is this some sort of jail or something? What if there are like criminals in there?” “ Will you relax!” Victoria cried staring at Juliet, “It's called an atmosphere they are trying to create, now will you just chill and come inside with me?”
  8. 8. “ This place is so cool!” Victoria yelled over the loud blaring music as they entered the main dance floor with neon yellow and red lights twirling all over the black tile floor. “ Don't you notice something missing?” Juliet yelled back looking at the people who were dancing on the floor. Victoria looked around only seeing an awesome club just like she had imagined, “What?” “ There are no teenagers here!” Juliet answered watching the adults dance and drink around them. “ So what!” Victoria insisted walking away from Juliet beginning to dance, she was here to have fun and was not going to let her goodie cousins ruin it for her.
  9. 9. In fact Victoria did not let the fact that there were no teenagers stop of her from meeting guys, of coarse she knew that she could not pursue a relationship with them at the time, but it was always good to build up possible contacts for dates when she grew older. She and William actually became quick friends seeming as he liked to party and go clubbing as much as she did and he even told her to call him when she was older which was a little disconcerting, but being a typical pleasure sim she was always up for a date, no matter how weird the guy.
  10. 10. The new acquaintance soon became a problem though when some guy yelled at William claiming that he was way out of line for coming onto a teenager. William being rather quick tempered took much offense to the accusation angrily shoving the guy away. Soon enough Victoria saw the two guys downright attacking each other in the middle of the dance floor. How awesome is it that I started a fight! Victoria thought cheering as the two men brutally beat up each other.
  11. 11. Juliet on the other hand did not find the fight nearly as cool as Victoria did as she grimaced in the corner. She did not understand why they would be so violet with each other especially over such an absurd matter. Juliet couldn't even hurt a fly without feeling bad about it later and she couldn't even imagine hurting another person.
  12. 12. Not being able to handle the fight, Juliet headed into the other dance room, that was not filled with people. She enjoyed the emptiness and noticed the glowing giant object that stood in the middle room. It intrigued her and she decided to step on it. She had heard about these things before, apparently they spun you around sort of like a ride at an amusement park. It seemed easy and fun enough so she decided to try it.
  13. 13. Though she soon found out that her prediction had been very very wrong and she found herself crashing to the bottom of the thing hitting her head hard. Her body ached in pain and she moaned as it jerked her back and forth. She wondered how to stop the thing, but she noticed it was slowly, very slowly, slowing down and in the meantime she rocked around in pain.
  14. 14. When the thing finally stopped she began to slowly stand up her aching body, she grabbed her butt which had been hit the hardest. Beside her a teenage boy watched her curiously staring at Juliet as she slowly stood, “Are you okay?” he asked her.
  15. 15. When she finally stood, she looked over at the boy her jaw hanging open. She had thought there were no teenagers of any kind here especially cute ones like him and here he had just seen her crash embarrassingly to the ground. “Uhh yeah I'm fine” she managed to say, her cheeks probably flushing. The guy smiled across from her, “Those things are killer, I once tried the hard level and practically killed my back from it.” “ Uh huh” Juliet nodded still in shock, she still couldn't believe that he had seen her fall.
  16. 16. “ So what's your name? I'm sure you don't want me to remember you as the girl who fell.” he laughed. Juliet flushed staring at him, “Juliet” she answered practically whispering. “ Huh cool like that famous play, I'm Alvin like those chipmunks who sing and seem to be all famous.” Juliet laughed nervously staring at him. “I'm actually happy to see you” he continued, “I thought this whole place was only filled with adults.” “ Yeah me too” Juliet agreed.
  17. 17. “ Yeah for awhile I thought I was in an adult club or something which sort of freaked me out since I'm not even supposed to be out in the first place” Alvin said with a grin. Juliet smiled gaining more confidence, “Really? I'm not supposed to be out either, my parents would ground me for life if they knew I was here.” “ Ha really? Yeah mine..” then Alvin paused hearing his phone beep, he pulled it out and looked at the time, “speaking of that” he continued, “I've got to like nowish but nice meeting you Juliet, don't kill yourself on the electro dance sphere alright?” He then quickly left the club thinking primarily on getting home in time. Juliet watch him with a smile then grew angry at herself for not getting his information, she would probably never see him again.
  18. 18. Juliet returned to the main dance room with a giddy smile thinking about Alvin and how cute he had been. She realized how stupid she had been though for not getting his number or asking where he went to school. She soon frowned noticing that Victoria was sitting at the bar. “ Victoria!” she snapped noticing the glass cup in her hand. Victoria looked up at her cousin annoyed trying to hide the cup under the counter, “You aren't fooling anyone!” Juliet told her. “ It's one drink Jules and maybe you should have one too, loosen up some!” Victoria grinned. “ Uh how about no, we are both under age and you should not even be drinking that!”
  19. 19. “ Which is why I will be confiscating this!” Brandon Lillard, a random townie, said grabbing Victoria's drink off the table in front of her. “ Um excuse me, do you work here?” Victoria asked annoyed, he wasn't in uniform in fact he was wearing a freaking kilt. Juliet stared at the man oddly as he walked away with Victoria's drink, Victoria swore she saw him then begin to drink it, she had paid for that drink! “ What the hell!” Victoria snapped. “ Whatever you shouldn't have been drinking that anyway!” Juliet cried. “ Yeah but still, what a freaking jerk!”
  20. 20. “ Oh shit!” Juliet snapped quickly looking around the room seeing something that made her freak out. “ Did Juliet Loving just cuss!” Victoria cried shocked looking up at her cousin, she had never heard Juliet say any kind of bad word, especially a curse word. “ Victoria!” she yelled looking at the dance floor closely. “ What!” Victoria asked. “ Look!” Juliet yelled.
  21. 21. Victoria stood up and walked over to the dance floor with Juliet to see what she had been looking at, “Damn!” Victoria cried, “Grandmas should so not be able to move like that” she looked at Samantha in horror. “ Shhh will you be quiet!” Juliet snapped, “She's gonna hear us! We have to get out of here!” Victoria ignored her watching Samantha carefully, “She's actually a pretty good dancer, I never would of imagined she could move like that!” Juliet stood impatiently incredibly worried, they had to get out of here without Samantha seeing them or else they were both toast.
