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Uchuvin slide.

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  1. 1. Anti aging cream UCHUVIN The Uchuva base BY: Gloria Cristina Arias Camilo Cabra. Yudys Hernández. Carlos Garzón. TEACHER: ANDREA GONZÀLEZ
  2. 2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Uchuvin is an anti-aging cream based on Uchuva that by its nutrients to diminish wrinkles, lines of expression, gives firmness to the skin and clarifies it.
  3. 3. WHY IS IT AN IDEA OF SUCCESS? By living in such an industrialized world. It is a natural product helping with its component to combat the stress and climatic factors that affect our skin. In addition the product has: High source of vitamin C Promotes the formation of collagen. Highly hydrate. Great source of vitamin that facilitates the production of beta-carotene. Protein and phosphorus helps to transport energy to cells for your regeneration.
  4. 4. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK  The Zunuba International company is located in Bogota DC, exports the uchuva cream from 2000 to the united states.
  5. 5. WHERE IS IT GOING TO BE EXPORTED? An export product: It is a natural and innovative product based on uchuva a Colombian fruit, it allow you to publicize your properties to the whole world. Specially the skin of European people is so clear and sensitive to climate changes. It makes executive women look for a product with the characteristics of Anti aging cream Uchuvin