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12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014

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What's the 12 Days of IT SNAFUs without 12 shocking information security statistics collected over this past year? Between data gathered from McAfee, IBM, Ponemon Institute, and more, we've created a SlideShare on the biggest cybersecurity trends and figures that have had CIOs and MSPs alike on constant watch for new threats and schemes. Whether it's been hackers committing egregious acts of cyber crime (malware anyone?) or your own staff practicing unsafe habits and policies, your efforts to secure clients' sensitive data has been tested time and time again this year.

As you prepare for 2015, you know that these concerns will only grow and new viruses will become your worst IT nightmares. How are you preparing for the new year? History informs the future. Get a head start on the competition by educating yourself on the changing world of IT security!

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12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014

  1. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  2. 1.) Hackers have exposed the personal information of 110 million Americans – roughly half of the nation’s adults – in the last 12 months. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  3. ! Point 1 ! Point 2 ! Point 3 2.) Globally, cyber crime costs businesses $365-$575 billion annually and causes a net loss of up to 200,000 jobs in the U.S. alone. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  4. 3.) 47% of U.S. Adults Had their personal information " exposed by hackers in 2014. 4.) 43% of C-level Execs" Say negligent insiders " are the greatest threat to sensitive data. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  5. 5.) 92% of data breaches can be described by just nine distinct patterns ! Cyber-Espionage ! DOS attacks ! Crimeware ! Web App Attacks ! Insider Misuse ! Miscellaneous errors ! Physical Theft and Loss ! Payment Card Skimmers 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  6. 6.) With the number of exploitable browser vulnerabilities accelerating this year, 72% of the 685 IT decision- makers questioned said this made security difficult in their organization, more so than any other issue. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  7. 7.) 19% of major cyber attacks reported are considered “constant” by the targeted organization. This is up dramatically from a reported 6% in previous years, not even including weeklong and month-long attacks. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  8. 8.) Despite Mac OSX’s reputation for being the most immune OS to malwares and bugs, users have received over 1,499 new malicious programs. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  9. 9.) Geographically, Mac users in US suffered the most malware infections in 2014, contributing to 39.14% of all reported attacks, followed by Germany 12.56%, Japan 5.51% UK 5.49% Russia 4.87% and France 3.69%. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  10. 10.) While a significant level of business decision-makers acknowledge the importance of data (82%), only a minority (35%) report that their organization spends at least 10% of its IT budget on data security. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  11. 11.) Looking Ahead: In 2015, the security service spending is projected to amount to $49,140 million U.S. dollars worldwide. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
  12. 12.) Around 1 in 3 senior executives is unaware of the amount of IT budget allocated to data security in their organization or admits that it is not a high priority. 12 Must-Know Cybersecurity Stats of 2014
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