  22. 22. Victoria noticed Samantha had begun to shake her behind back and forth on the dance floor, she turned to Juliet disgusted, “Okay, this is beginning to get gross!” “ Ugh” Juliet agreed staring at her grandmother, but then she snapped back to reality, “We have to get to out of here!” she snapped. “ Okay let's jet!” Victoria cried in agreement, she wanted to get out of there as much as Juliet because if her parents found out about this they would bitch to her about it for months, but it was too late because Samantha had looked over and saw them, she had too look twice, but she couldn't mistake her two granddaughters
  23. 23. Victoria grew nervous but decided to play it cool, “Grandma, hey! How funny is it that we are at the same club huh? I mean what are the chances!” Victoria gave a small smile that Samantha surly did not return. She turned to look at both girls, “Do you girls realize that it is almost 11 on a school night!” Samantha lectured angrily Juliet nervously stood swaying back and forth on her feet speechless, this is exactly what she had been afraid of. “Wow really is it that late?” Victoria asked pretending to be in shock, she was going to try her hardest to get away with this. Samantha glared at them, “Yes girls it is and what I really would like to know girls is why you lied about studying for your history test!”
  24. 24. “ Oh you see grandma it is sort of funny!” Victoria began with a clam face, Juliet groaned knowing this explanation was going to be anything but reasonable, Victoria continued “We were you know studying history when we came across taverns which are basically like what we call clubs today, and I mean the first one in like Massachusetts or something, and you know people went there to talk about the latest gossip and politics or whatever, so we thought hey what not a better way to get the full tavern experience than by going to one, so we did and boy have we learned a lot like how people fight and gossip and you know all this other awesome historical stuff, I mean really grandma I think we will both ace the test!” Samantha cross her arms, “You really expect me to believe that garbage Victoria!” “ Uhh yeahh” Victoria mumbled, Juliet sighed beside her thinking how her life was now over.
  25. 25. Samantha frowned staring at her granddaughters, being a pleasure sim she knew better than anyone how important fun was, but her motherly instinct told her otherwise. She looked at both of them knowing that Victoria had probably dragged Juliet out because Juliet would of never done anything like this on her own. She lifted her hand to lecture some more, “Look girls, I understand the need for teenage fun, but I do not agree with doing so on a school night as well as lying about it!” “ Yeah William!” Victoria cheered beside Samantha completely ignoring her watching William break dance. Samantha glowered at her, “We are leaving now!”
  26. 26. “ Are you going to tell our parents about this?” Juliet asked while they all walked out of P.U.R.E. “ I'm not sure what other explanation I can give them.” Samantha answered walking slowly behind them. “ That you forced us to go to P.U.R.E against our will!” Victoria suggested. “ Seeming as you're mother knows you, I don't think she would buy that!” Samantha said giving a small smile. Victoria scowled annoyed, angry that she had gotten caught and angry about the punishment that soon would lay before her. Juliet also was angry, but for a different reason, she was angry at herself for going rather than listening to her gut feeling.
  27. 27. Sure enough the two girls found themselves grounded to their houses that weekend forced to spend their first weekend as teenagers stuck at home. Victoria was of coarse completely choleric about the whole situation wanting to sneak out any second, but of coarse her parents knew better having added a security system that made the front door beep every time it was opened. “ I can not believe this! Here we are stuck at our freaking houses on our first Friday night as teenagers!” Victoria snapped on the phone to Juliet, “The only reason I even have my phone is because I stole it from my parents hiding place of it!”
  28. 28. Juliet stood on the other side of the line in the upstairs hallway, her parents never told her that she wasn't aloud to use the phone so she assumed it was okay, and if it wasn't they were downstairs watching some children's movie with Rosaline. “ I mean honestly Victoria, we sort of deserved it, I mean we lied.” she said knowing that Victoria would surly disagree. “ Oh come on like our parents have never lied before!” Victoria snapped. “ Yeah but I mean, we could of waited till Friday to go downtown!”
  29. 29. “ There was no way I could of waited!” Victoria spat, “I have been waiting to go downtown since I was like 5!” Juliet let out a small laugh, “Right Victoria, because 5 year olds know all about the night life!” “ Whatever, look the thing is there is no freaking way I can stay in this house all weekend! I am already to my limit in annoyance with my parents and sister and it is only Friday!” Victoria whined , her parents had already made her baby sit Alexandra and do chores around the house which were two things Victoria extremely hated.
  30. 30. Juliet held a concerned expression on the other end, “Look Vic, just relax okay. I really don't want you to get into even more trouble making you unable to go out next weekend too! Just listen to some music and hey catch up on all the homework we have!” Victoria groaned, “Homework! Ugh, that would just add to the horrible misery I am in right now!” “ Just please try to stay home!” Juliet demanded trying to sound mean though that was sort of impossible for her. “ Mmmh I'll try” Victoria mumbled not sounding too convincing.
  31. 31. Of coarse Victoria didn't try hard enough because the next morning Juliet looked up from tickling Romeo in his nursery to see Victoria standing there in the doorway with a smug expression her face. “ Hey, hey are you the new nanny?” Victoria asked. “ No is it a crime to want to play with your siblings?” Juliet responded continuing to tickle Romeo who was giggling excessively and yelling for more. “ What are you doing here, I thought your promised to stay home, and really how did you get here, I thought your parents have a door alarm system?” Juliet asked.
  32. 32. “ I went through the garage door” Victoria said walking up to Juliet and Romeo, “of coarse they weren't smart enough to put an alarm there and like I said last night, I couldn't handle that place for another second and you guys left your front door unlocked!” Juliet sighed holding Romeo in her arms, “Down!” he demanded looking up at her. “ Can you say please?” Juliet asked him. “ Peese?” he repeated in his tiny little voice. “ Sure buddy!” Juliet placed him on the ground watching him head quickly over to the play table.
