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Advocating for the customer. Bringing soft skills into software development

  1. Advocating for the customer Bringing soft skills into software development
  2. About me • Senior Product Marketing Manager • intersection of Product, Sales, and Marketing • 20 years in IT • taking unique technical differentiators and "translating" them into sales and marketing materials that resonate with the customers.
  3. About you • Where are you joining us from • Your current role/ Your ideal role • Your current project / Your ideal project
  4. Why a need for customer voice in the product
  5. Who can advocate for the customer?
  6. Foster conversations • Go online • Build/share your knowledge • Pro-actively step in • Official advocacy program
  7. Personalize your message • Customers aren’t account numbers or segments of an email list • Hear them out • Internalize their message • Translate their message into actionable items for your team/company
  8. Give them something to believe in • Don’t just tell customers what a product can do • Show them the full effects of how they can benefit from what you offer • Sell a desirable vision of possibilities • Bring their input into the product
  9. The how • Quantity/Quality • CSAT/NPS survey • Forums • Comments • Usability tests • CAB/PAC • Exploratory customer interviews • On site activity / Analytics
  10. Discussion