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Webinar | Dazed and Digital? Explore 10 New Ideas to Amplify Your Ad Campaigns.

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Insta-stories are taking over. Snap's rolled out self-serve ads. Facebook's keeping up with Messenger Ads. It's been a whirlwind of a summer for digital marketing. Feeling dazed and digital? Don't miss this free webinar. Get 10 new ideas in 30 minutes.

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Webinar | Dazed and Digital? Explore 10 New Ideas to Amplify Your Ad Campaigns.

  1. 1. Dazed and Digital? Get 10 new ideas to amplify your ad campaigns in 30 minutes. Hayley Warack & Michelle Rhatigan
  2. 2. Hayley Warack VP of Digital Strategy. Forbes Agency Council member. Digital expert leading a talented team of EDU marketers. Michelle Rhatigan Senior Account Manager. Vital partner for brands like Northwestern, Santa Clara University, Emory and more. We’re bold thinkers who propel the new and next in education. Meet your PRESENTERS.
  4. 4. Dazed and digital? Get 10 new ideas in 30 minutes. Recapping the latest platform updates to amplify your ad campaigns. INSTAGRAM STORIES SNAPCHAT SELF-SERVE AND OTHER BIG NEWS! FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS
  5. 5. 1. Snapchat SELF-SERVE. Reach 160 million+ users who open the app an average of 18+ times daily • When students use Snapchat during a college search, they: ü Follow the school ü Watch stories ü View student snaps • In 2017, Snapchat beat Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for social accounts used daily. Free Resource: http://convergeconsulting.org/2017/07/20/snapchat-self-serve-colleges-universities/
  6. 6. #GOALS: Get In Now. GET IN EARLY. FOUR AD TYPES • The OG Snap Ads: 3-10 second full-screen vertical video ads – drive engagement! • Web View: Instant prospect info with a swipe and a tap. • App Install: Drive installs of your university’s mobile app. • Long-Form Video: Let Snappers visualize your campus with a 2-minute tour.
  7. 7. Facebook reported that over 250 million users are viewing Instagram Stories every day. 2. Instagram STORY ads.
  8. 8. #GOALS: Get Creative. Test, Test, Test! ü Still image, motion graphics, live, cinema-graph or GIF ü Choose between four different campaign objectives • Video views • Conversions • Traffic • Mobile app installs ü Include a click-through link or sync up to Facebook Messenger
  9. 9. #GOALS: Get Conversion Focused! ü Add text, graphics and design to your ad ü End videos with a solid screen ü Select a relevant CTA and enhance with an on-screen text CTA Learn More
  10. 10. 3. LinkedIn LEAD GEN. Generate high-quality leads through pre-filled forms with accurate data. • Forms completed through student’s LinkedIn profile – just one click to submit. • Leads integrate directly with CRM. • Drive 2.3x more conversions than when directing to a landing page. Free resource: http://convergeconsulting.org/2017/05/09/increase-inquiries-with-linkedin-lead-generation-ads/
  11. 11. #GOALS: Find and Engage Right-Fit Students.
  12. 12. 4. LinkedIn MATCHED AUDIENCES. In a move that levels the retargeting playing field, LinkedIn has enabled website visitor, account and contact retargeting. This gives the 500-million- member professional network audience matching capabilities to rival Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest. WHO IS LINKEDIN ADVERTISING RIGHT FOR? Graduate and executive education programs. Free resource: http://convergeconsulting.org/2017/05/17/new-opportunities-for-education-marketers-with-linkedin-matched-audiences/
  13. 13. #GOALS: Next Step & Ongoing Engagement Messaging. ü Retargeting landing page or website visitors. ü Upload a custom list of email addresses to target with messaging. ü Target users employed at specific companies, but upload a CSV list of companies.
  14. 14. Reach audiences at key transition points in their lives, when they are most likely to make decisions. Target Gmail Ads to users in the months before or after they graduate college, move or get married. 5. Google GMAIL TARGETING.
  15. 15. #GOALS: Work Smarter with DemographicTargeting.
  16. 16. 6. Programmatic SPOTIFY. With over 100 million registered users, you can leverage programmatic display to target Spotify mobile app (both iOS and Android) audio inventory in the United States.
  17. 17. #GOALS: Listen to Your Audience. Grab their Attention. ü Find your ideal target audience: • Age & Gender • Geography • Behavioral • Retargeting • Genres / Playlists • Dayparting ü Create an engaging audio clip complimented with a supportive banner ad Target 1: Back 2 School Parents • 70s, 80s, 90s, Throwbacks, Housework • Demographics: 40-55, Women • Geography: Key University Markets Target 2: Back 2 School Students • 2000s, Getting Ready, Top 40, Hip Hop, Rap • Demographics: 18-25, College • Geography: Key Target Markets, College Towns Target 3: Workout • Workout, Running, Weightlifting, Yoga • Demographics: 18-45, Men and women • Geography: Key Target Markets
  18. 18. 7. Twitter VIDEO. Reach the 328 million users seeking news and the latest trends. ü Amplify your brand through promoted video ads. ü Run pre-roll or mid-roll ads that align with videos your students are watching. ü Utilize insights of current followers to develop lookalike audiences.
  19. 19. THE HOW: • Tell a joke, evoke emotion, transform a brand. • Don’t rely on sound – nobody likes autoplay. • Reach for authenticity over quality. • Assume you’re being viewed on a mobile device. #GOALS: Get to the Point. 6 is the New 30.
  20. 20. 8. Facebook MESSENGER ADS. Free Resource: http://convergeconsulting.org/2017/07/18/edu-update-facebook-messenger-ads/ Reach your audience where they are with the rollout of ads on the Messenger home screen.
  21. 21. #GOALS: Get Personal. Grab their Attention. ü Same audience targeting options as the Facebook advertising platform ü Only available through automatic placements ü Direct users to a URL or to start a Messenger conversation with your institution
  22. 22. 9. Ad CREATIVE. Short on imagery? Tired of stock photos? Ready to draw people in through storytelling? • Develop copy for individual personas. • Recognize users are at different points in the journey—tactic and channel may vary. • Take advantage of free photo tools to add unique filters and motion.
  23. 23. #GOALS: Connect with your Audience.
  24. 24. 10. Landing Page EXIT OVERLAYS. Boost conversion rates by up to 30% by re-engaging a user based on their engagement behaviors.
  25. 25. #GOALS: Incentives to Entice & Engage. ü Test out messaging and CTAs: • Downloadable content • Program brochure • Promote urgency • Testimonial / Outcomes • Reinforce competitive advantages ü Test out various triggers to see what strategy converts the best.
  26. 26. FREE RESOURCE: THE DIGITAL ADVERTISING ROI BENCHMARK This ebook walks through how to calculate and apply a metric called Breakeven Cost-per-Lead (CPL) to determine if your campaigns are yielding a positive return. Download Now
  27. 27. MARK YOUR CALENDAR: DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP Great content starts with good strategy. If you’re struggling to align your program’s unique story with the broader institutional objectives, this workshop is for you. Where: Philadelphia, PA When: Thursday, October 26, 2017 Cost: $250 (includes breakfast and lunch) Register Now
  28. 28. THANK YOU. QUESTIONS? @convergeorg convergeconsulting.org #convergepresents