  33. 33. “ That is why I am never having kids, they are so freaking demanding!” Victoria cried looking over at Romeo for a second. Juliet, being a family sim, strongly disagreed but didn't feel like going into it, “Victoria you shouldn't be here, grandma is downstairs and my parents could be home anytime.” “ Relax will you? I just came to say hi and get out of my prison cell of a house for a little while! Come on Juliet you have to admit you had fun Thursday night okay?”
  34. 34. Juliet stood silently thinking of Alvin whom she hadn't thought much about since that night and a small smile came to her face, “Maybe a little bit” she admitted “ Ha knew it!” Victoria grinned, “Sorry about the whole adult thing though.” “ No it was fine, I met one teenager.” Juliet smiled again thinking of Alvin and how cute he was, why had she been so dumb to not get his information! “ Oh my gosh! Who?” Victoria cried out excitedly. “ His name was Alvin, but it is really not a big deal because I am never going to see him again.” Juliet answered wishing she could see him again.
  35. 35. Victoria grew anxious wanting to know more about this mysterious Alvin, “Oh come on you have to tell me more than that! Was he cute?” Juliet looked over at Romeo and Rosaline ,who had just came in, playing and drawing together , she didn't really want to keep talking about Alvin because Rosaline would then proceed to ask her a billion questions and then probably tell Aimee and Weldon about it and then it would just become this big deal when she isn't even going to see the guy again. “ Ignore the rugrats for a second, tell me about Alvin!” Victoria demanded.
  36. 36. “ Excuse me! I am not a rugrat!” Rosaline urged standing up to look up at Victoria with a stern expression, she hated how little she seemed to Juliet and Victoria ever since they had grown up. “ Anyone I have to look this far down to talk to is a rugrat.” Victoria responded. Rosaline placed her hands on her hips wanting to prove otherwise, “I can do everything you can!” she insisted. “ Sure you can Ros, we know.” Juliet interrupted before Victoria could respond. Suddenly the sound of the front door opening was heard along with the voices of Aimee and Weldon, “Mommy and daddy are home!” Rosaline cried running out of the room forgetting about the argument.
  37. 37. Juliet and Victoria headed into the hallway. “You have got to get out of here!” Juliet commanded uneasily. “ Not until you tell me more about Alvin!” Victoria exhorted not at all concerned about her aunt and uncle downstairs, the worst that could happen was that they would see and then they would probably be like oh whatever just go home, she often wished her parents could be cool like them. “ No! You need to leave, I'll tell you some other time!” Juliet did not want anymore trouble. “ Fine whatever, but you owe me a story!” “ Yeah sure, just leave please! Oh and go through the garage!”
  38. 38. Victoria made it home safely and the two girls managed to survive the rest of the weekend, Victoria of coarse in a displeased manner, but she managed. Juliet on the other hand was okay with staying home and being with the family she loved though she was still unhappy with herself for lying to them. Samantha smiled at her granddaughter Sunday afternoon watching her do her chores, she knew that Juliet was a very good kid and that lying was something that was not in her nature.
  39. 39. When Juliet returned from taking the trash out Samantha walked up to her with a smile, “Juliet I am very proud of you, the way you take care of your siblings and work hard is wonderful!” Juliet let out a small smile, “Thanks grandma, I am really sorry about what happened, I feel awful about the whole thing and will never do anything like that again!” “ I know sweetie, just make sure to always listen to your gut feeling okay?” Samantha told her knowing that she had been convinced by Victoria to go. “ I will grandma thanks” Juliet smiled hugging her grandmother feeling much better than she had all weekend.
  40. 40. The remaining of the winter season began to pass quickly in the Loving household. Romeo was growing bigger everyday learning more and more. The second the kid learned a nursery rhyme he began to sing it all over the house nonstop. His favorite person was Samantha who played with him everyday always putting a smile on his face. Samantha loved her only grandson who was sweet and full of energy. He loved to laugh and have fun, but when he wanted something, he made it very clear to everyone, his little voice could become very loud.
  41. 41. Rosaline was always growing up quickly her birthday coming closer and closer each day and she could not wait to be a teenager like Juliet. In fact she spent most of her time following Juliet around the house asking what she was doing. Juliet did not mind too much though and was happy to include her in her activities. She loved Rosaline and wanted to the best big sister that she could for her.
  42. 42. Though sometimes having Rosaline follow her around all the time could get a little bit annoying especially when she was doing something important. “Hey Jules what are you doing?” Rosaline asked her one evening on a school night. “ I'm doing homework, I have a ton of it!” Juliet answered focusing strongly on writing her essay for english. “ Oh,” Rosaline mumbled disappointed she had finished her homework hours ago, “well can we play afterwards?” “ I don't think so Ros, it will be your bedtime by then okay.” “ Oh, well okay then” Rosaline said sadly walking away, she had really wanted to play with Juliet before she went to bed.
  43. 43. Juliet made sure she spent plenty of time with Rosaline though, reading her a story before she went to bed every single night. It was Rosaline's favorite part of the day. “ And they lived happily ever after” Juliet finished shutting the book with a smile. “ Do stories always end happily ever after?” Rosaline asked looking up at Juliet with wide eyes, every story and movie she had ever heard or seen had ended happy. “ No Ros not all stories do, but many do.” Juliet answered with a small smile. “ Oh why can't all of them?” Rosaline asked. Juliet looked down at Rosaline's childish face as she held big eyes, “Because life would be boring that way.” she answered, “Now you should go to bed.” She continued not wanting to talk about this further.
  44. 44. In contrast, Victoria and Alexandra held a very different sibling relationship compared to their cousins which was not as pleasant. The same night, Alexandra also wanted a bedtime story, but both of her parents were busy with work and had told her to ask Victoria. She entered Victoria's pink room, which Victoria hated, to see her playing a video game. She knew that Victoria would probably not be very kind, but she hoped this once that she would maybe do something nice for her, she had never gone to bed without hearing a story first. “ Hey Victoria?” she asked looking up at her sister in her colored pajama pants.
