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A World of Playfulness

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A presentation for an "ignite talk" at Next Library 2015.

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A World of Playfulness

  1. 1. A World of Playfulness Mathias Poulsen @mathiaspoulsen CounterPlay www.counterplay.org #NextLibraryPlay
  2. 2. My guiding question has always been: #NextLibraryPlay How do we help people to become empowered citizens, able to act & influence the world?
  3. 3. “The world faces global challenges, which require global solutions” #NextLibraryPlay http://www.globaleducationfirst.org/
  4. 4. For years, games & learning was my primary approach to this. …in a way, I came away disappointed. #NextLibraryPlay
  5. 5. Games tend to shift focus away from what it’s all about: PEOPLE! #NextLibraryPlay
  6. 6. That’s why I founded the CounterPlay Festival & NGO #NextLibraryPlay
  7. 7. We build on the claim that playfulness is important everywhere & for all people! #NextLibraryPlay
  8. 8. Why playfulness? #NextLibraryPlay
  9. 9. I think playful people might be better equipped to live in this world #NextLibraryPlay
  10. 10. "it's wrong to think of playing as the interruption of ordinary life. Consider instead playing as the underlying, always there, continuum of experience” #NextLibraryPlay
  11. 11. What charactizes playful people? Curiosity Courage Unpredictability Empathy Imagination Resilience #NextLibraryPlay Subversiveness
  12. 12. “To play fully & imaginatively is to step sideways into another reality, between the cracks of ordinary life” #NextLibraryPlay
  13. 13. “playful behaviour and playful thought can generate radically new approaches to challenges set by the physical and social environment” (Bateson & Martin) #NextLibraryPlay
  14. 14. Playful people does not seek order or equilibrium, but embrace the constant movement #NextLibraryPlay
  15. 15. “Playfulness means taking over a world to see it through the lens of play, to make it shake and laugh and crack because we play with it” (Sicart, 2014) #NextLibraryPlay
  16. 16. What does this mean – for libraries & all of us? #NextLibraryPlay
  17. 17. The most important thing is not more games or (amazing!) playgrounds or… #NextLibraryPlay
  18. 18. Internally: #NextLibraryPlay Could you embrace playfulness as a strategy in the transformation of libraries?
  19. 19. #NextLibraryPlay Externally: Could you create libraries that to an even greater extent help people become more playful?
  20. 20. Let’s talk! @mathiaspoulsen mathias@counterplay.org Have an AMAZING Next conference – and don’t forget to play!