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Has government found its feet in social media?

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Presentation by Craig Thomler at the IABC Canberra October lunch

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  • Hi Leanne,

    Social media success needs to be measured in terms of depth of engagement, influence on decision-making and on social marketing metrics (over time).

    Did the social presence lead to useful suggestions that improved service/program/policy delivery and outcomes?

    Did it result in (meaningful) engagement with groups that were otherwise unengaged?

    Harder to measure, but far more valuable than number of fans :)
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  • Thanks for the presentation Craig. What are your measures of success, apart from range of channels and number of shares/likes?
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Has government found its feet in social media?

  1. 1. Has government found its feet in social media? IABC 15 October 2013 Craig Thomler Gov 2.0 Advocate Managing Director Delib Australia
  2. 2. The short answer…. YES and NO
  3. 3. The longer version YES and NO
  4. 4. Source: Museum of Victoria CSIRAC - World’s 5th stored program computer, oldest surviving 1st gen electronic computer. First ran in 1949, retired 1964. Played first digital music in world 1950-1. 2x768 20-bit word storage, 1000 Hz processor, 10 milliseconds access time. Needed 30 kilowatts to run, weighed 2 tonnes & required 40 m2 floor
  5. 5. Agencies have made huge strides… 1949 – CSIRAC first ran (in use until 1964) 1990s – ATO is using internal discussion forums 2004 – GovDex pilot launched 2006 – First Australian Government blog 2008 – First Australian Government Twitter accounts (in order: Questacon, Nat. Film & Sound Archive, DEEWR TrainingGovAU, Sandi Logan) 2009 – Gov 2.0 taskforce, APSC releases interim protocols for online media participation, data.gov.au beta launches 2010 – Declaration of Open Government by outgoing Finance Minister 2011 – data.gov.au launches, 150 Australian Government Twitter accounts 2012 – APSC revises guidance on participating online 2013 – Australian Government indicates it will join the OGP, over 200 Australian Government Twitter accounts
  6. 6. Particularly compared to the corporate sector…Facebook map of the world 2004 Source: Facebook February 2004
  7. 7. Facebook map of the world 2010 Source: Facebook December 2010
  8. 8. Facebook map of the world 2013 Source: Facebook September 2013
  9. 9. Australia.gov.au - 2004 Source: Australia.gov.au Feb 2004 - The Wayback Machine (harchive.org/web/web.php)
  10. 10. Australia.gov.au - 2010 Source: Australia.gov.au Dec 2010 – The Wayback Machine (harchive.org/web/web.php)
  11. 11. Australia.gov.au - 2013 Source: Australia.gov.au Oct 2013 – Live Yesterday…
  12. 12. Australian social media use (as we define social media today) 0% 62% 62% 65% Use social media 100% 38% 38% 35% Never used social media 2004 Source: Sensis Social Media Report 2011-13 2011 2012 2013
  13. 13. Digital is considered mainstream for government “The use of Web 2.0 is now commonplace in APS agencies. There are hundreds of government social media sites, including Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and YouTube channels. Web 2.0 approaches are regularly used in policy development opportunities and many Australian Government datasets are included on data.gov.au with more being added regularly.” - APS State of the Service Report 2011-12 Source: APS State of the Service Report 2011-12
  14. 14. Public sector use of social media Australian public Use internet: 86% Use social media: 65% Australian Government official use of social media Agencies: 73% Politicians: 77% (prior to 2013 election) Sources: Sensis 2013, eGovAU 2012-13
  15. 15. However…. YES and NO
  16. 16. Still deep-rooted challenges to address • Culture of public service • Awareness and accurate knowledge of social media • Concern over career impacts • Sufficient base of skilled and experienced professionals (and the training and support to develop this) • Political winds….
  17. 17. How Australian Government departments are doing Tail-enders Slow followers Fast followers Leaders Attorney-General’s Agriculture Finance Human Services Foreign Affairs and Trade Communication Health Immigration and Border Protection Defence Social Services Infrastructure and Regional Development Prime Minister and Cabinet Education Environment Industry Veterans’ Affairs Treasury Resources, Energy and Tourism Source: Craig Thomler – review of APS Department social media progress – 2008-2013
  18. 18. Hope or despair? Hope Despair • The genie is out of the bottle (won’t fit back in) • Interest is broadening beyond Comms/IT • Seniority of early adopters is growing • APS expertise is growing • No political leadership • Grey and restrictive APSC guidance • Focus still on quantity, not quality • Old guard have not yet stepped down
  19. 19. On balance YES and NO
  20. 20. Takeaway So can you teach an old dinosaur new tricks?
  21. 21. Takeaway Yes, if you update their plumage
  22. 22. Takeaway And the APS is on its way…slowly!
  23. 23. Thanks Craig Thomler craig@delib.net @CraigThomler http://eGovAU.blogspot.com www.delib.net/australia/ @Delibaunz
  24. 24. Shoutout Cross-Agency Social Media (CASM) forum 25th October – at DEEWR (50 Marcus Clarke) Featuring • Hootsuite • Twitter Australia • #Aboutthehouse Interested? Email: socialmedia@deewr.gov.au Source: APS State of the Service Report 2011-12