  45. 45. “ What!” Victoria snapped annoyed intensely focusing on her video game which she was so close to winning, but couldn't seem to be able to slay the final dragon. “ Can you read me a bed time story?” Alexandra asked quietly walking up to Victoria. “ Can't you see I'm busy!” Victoria answered harshly, she was so close and had no time to deal with her annoying little sister. Alexandra was not going to give up. “Please!” “ No! Ask mom and and dad!” Victoria retorted.
  46. 46. “ They can't they are busy, so please, it will only take a few minutes I promise!” Alexandra told her sister. Annoyed Victoria put down her game which she was sucking at due to distraction and looked down at her sister in her childish green pajamas, “Do you really think I want to read you a dumb story?!” she asked sharply. “ No, but I would like if you did because I really want one!” Alexandra said softly looking up at sister. “ Well to bad because I am not going to read you a stupid story Alexandra!” Victoria snapped.
  47. 47. “ Please Victoria” Alexandra asked one last time ignoring her sisters mean attitude toward her, she had grown used to it. “ NO!” Victoria yelled having reached her limit, “Now get out of my room you little brat, and don't ever come in here again without knocking first!” Sadly Alexandra walked out, she wondered why she couldn't have a sister like Juliet who might actually be nice to her. Alexandra knew that she was different from most people, and she was fine with that, but sometimes her sisters harsh words could hit her hard and hurt her. “ Move!” Victoria yelled again as Alexandra reached the door, she found her sister to be the most annoying person on the planet and hated any sort of interaction that she had with her.
  48. 48. Little did Victoria know, Charity had heard the whole thing. Charity who had decided to go read Alexandra a bed story herself heard that she had ended up asking Victoria. She knew that Victoria was not always the kindest to her sister and tolerated some of the bickering, but she had never known it to be that bad and it greatly disturbed her. Charity's biggest fear was that the two girls would end up hating each other never being able to patch up their differences. She knew better than most people what it was like to want to destroy your sister, but she also knew how important having your sister there for you is. She was also strongly perturbed by Victoria's attitude and was not going to tolerate her own daughter acting like that, but she wasn't sure what to do.
  49. 49. So she decided to ask her own mother for help, and one night while Samantha was over playing chess with her was a good time to do so, “Mom, I'm having a problem” Charity said holding up a chess piece thinking of where to move. “ What is it?” Samantha asked concerned. “ It's about Victoria” Charity answered, “Victoria and Alexandra really.” Samantha was silent waiting for her to go on, she knew Victoria was quite a troublesome teenager, in fact she reminded her much of herself at that age which was rather scary.
  50. 50. “ It's the way she treats Alexandra, it's horrible. A few days ago Alexandra asked her to read a bedtime story and Victoria was so nasty with her about it. I fear of them hating and never being able to be there for each other also Victoria's attitude is unacceptable.” Charity told Samantha putting her piece down on the table. Samantha sighed thinking about Victoria, “Victoria is quite the little spit mouth isn't she? But honestly what you need to do is have a talk with her and tell her that her attitude will not be tolerated. I mean make it personal rather than just a lecture, I know you and Aimee had your problems in college.” “ Oh did we ever” Charity mumbled thinking back. “ Well see use that as an example, I'm sure she can be reached somehow.” Samantha said.
  51. 51. “ Yeah thats a good idea I'll talk to her, I just feel like I raised her better than to be that mean you know?” Charity sighed staring at the chess table not knowing what to do. Samantha looked up at Charity's worried expression “Charity kids learn things everywhere and you can't blame yourself for something you can't control directly.” “ I guess” Charity mumbled she was still unsure thinking of all the things she could of done differently when Victoria was a kid. “ She's a good kid Charity, she just needs some guidance ” Samantha told her, this was true. “ Yeah, I suppose so” Charity answered quietly, though the whole ordeal still bothered her.
  52. 52. Later that night Charity headed into Victoria's room to have a talk with her. When she walked in she saw Victoria standing by the window playing music. “What are you looking at?” she asked her. Victoria jumped a little bit hearing her mothers voice, “Nothing and you didn't knock!” she cried. “ It's my house, I can enter any room I want to.” Charity answered. Victoria didn't respond annoyed by her mother. “ We need to talk” Charity said suddenly. Victoria grunted not turning around, “Now!” Charity added more harshly.
  53. 53. Displeased Victoria sat down on the sofa next to her mother, she had no idea what this was about, but she wanted it to be over as soon as possible. Beside her Charity sat silently thinking of how to start this conversation. “ So are you just going to waste my time?” Victoria asked after the silence. “ No Victoria, we need to have a series discussion.” Charity said sternly. Victoria frowned, “Mom I snuck out forever ago, we don't need to talk about this anymore!” “ No it's not about that!” Charity said.
  54. 54. “ I'm just going to be very direct about this Victoria, I over heard you the other night yelling to your sister and I am not going to tolerate that type of behavior toward your sister. Being mean is one thing, but Alexandra is only a child and you being her older sister whom she looks up to should not be treating her like that!” Charity told her strictly. Victoria placed her hands on her knees, “She wanted me to read her a stupid bedtime story and I had a ton of homework!” Victoria lied. “ Victoria please, it only takes about 5 minutes to read her a story and even if you really didn't have time there was no need for you to of been so mean about it.” Charity insisted.
  55. 55. Victoria grew angry she hated being told what to do regardless of who was telling her, “Mom seriously do you understand how freaking annoying Alexandra is like seriously she makes me want to kill something!” Charity sighed, “Victoria London I understand that you don't necessarily have to adore your sister, but you will respect her and be as kind as you can which I know is not what you were doing the other night!” Charity lectured. “ Mom you don't understand how much Alexandra annoys me okay!” Victoria snapped, respect her sister? How can you respect someone who pretends they are unicorn trying to save the world from an evil griffon?
  56. 56. “ Look Victoria, I know what it is like to not be able to stand your sister. In college Aimee told your father that I never wanted to see him again which was a lie and then I got back at her by telling one of her two boyfriends at the time that she was cheating on them! And for the longest time, I wanted to pretty much kill Aimee, but Victoria we are sisters so we realized that we needed to be there for each other and respect each others decisions in life which is what we learned to do!” Charity told her. Victoria pondered the story, “Aunt Aimee had two boyfriends?” she asked. Charity let out a huge sigh, “Victoria, that really wasn't the point of the whole story!”
