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  1. 1. A fit heart can contribute to a long, healthy life for you and the ones you love. Join experts at theEdward Cardiovascular Institute to learnhow to keep heart beating strong.DIABETES: THELATEST NEWSTuesday, March 20, 2012Katherine Dwyer, M.D.One of thebestwaystomanageany medicalconditionistokeepabreast of theverylatestinformation.Joinendocrinologist Katherine Dwyer, M.D., foran up-to-the-minute discussion of thelatest diabetes clinicaltrials,revisedtreatmentguidelines, and new medicalrecommendations.NEW ADVANCES IN CARDIAC SURGERYTuesday, March 27, 2012Christine Johnson, M.D.Advances in minimallyinvasivesurgicalprocedures arehelpingpatientsget back to active, healthylives morequickly—and more safely—thanever. Today,cardiacsurgicalprocedures are markedbyshorter hospitalstays and recovery times, and lowercosts. Learn moreabouttheseadvances as Christine Johnson, M.D., leadsaninformativediscussion.
  2. 2. EXERCISE—ISITTHEFOUNTAIN OF YOUTH?Tuesday, April 3, 2012Joan Perkins, M.D.Everyoneknowsthatexerciseisgoodforyourheart. Now,learnfrom a cardiologistexactlywhyitisgoodforyou andwhatexercisesprovidethegreatestbenefits.Learnthespecificsbehindthe “Just Do It” philosophyfrom Dr.Joan Perkins.SETTING UP A HEART-HEALTHYKITCHENTuesday, April 17, 2012KaitlinAnzalone, RegisteredDietitianA greatstarttobeginning a heart-healthydietisdoing a heart-check of yourkitchen. Joinusforpracticaltips andsuggestionsforsetting up yourkitchen.DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASETuesday, May 8, 2012WilmaSchaenfeld, M.D.Duringthissession, wewilldiscusstheclinicalfeatures ofheartdisease in thediabetic, as well as whatyou can do toreduce thelikelihood of futureproblems.Alllectures: 7 to 8:30 p.m. Edward Cardiovascular Institute 120 Spalding Drive Naperville, Illinois 60540ThetalkisFREE, butbecausespaceislimited,pleaseregisterbycalling (630) 555-4941.