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GALM Constellium - UACJ - 081016

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GALM Constellium - UACJ Automotive Body Sheet startup and developments

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GALM Constellium - UACJ - 081016

  1. 1. GALM Detroit 2016 Constellium-UACJ Automotive Body Sheet North America Developments
  2. 2. The Joint Venture was born out of the most respected aluminum companies in the world 2 First coil produced in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  3. 3. Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum of dimensions and finishing options 3 •Supply from 4 integrated mills •>100 Kt capacity line, with flexibility to grow •Thickness range: 0.8 mm – 3.2mm •Widths up to 2200mm •State-of-the-art high-efficiency quench •Wide range of surface cleaning and pretreatment capabilities •In line inspection & lubricant application •Separate inspection line
  4. 4. 4 Class A design Perfect surface Design & Style High formability Sustainability Strength/Performance Safety Crash/Crushable • Topology control • Hemming • Character lines • Work hardening • Isotropy • Elongation • Paint bake response • Strength • Corrosion resistance • Energy absorption • Thermal stability • Ductility Surface Form Strong & Ultra Secure We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of flat rolled products for closure panels as well as body structures
  5. 5. Product development strategy aligned to industry specifications NA EU JP Secure Body structure with strength, ductility, toughness Strong High strength 6xxx for inner applications Surface High Surface quality & dent resistance Form Formability for Complex inner panels Ultra Ultra high strength structural parts NA: North America EU: Europe JP: Japan Surface Surface Form Secure Ultra 5 Strong Surface
  6. 6. Standard Today High Strength Ultra High Strength Form 04 Form 01 Strong 03 Strong 04 Strong 05 Ultra V1 Ultra V2 Strong 06 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 Steel equivalent by density ratio 7000-series6000-series 5000-series 3000 -series New developments: high-strength aluminum sheet for body structures 6
  7. 7. New development: corrosion resistance of ultra high-strength 7xxx-series alloys • A concern with 7xxx structural alloys is catastrophic failure in service due to stress corrosion cracking. • We test materials under multiple stress loading modes beyond plastic yield and in different corrosive environments to ensure immunity to SCC in service. • Overaged copper containing 7xxx-series alloys provide robust resistance in these tests. • Ultra v1 has successfully passed all these tests. 7 Corrosion test method (4 weeks) ASTM G44 (alt. Immersion, 27°C) ASTM G85-A2 (Cyclic, 50°C) WVSA (Constant humidity 100%, 50°C) Stressstate 75% YS uniaxial stress U-bend (2-3% plastic) SPR (complex stress mode)
  8. 8. New development: hot forming for Ultra B-pillar trials at C-TEC: • Blank heating during few minutes at SHT temperature • Transfer • Stamping in cold dies • Press quenching (die closing maintained) • Total forming cycle time ~20 seconds • Heat-up time: 8 minutes 8 Ultra v1 & Ultra v2
  9. 9. Our proposal for the North American auto market 9 1 Deep industrial legacy We are an established aluminum industry player with roots in some of the oldest aluminum companies in the world, including Pechiney, Alusuisse, Alcan (now Constellium), Sumitomo Light Metals, and Furukawa-Sky (now UACJ). 2 Automotive experience Both companies have very broad experience in supplying aluminum to the automotive industry. As established players in Europe and Japan, the parent companies supply aluminum Automotive Body Sheet to premium OEMs like Daimler, BMW, Audi and Lexus. 3 Best-in-class assets We are running a brand new state-of-the-art finishing line with cold coils supplied from some of the world’s foremost rolling mills (Logan, Muscle Shoals). 4 Innovation Both Constellium and UACJ have world-class R&T centers and are leveraging this to provide our customers with innovative products which meet both performance and light- weighting needs
  10. 10. THANK YOU!