  57. 57. “ Okay” Victoria mumbled with a blank expression. Charity stared at Victoria wondering why she always had to be so difficult, “Victoria I'm serious you need to start being nicer to Alexandra because though it may not seem like it right now eventually she's going to become very important to you.” “ I really don't see that happening” Victoria answered softly. “ It will and also Victoria as of right now if you aren't nicer to her expect to punished.” Charity added with a cold expression. Victoria rolled her eyes, “Whatever.”
  58. 58. Charity stood up a little bit frustrated, the talk had not gone the way she had envisioned in her mind. She wasn't sure if she had gotten through to Victoria. She may have and Victoria was just acting like she hadn't to prove a point or she may of not at all and Victoria was just never going to understand the importance of having a sister. Victoria on the other hand wasn't sure what to think about the whole talk. She was probably going to be nicer to her sister due to the fact that she could not risk getting grounded again, but she could never see her self actually liking her sister or depending on her, that whole concept seemed too far to grasp.
  59. 59. On a simpler note, over at the Loving household one tiny little boy was making a very large amount of noise that was heard all over the house. “ WANT BOTTLE” he screamed flaring his arms in the air and kicking his feet against the chair. “ I'm working on it!” Juliet answered. Juliet had placed him in the chair and could not seem to find his bottle anywhere. She was really tired and was in no mood for his fussing.
  60. 60. Luckily Weldon came to the rescue coming in the kitchen with the green bottle that had been left upstairs. He placed on Romeo's high chair who looked up at him calm now that he had finally gotten what he wanted. “ Oh thank boolprop, you found that thing! I'm going to bed now!” Juliet cried behind him quickly leaving the kitchen to head upstairs exhausted. Weldon shook his head looking down at his son who quickly gulped down the bottle, “You sure are a demanding little one” he said.
  61. 61. “ I wonder where he gets that from” Aimee said entering the kitchen with a smile. “ BED BED” Romeo now screamed as he was done with his bottle and was now sleepy. Weldon looked down at him and sighed picking him up to place him on the ground. “ He defiantly gets that from you!” Weldon grinned looking up at Aimee. Aimee playfully punched Weldon in the arm with a laugh, “I don't think so mister.”
  62. 62. Weldon laughed back placing his hands on her hips quickly looking back at Romeo who slept on his mat, “Thank boolprop he is the last one!” “ And that his birthday tomorrow!” Aimee added, “Can you believe it? We actually managed to survive three toddlers!” “ We are quite amazing aren't we?” Weldon grinned getting closer to Aimee. “ Quite” Aimee smiled back wrapping her arms around him and giving him a big kiss, she was rather amazed that she and Weldon had actually managed seeming as neither of them were exactly the parently type.
  63. 63. Sure enough on a bright spring day, Juliet brought the youngest of generation 3 to his birthday cake to grow up. Romeo smiled in Juliet's arm not sure what was going on, all he knew was that he was going to get cake and that people were cheering for him so it was bound to be a good thing.
  64. 64. After blowing out the candles with Juliet, Romeo was placed on the ground and grew up into a charming young boy who again grew up in winter clothes except this time it was spring so they weren't as appropriate. Romeo inspected himself carefully amazed at the transformation. He soon realized how cool everything was now because he could do and get stuff without needing the help of an adult. He beamed staring at his family who all were very proud.
  65. 65. After changing into more appropriate clothing, Romeo headed back downstairs to convene with his family. He first ran into Rosaline who he was now exactly eye level with. “ Well this is weird” he told her looking directly into his face. “ Yeah I remember that, though tomorrow you are going to have to look up at me because it is my birthday.” Rosaline smiled because she had been waiting for her birthday for a long time. “ What? I am only going to be the only kid!” Romeo cried thinking about it worriedly. “ Don't worry it is not so bad and Alexandra will still be a kid though not for long.” Rosaline told him.
  66. 66. Romeo then made his way over to the teenagers who seemed to be in deep conversation that he didn't understand. “ So you met him after falling on your ass?” Victoria asked Juliet who was telling her about Alvin, the guy she met at the club. Juliet held a dreamy smile, “Yeah and he was so sweet about it though I was so embarrassed” “ What are you guys talking about?” Romeo asked looking up curiously.
  67. 67. Victoria looking down at Romeo inspecting him, he was the first and only boy of the family so it was rather new, but regardless she was not one who was fond of kids in any manner, “Look kid word of advice don't be all nosy and annoying, it's unattractive.” Romeo wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about, but he liked Victoria so he decided to agree, “Okay, I can manage that.” Victoria gave him a smug grin, “Good if you manage that, I may be able to tolerate you.” Romeo smiled in response.
  68. 68. Though he had told Victoria he was not going be nosy, he was still very young and unknowing about many things that he was curious about and being a child he asked these questions in a very up front manner. “ Hey grandma why do you have wrinkles?” he asked Samantha bluntly looking up at her face. Samantha smiled not minding the question at all, “Because I'm old Romeo” she answered. “ What does that mean?” he asked her curiously. “ It means I have less time to live.” she told him. Romeo stared up at her disturbed by this answer seeming as his grandmother was his favorite person.
  69. 69. In fact after the party, Samantha headed up to her room and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had not grown up platinum and by the looks of her clock, her time to go was very soon. She looked at herself seeing the deep wrinkles in her face, she wasn't exactly ready to go seeming as Romeo was still a kid and that Rosaline and Alexandra both had birthdays soon, but it was something she knew she could not control. Regardless, she had a very good life raising two beautiful children who then brought her five wonderful grandchildren. She knew also that she would soon be able to reunite with Sinjin, her one true love. Jace, her current boyfriend, had made a great replacement, but truly nothing could ever replace the strong and real love that she had had for Sinjin.
