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Live Demo: Accelerating API Automation with Integration Service

  1. Integration Service: Accelerating API Automation
  2. Meet today’s team: Vibhor Shrivastava Global Community Advocacy Sr. Manager @UiPath Charlie Greenberg Product Marketing Manager @UiPath
  3. 3 Mark Geene Gunter De Souter General Manager, Integrations Meet today’s speakers: Sr. Director Product Management
  4. 4 • Introducing Integration Service • Building powerful API automaton (prebuilt connectors, activities, event triggers) • Deploying API application integration patterns • Supporting multiple users across your enterprise (IT,COE, RPA and citizen developers) • Bringing your own connector: Introducing Connector Builder Live Demo: • Integration Service overview • How to quickly build your own connector Roadmap at-a-glance Q&A Agenda: Accelerating API Automation
  5. 5 2,400+ Clients 5,000+ Connections ~1 Year Since Launch Rapidly growing catalog of richly pre-built connectors
  6. 6 UiPath offers a flexible and unified automation seamlessly combines UI+API APIs User Interfaces To maximize automation benefits UiPath Robots seamlessly work with User Interfaces (UI) and APIs Essential ingredient for automation of a business process – from the simplest to the most complex Captures the full scope of automation potential – including long-tail employee work Important for highest scale data extraction, transfers, or updates Complements existing enterprise IT strategy
  7. 7 API Integration Patterns in Automation reach beyond iPaaS Supports any combination across API integration patterns Seamless, bi-directional and event-driven capabilities Goes well beyond traditional iPaaS, API-to-API integration Application/API to Application/API Document to API UI Robot to API Attended to unattended robots Human to API
  8. Unlock more automation opportunities with APIs • Available in every Automation Cloud tenant • Includes all Connectors • Initial API calls bundled • Expand with API Packs Why UiPath Integration Service
  9. 9 Where can I use Integration Service? Across the UiPath Business Automation Platform
  10. 10 Integration Service works with leading enterprise applications Across the enterprise systems you need–use our rich catalog of prebuilt connectors
  11. 11 What does UiPath Integration Service offer? Flexible Automation Seamlessly use UIs and APIs in a single automation design Simplified Automation Design Activity Packs provide uniform integration experience across all our Studio designers. Security and Governance Automate more with governance and reliability. Triggers Kick off automations with server-side events Connections Easily setup and manage connections with standardized auth Large Library of Connectors Automate nearly any system with OOTB, pre-built connectors
  12. 12 Who uses Integration Service? All Integration Personas Govern corporate systems Share Connections and Triggers Extend your catalog CoE/IT Access to full-range of APIs Build/share UI & API automations Easily customizable connectors RPA/App Developer Curated Activities & Triggers Bring your own connections Select from pre-built templates Citizen Developer
  13. 13 Democratize API Automation by eliminating complexity Curated Activities Simplify APIs for Citizen Developers
  14. 14 Curated Triggers Seamlessly Execute UI+AI+API Automations
  15. 15 When? 23.4 General Availability Why? Because there is always that next integration you need. What? Rapidly add your own connector, based on third-party APIs. Now YOU can bring your own application! Connector Builder – Now in Public Preview
  16. Demo
  17. 17 Who is Connector Builder for? RPA Developer integration-savvy Basic API Knowledge REST, JSON, … Employee & CoE-driven Application knowledge Skills Required Community Devs establish expertise and community contributions UiPath Customers connect to any business system in your organization Technology Partners differentiate in specific industries and domains
  18. 18 Roadmap Themes – 2023 & Beyond Power the Developer Community with Connector Builder Curated Activity Extensions for Citizen Developers Additional Deployment Options Extend across the UiPath Product Portfolio Continuously Expanding Connector Catalog
  19. 19 Next Steps Read our White Paper Join the Preview Visit the website "How API Integration Supports Process Automation" ation-whitepapers/how-api-integration- supports-process-automation Sign-up to learn-how to build your own connector by using our public preview of Connector Builder ocs/building-your-custom-connector. Learn more about Integration Service from current articles, videos and demos api-integration-automation
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