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Presentation Building systems and property systems

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Presentation Building systems and property systems

  1. 1. Dipl. Eng., M. Sc. Cristian Badea
  2. 2. Page 2Building and property services Skills page 3 Projects page 4 Systems pages 5 - 6 Project Management page 7 Property Services page 8 :  2
  3. 3. Page 3Building and property services  Project Management : o Works execution management o Works supervision (dirigentie de santier) Project operation (Property Services) : o Facility Management o Property Management o Asset Management 3
  4. 4. Dipl. Eng., M. Sc. Cristian Badea Building and property services  Offices (class A included) e.g. America House  Retail e.g. Promenada Mall  Food & Beverage outlets e.g. McDonald’s, Nordsee, Starbucks, Champions  Hotels (5* included) e.g. JW Marriott  Logistics e.g. Kaufland  Production e.g. Danone  External mechanical and electrical networks for the above 4
  5. 5. Power and lighting systems  Lighting systems, including automation of lighting and emergency lighting  Power supply for general usage and for mechanical systems  Cooling rooms and equipment  Trafo and medium voltage  Generators for medium and low voltage systems and low voltage UPS  Grounding of both buildings and equipments Low currents  BMS for the systems(hardware and software – interfaces): o Lighting o HVAC o Plumbing (mainly Domestic hot water and pressurized systems)  Sound systems (separate or combined with alarm systems)  CCTV, from image capture to storage and monitoring  Control access, using proximity sensors, door contacts and/or magnetic locks(card actuated included)  Voice data networks, included wireless , including PBX  CATV, including head end station  Fire detection and alarm systems, hardware and software (field and switchboard/local and central panels architectures included), user interface Building and property services 5
  6. 6. HVAC systems  Centralized clime and local conditioning , including ventilo-convectors and VAV  Centralized heating and local radiators  Comfort tooling production and distribution for the clime systems  Industrial cooling for massive storage units and commercial cooling  Mechanical ventilation for comfort or fire fighting activated  Kitchen cooking systems, natural gas or electrical actuated Plumbing and fire fighting  Domestic cold and hot water, production and distribution, including appliances  Soft or de-mineralized water production and distribution  Steam production  Pool water treatment  Domestic cold water filtration  Depuration of waste water  Low and reduced natural gas pressure distribution  Diesel fuel storage and distribution Building and property services 6
  7. 7. HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Power&Lighting, Low Currents systems  Design (all phases)  Project management(including construction management)  Execution  Due diligence(including dirigentie)  Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance setup , during post warranty  Metal works, Furniture, Decorations  Design (all phases)  Project management(including construction management)  Execution  Rite care set-up for exploitation Building and property services 7
  8. 8. Asset Management : Strategy regarding property development Strategy regarding tenants' structure  Target setting yearly activities on properties Target setting on cash flow and P&L Budgeting OPEX and CAPEX Property Management :  Operations : control over the strategy established Plan ahead according the targets set Accounting : •Fill-up and control the monthly financial statements •Invoicing and collecting •Handling payments Marketing and advertising Manage tenant and complex advertising  Manage sampling cross selling  Manage events and functions  Interaction : Manage concierge on property Manage call and desk operations Facility Management :  Technical, IT&C Maintenance  Cleaning and gardening  Security and fire fighting  Utilities handling Building and property services 8