  70. 70. After the children were asleep, she invited Jace over to say her goodbye. She would say goodbye to her family tomorrow, but she decided to say goodbye to Jace in a separate manner. She had not seen Jace in awhile, he had called but she always liked to keep him separate from the family which bothered him. It wasn't that she thought Jace wasn't good enough to meet all of her family, it was just she thought it would be better to keep him separate because he wasn't related to any of them, and he had originally just been a fling to get her lifetime want. “ Hello Samantha” Jace said a little coldly as he entered the kitchen to see Samantha drinking a cup of coffee. She had not let him in so it crept her out a bit that he was there, but he was here for her to say goodbye so it was fine.
  71. 71. “ Jace” she smiled at him placing her cup on the counter, “There is something I really need to talk to you about. Jace, this is hard to say, but this is probably going to be the last time we will ever see each other. My time has come and tomorrow will be my last.” Jace didn't say anything in response just staring at Samantha, suddenly he grew angry, the first time that she had invited him over in months was to tell him that she would never see him again.
  72. 72. “ Samantha I have barley seen you in months and now that I finally do it is to say goodbye” he snapped angrily crossing his arms and glaring and Samantha. Samantha was a bit taken back not expecting a reaction like that at all, “Jace you know I have been busy with family things and I'm sorry, but my family is the most important thing.” This response made Jace madder, “Why can't I ever meet your family huh? Why do you always have to keep me separate Samantha!” he yelled.
  73. 73. Samantha sighed, “Look Jace I'm sorry, but it just makes things a lot easier okay. I mean they aren't your family anyway so I never saw the problem.” Jace fumed, “The problem Samantha is that we are in a relationship and here you are keeping half of your life away from me!” “ Jace I'm sorry but it is too late now, so can we please just say goodbye in peace!” Smantha pleaded. “ NO! It is not too late! Go introduce me to your family!” he yelled. “ No, Jace I am not doing that, not ever!” Samantha snapped, she was now angry at how unreasonable he was being when she trying to say goodbye.
  74. 74. “ Dammit Samantha” he yelled grabbing her shoulders aggressively catching Samantha completely off guard, “I love you don't you see that!”
  75. 75. Before Samantha could pull him off, he forcefully wrapped his arms around her kissing her face aggressively causing Samantha helpless only being able to flair her hands around in the air. She had never seen Jace like this before in her life and it very perturbing.
  76. 76. “ NO get off me!” she yelled finally being able to push him off, “The truth Jace was that I used you for my lifetime want, I admit I grew stronger feelings for you, but never enough for you to become a part of my family!” Jace stood angrily across from her, “What the hell Samantha?” he yelled, “You basically just wasted the past couple years of my life!” “ Jace, I'm sorry but please just get the hell out of my house.” Smantha cried wanting this discussion to over.
  77. 77. “ Whatever Samantha, you know I'm glad your time is up so you won't be here to ruin the lives of more men.” he yelled walking out. “ Just leave” Samantha snapped flaring her arms in the air, that had been the worst conversation of her life.
  78. 78. Once he left, Samantha headed outside to Sinjin's grave, a place she had not been in awhile. Tears were streaming down her face thinking about what had just happened. Am I a bad person? She wondered looking down at the grave. Using Jace was probably wrong, but he was also a creeper. She stared at the grave thinking about Sinjin and how different her life would have been if he hadn't died, everything would have been so much easier, her life would have been so much simpler “ I will be with you soon” she whispered to the grave a tear running down her cheek, if anything she was ready to see Sinjin again because she had never ever been able to fully recover from his death.
  79. 79. The next day was Rosaline's birthday, a day she had been looking forward to ever since Juliet had become a teenager. She couldn't wait to finally be at her level again and do all the awesome stuff she could. That morning she played marcy mack with Romeo who was soon to be the only kid in the Loving household. “ Who am I going to play with when you grow up?” Romeo asked her as they happily clapped each others hands. Rosaline looked at her brother and smiled, “There are plenty of kids at school Romeo and you can still play with me when I'm bigger.” “ Okay” Romeo answered, he considered that maybe he would get more attention being the only kid anyway which was a good thing.
  80. 80. Though it was Rosaline's birthday, it was also Samantha's last day and she began to go around to everyone to say her goodbyes. She first went up to Aimee giving her a big hug, “Aimee you are a great heiress and I know the legacy will be just fine after I leave.” Aimee suddenly felt a strong urge of sadness flowing through her, she wasn't ready for her mother to go, the thought of being legacy heir without her mother's help sort of freaked her out a bit, “Mom I'm not ready for you to go!” “ I know sweetie, but you are strong Aimee and I know you will be able to handle it” Samantha told her giving her a sad smile.
  81. 81. Samantha then said goodbye to her other daughter Charity who she was equally as proud of, “Charity you are a great daughter, mother, and wife and I am going to miss you dearly.” Charity began to tear up hugging her mom, “I can't believe this is actually happening” she said sadly. “ It was bound to happen sometime and I know you are going to be fine” Samantha told her holding her tightly.
  82. 82. Samantha then made her way upstairs to find Weldon and smiled a bit as she said goodbye to her crazy son in law. “Weldon you have come a long way from being the cow mascot and I am very proud of the wonderful father that I now see today.” “ Oh gosh I feel sort of sappy now” Weldon cried. Samantha laughed, “I'm gonna miss you Weldon.” “ I'm gonna miss you too Samantha” he hugged her gently holding a small smile.
  83. 83. While Samantha said her goodbyes, Rosaline spent her last day as a child doing what she did on most of her other days as a child, following Juliet around. She found Juliet playing with the sound machine in the living room and looked up at her sister curiously, “What are you doing?” she asked. “ Just goofing around with the sound machine” Juliet answered pressing random keys. “ Thats cool, can I play too?” Rosaline asked.
  84. 84. Juliet stopped playing and walked over to Rosaline, she smiled at her little sister, “Hey Ros, why do you always want to do what I'm doing?” she asked her. Rosaline thought about the question a little, having never thought about it much before, she had always just wanted to be just like Juliet and do everything she was doing because Juliet was the coolest person she knew, “Because I want to be like you” Rosaline answered grinning at her sister.
