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Content Registration - Crossref LIVE South Africa

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Chuck Koscher discusses registering your content at Crossref, including different content types and new tools to help. Presented at Crossref LIVE local events in Pretoria and Cape Town, 17th and 19th April 2018.

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Content Registration - Crossref LIVE South Africa

  1. 1. Journals Books Book chapters Conference proceedings Datasets Dissertations Reports Standards Posted content (preprints) Peer reviews … and other stuff What can I register?
  2. 2. Content type differences primarily driven by the way publications are identified journal must have an ISSN or a publication DOI or both journal volume is just a number journal issue is just a number book volume must have a title and an ISBN and typically a DOI book volumes may be part of a series series must have an ISSN (sometimes a DOI)
  3. 3. metadata everything, including… author names, ORCIDs, affiliations, article titles, ISSN, ISBN, pages, issue #, volume #s, dates, identifiers
  4. 4. more metadata such as … reference lists, funding data, ORCIDs, license data, clinical trial numbers, errata, retractions, updates and more through our Crossmark service, JATS-formatted abstracts, relationships between items…
  5. 5. Important to maintain your registered content • Important to know how to work with the content you register with Crossref • So that readers can always find, and use the content you publish
  6. 6. User clicks on a DOI in the reference list in Journal A Crossref returns URL where that content is located User accesses cited article in Journal B
  7. 7. Members also register other bibliographic material to uniquely identify their content - this metadata is as important as the DOI itself
  8. 8. Important to deposit good quality metadata https://search.crossref.org/
  9. 9. Ways to deposit metadata • OJS Crossref plugin • doi.crossref.org (the admin) • The old web deposit form • The new metadata manager • Programmatically (use an API)
  10. 10. Metadata Manager
  11. 11. Presenter Name Presenter Title @twittername
  12. 12. curl -F 'operation=doMDUpload' -F 'login_id=USER -F 'login_passwd=PWD' -F 'fname=@FILE' https://doi.crossref.org/servlet/deposit
  13. 13. curl -v -F 'operation=doMDUpload' -F 'usr=USER' -F 'pwd=PWD' -F 'mdFile=@FILE' https://api.crossref.org/v2/deposits
  14. 14. Tools to help: Participation Reports (coming soon)
  15. 15. Benefits for Members Benefits for the Public • Easily find out what metadata they register • See what metadata members register • See what their competition is doing • See their progress over time • See how they can improve and be the best that they can be • Understand the quality of members' metadata and find out what needs to be improved • Generally leave being in the dark behind • See what their competition is doing
  16. 16. Sharing metadata - benefits • Greater discovery of your content • Inclusion in discovery services • Only your metadata is shared – not your full text!
  17. 17. Thank you