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Cover Letter1

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Cover Letter1

  1. 1. Dear Hiring Manager, ! Bold. That’s a word I associate with VSP Global. Having been employed by independent Optometrists for many years, I’ve developed an affinity towards VSP Global; gleaning a unique perspective. Innovation, the opposite of stagnation, is key to success. Being a part of VSP Global’s cutting edge technology, diversity, and innovation would allow me-combined with my own passion for creativity and flair-to motivate employees and fellow team members into something that would be relative to pure artistry; continuing VSP Globals advancement within the title of Best-in-Class. ! VSP Global’s mission statement resonates deeply with my own passion for assisting the peoples vision. Opticians and VSP alike both contribute to each members quality of life. Improving how they see their world, interpret the colors and environments around them, see their grandchildren or even perform better at their job. Us, as eye care professionals, improve quality of life for everyone. We are apart of that. As such, I would love the opportunity to affect more people, and improve our patient’s quality of life in greater numbers. An alignment with VSP Global will allow us to mutually obtain this goal. Let’s be bold. ! Best regards, ! ! Cotdy Fisher !VSP Global June 15,2015 Cotdy Fisher P.O Box 131 Plymouth, Ca 95630 !M 209.256.2707 !cotdyoptician@yahoo.com