  85. 85. Juliet smiled looking down at her little sister who was looking up at her with her big green eyes, “Ros I'm flattered that you want to be like me, but you are going to be a teenager soon and you're going to need to find out what you like to do and who you want to be.” Rosaline thought about that for a second realizing she wasn't sure what she really liked, “But Jules I don't even know any of that yet.” “ That's fine Rosaline” Juliet smiled, “but you should find out by doing your own thing rather than following me.”
  86. 86. “ That makes sense” Rosaline said thinking about, she loved Juliet but she realized she should try to be her own person too. “ Good you're gonna do great today Ros” Juliet told her with a big grin, she was excited for her sister to become a teenager, it was going to be nice to have someone her age in the house. Rosaline smiled, “Thanks Jules, I love you.” “ I love you too Ros” Juliet leaned down and kissed her sister on the cheek.
  87. 87. In the end, Rosaline did find something that she liked before her party. She found that she was greatly fascinated by the ant farm that was in the garage. She spent about an hour watching the little ants run around and made faces at them having a blast. She was ready to grow up now feeling much better that she found something she was semi interested in.
  88. 88. The party began and Samantha realized that she wasn't going to make it to the end which greatly saddened her seeming as she didn't want to ruin it with her death. She made her way around to her grandchildren to say her final goodbyes. “ Juliet you're a great kid and I'm going to really miss you.” Samantha told her oldest grandchild. Juliet gave a sad smile, “Grandma I'm going to miss you so much.” she began to tear up. “ Met too sweetie, me too”
  89. 89. Samantha then made her way over to her rebellious granddaughter Victoria, “Victoria, you remind me so much of me when I was your age, which is scary so please try not to get yourself into too much trouble.” Victoria laughed, “I'll try grandma, but I don't make promises.” she paused growing serious, “I'll miss you.” “ I will too” Samantha hugged Victoria tightly.
  90. 90. “ Alexandra” Samantha said to the crazy little girl who she had found in the garage by herself, “stay true to yourself kid and don't let anyone bring you down.” “ I will grandma” Alexandra said smiling. “ Good now I know when your birthday comes you are going to be a beautiful teenager and I am very sorry that I'm not going to get to be there.” Samantha told her. Alexandra though being young understood what was going on, “That's okay grandma I know you will still be there is some way.” Samantha let out a huge smile, “I am so going to miss you” she said giving Alexandra a big hug.
  91. 91. Next up Samantha went to her youngest grandchild and only grandson to say her goodbyes, “Romeo I love you so much and am so sorry that I am not going to be here to see you grow up further, but I know you are going to be a great kid.” “ Grandma where are you going?” Romeo asked confused, he had no idea what was going on. Samantha sighed, “I'm going to be going to another place Romeo and won't be able to come back, but I will always be here for you in spirit” she told him. “ What grandma no! I don't want you to leave!” Romeo whined tears beginning to well up in his eyes. “ I don't either buddy, but you are going to be okay” she hugged him feeling her hear break as he cried on her shoulder.
  92. 92. Last she went up to the birthday girl to say her final goodbye, “Rosaline, I know you are going to grow up beautiful and please try to have a good time even though I am not going to be there.” Rosaline looked up at her grandmother sadly, “I wish you could be there” she said. “ Me too sweetie, but it is going to be okay regardless.” Samantha told her. “ I love you grandma” Rosaline said trying to give a smile of some kind. “ I love you too so much” Samantha leaned down to kiss her lightly.
  93. 93. Sure enough after her final goodbye the clock stoke 6, and the grim reaper arrived containing a fruity drink at hand. “You're time has come Samantha Loving” his voice boomed. Samantha stared at him smiling, she was going to miss everyone so much, but she was ready now and her time had come. Aimee began to cry watching the event, Charity was also crying in the living room watching through the door. Weldon watched angrily wondering why this had to happen so soon. Rosaline watched crying softly seeing the sight of her grandmother fade in nothing.
  94. 94. Her platinum grave was placed in the Loving's backyard beside Sinjin's. Samantha Loving was going to be strongly missed by all of her family and friends. She was always going to be remembered as the fiery redhead that began the Loving legacy line. She was now with the one she loved though and would always be watching over her family.
  95. 95. Despite the sad event, a happier one was to follow as Rosaline stepped up to her birthday cake. She looked up at her mother who was trying her hardest to cheer as happily as she could, but Rosaline could see the sadness in her eyes. She stared at her cake, Samantha had told her to have a good birthday regardless and that was what Rosaline was going to try and do. She inhaled deeply letting out a huge breath.
  96. 96. She grew up into a stunning teenager looking much like her older sister Juliet minus her blonde hair. She ditched her childish headband for a much more mature look where she let her bangs fall on her face and changed into a cute knit black and pink dress. She rolled knowledge as her aspiration which suited her well as she had always been a curious child wanting to learn new things. Following in her grandmother's footsteps, her lifetime want was to reach the top of the entertainment career. She stood emotionless not knowing how to feel. She was happy to finally be a teenager, but with her grandmother's death just having happened, she felt sad not knowing what to think about anything.
  97. 97. Everyone began to take Samantha's death in different ways, Charity was hit very hard by it finding herself crying often into loud bursting sobs. She had loved her mother dearly and felt almost lost without her there. Luckily she had Randy there to comfort her through this hard time.
  98. 98. Aimee was also hit hard by her mother's death, also finding that she would randomly burst out in sobs. She cried often when no one was around, now feeling the weight of the legacy completely on her shoulders. If anything she was happy that Samantha could be with her father, but the death was still extremely difficult to deal with and caused her great pain.
  99. 99. Juliet also missed her grandmother a lot finding it hard for her to focus on anything especially school work. She tried to stay strong for Rosaline and Romeo, but she found herself sometimes wanting to just crawl into a hole and cry. She hated that her grandmother had to die and wanted her back more than anything, but she tried her hardest to accept it and move on with her life.
