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What is the Mindset needed to Survive and Succeed?

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What does it take to survive? The mind is most important tool every one has in an emergency and/or survival situation. What is the right mindset? How can you be prepared?

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What is the Mindset needed to Survive and Succeed?

  2. 2. If disaster struck, whom would you want at your side, helping you? A doctor? Lawyer? Policeman? Teacher? While they all have special skills, I submit that the overwhelming choice would be a Special Forces Green Beret. Are you Prepared?
  3. 3. S U R V I V A L S - Size up the situation, your surroundings, yourself, and your equipment. U - Use All Your Senses; Undue Haste Makes Waste R - Remember Where You Are V - Vanquish Fear and Panic I - Improvise V - Value Living A - Act Like the Natives L - Live by Your Wits, But for Now, Learn Basic Skills In Special Forces we’re taught that the word SURVIVAL provides you with the first letters of the keys you need
  4. 4. The Three Stages of Disaster Mild Disaster: Do you know what to do if you were snowed in for a few days? Or the power was out? Moderate Disaster: Can you survive being stranded in your car for a few days? Extreme Disaster: Are you ready for a large Catastrophe?
  5. 5. Simple rules of: 1. You can go 3 minutes without air. 2. You can go 3 hours without regulated body temperate. 3. You can go 3 days without water. 4. You can go 3 weeks without food. PRIORITIZE ACCORDINGLY
  6. 6. Do you have a plan in place And the Equipment ready to Deal with disaster? Clothing Footwear Grab & Go Bag Survival Gear
  7. 7. Can you make an A-Team? In a Catastrophe who can you count on? I am not a fan of picking strangers for your survival team (Rick learned this!). The level of trust needed, especially in an extreme emergency, is very, very high. One way to figure out your team: Ask yourself: do I trust this person, these people, with my life?
  8. 8. One of many Things You’ll Need Grab & Go Bag • Know how much you can carry • Plan your gear based on situation and environment • Have several bags • Car, Home, Place of Work • Pre-Pack •Food, Water, Tools, Tent, Sleeping bag, Fire, Flashlight, Ziplock bags, Gloves, I.D., Weapons • Make sure its water-repellant if not waterproof
  9. 9. No matter how hard it gets, Never quit! A survivor must have: Above all a determination to survive. All else is secondary. Fear serves a purpose, but too much fear can paralyze.
  10. 10. Okay. Let’s Take a Break! • Overwhelmed? • We all are. • That’s why I’ve written my survival manuals • Step by step, common sense, guides to everything that just overwhelmed you. • So you can become prepared via one, easily accomplished, checklist at a time. • We can do it!
  11. 11. Print Book Free downloadable Powerpoint slideshows on survival, history writing, and interesting information are available HERE
  12. 12. The guide on the left is a complete preparation and survival guide. The one on the right is a pocket-size manual focusing on survival essentials. SURVIVAL GUIDES
  13. 13. New York Times bestselling author, graduate of West Point, former Green Beret, and feeder of two yellow Labs, most famously Cool Gus. He’s had over 75 books published, including the #1 bestselling series Time Patrol, Area 51, Atlantis, and the Green Berets. Born in the Bronx and having traveled the world he now lives peacefully with his wife and labs. Sort of. Free books below available HERE www.bobmayer.com