  100. 100. Even Weldon was affected by Samantha's death. He often found himself lying on her bed thinking about how she was the one that made him realize how to be a good husband and father. Without her he would of never learned the joys of being a father. He sighed looking around her room, he was going to try and be strong for her.
  101. 101. Victoria on the hand, dwelt with her grandmother's death in a different way compared to the rest of her family by doing what she and Samantha loved to do best, go on dates. “ Look just give me a guy who will make for a good date, I really don't care who they are!” Victoria told the matchmaker. “ That I can do” the matchmaker lit up her ball looking for a blind date for Victoria.
  102. 102. She came out with some guy named Ricky who sort of seemed like a loser, but Victoria didn't care because all she wanted was a quick dream date and a chance to forget about her grandmother for awhile. “ Hi I'm Ricky” he said. “ Yeah whatever don't care just kiss me and give me a dream date” Victoria cried wrapping her arms around him leaning in a kiss. “ Mmmphh!” Rickly mummbled under her not exactly minding to much that he was just being used.
  103. 103. Alexandra coped in a more quite manner by spending many hours playing with her toys by herself. Her birthday was soon, but she was really in no hurry for it. She enjoyed being a kid and wished that she could be one longer, she knew teenage hood meant more complications and stress that she had no desire to deal with. She played with her horse toy pretending it was a unicorn.
  104. 104. Randy walked in on Alexandra playing and told her that he need to talk to her. She looked up staring at her father curiously. “ Sweetie you're birthday is soon” he began, “and you're mother under the circumstances did not want to throw a party and we were wondering if you were okay with that. We will still have a cake and me, mommy, and Victoria will be there, but she didn't want anything more with that.” “ That's fine daddy I understand, I didn't really want a party anyway” Alexandra said.
  105. 105. Randy smiled at her, “We are going to have fun regardless okay?” he leaned down for a hug. “ I know daddy” Alexandra answered wrapping her arms around him. “ I love you kid” Randy told her. “ I love you too daddy” Alexandra smiled.
  106. 106. Soon enough her birthday arrived on a rainy day which didn't both Alexandra, she liked the rain. Her family cheered around her, even Victoria cheered loudly. She stood with her hands on her hips next to her birthday cake. What was she going to wish for? She wasn't exactly sure, but she she wished to keep her childlike spirt despite growing older.
  107. 107. Alexandra grew up looking almost identical to her sister though she had darker and longer hair. She quickly changed into a colorful outfit that fit her liking much better than the boring one she had grown up in. She rolled popularity which was an interesting fit for her seeming as she liked to be alone, but she also did like people. Following after her mother's footsteps she rolled the lifetime want to be top of the oceanography career. “ Are you really wearing purple zebra print pants?” Victoria asked in disgust, why did her sister have to be so weird again? Alexandra stood calmly, “Yep, I like them” “ Whatever weirdo” Victoria mumbled walking by her.
  108. 108. Romeo was now the only child left of generation 3, but he was more concerned with Samantha's death than Alexandra's birthday. Being the youngest, he took Samantha's death the hardest not being able to understand why she had to go in the first place. He often went out to Samantha's grave which Aimee had told him was where she was now, but he didn't understand. He glared at the grave in anger, “Why did you have to go?” he asked aloud, “This stupid thing cannot be you!” he cried lifting his foot in anger and lightly kicking the grave. It didn't make him feel any better though and he continued to pout.
  109. 109. “ You know I don't think grandma would appreciate you doing that” Rosaline said coming up behind Romeo, she had noticed him acting weird and had followed him outside, she couldn't imagine having to deal with this so young. Romeo scowled, “I don't care grandma left us so why does it matter?”
  110. 110. “ You know that it wasn't her choice Romeo” Rosaline said looking at her angry little brother. Romeo turned around and stared at his sister, “Then whose choice was it?” he asked her, “Because I really don't like that person!”
  111. 111. Rosaline walked up to Romeo and looked down at her little brother. She found it weird being the older one, the one who was supposed to have answers. Normally she was the one whining and lost and Juliet would be the one who was there for her to tell her the right thing and make realize what was the right thing to do. Now she was the one in that position and it sort of freaked her out, but she was going to try and be the best big sister she could. “ It was life's choice Romeo, everyone has to go sometime and it was grandmas, one day it will be mine and one day it will be your turn too.” she told him.
  112. 112. “ That seems stupid, why can't we all be here forever and live happily ever after?” Romeo asked looking up at Rosaline with wide blue eyes. Rosaline looked down at him thinking of all the stories that she used to read as a kid, she remember asking Juliet the same question who had told her that life would be boring if we all lived happily ever after. “Romeo life wouldn't be good if we all lived forever, I know that doesn't make much sense right now, but it's true.” Romeo sighed and looked at the ground, “I just don't understand I mean we never even got to met grandpa and now grandma is gone too” he mumbled looking over at the other grave.
  113. 113. “ I know Romeo it is a hard concept, but you still have me, Juliet, mom, dad, our cousins, Aunt Charity and Uncle Randy and none of us are going anywhere for a long time Romeo.” Rosaline told him trying to be as comforting as possible. “ I guess that makes things a little bit better, but I just really miss grandma.” Romeo said sadly. “ We all do buddy” Rosaline sighed.
  114. 114. Rosaline leaned down and hugged her brother who wrapped his arms around her neck tightly, she knew this was hard for him to understand, but she hoped that she had made him feel better.
  115. 115. “ Even though we can't see grandma anymore she is still with us in some form watching everything we do and missing us as much as we miss her here. She's in the place she is supposed to be now, in fact she's probably with grandpa. I know we all miss her, but we will always remember her for who she was which was a great grandmother, mother, and wife at one time. Samantha Loving will always be remembered.”
  116. 116. And this is where this chapter will be ending on a somewhat sad note though I will leave you with a happy picture of Victoria dancing at the club, the girl loves to party. I really wanted to include this picture, but did not find a place for it. I was very sad to see Samantha go, but it was her time and now the next generation can begin to take over. Feedback of any kind is much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter I will focus more on Rosaline, Alexandra, and Romeo seeming as this chapter was rather Juliet and Victoria heavy. Thanks for reading!