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Games, Anime and Memes Quiz Prelims

  2. 01 This critically acclaimed movie, released a couple decades ago, was produced without a script , and was recipient of numerous accolades. The director wrote and drew the storyboards for the movie; essentially writing the movie with drawings. This fantasy film tackles issues such as importance of conserving nature and the faults in western consumerism. Interestingly, the director did not attend the award ceremony to express their opposition to a certain geopolitical issue around that time. Name the movie. Why did the director not attend the award ceremonies?
  3. Spirited Away, US Involvement in Iraq
  4. 02 With a devious smile from the get go, this meme is named after a mythical creature and was created more than a decade ago by a college student. It is used to represent some provocative and disagreeable people on the internet who mainly want to kick start a storm. It went on to become so popular that the creator copyrighted it and sued a well known gaming company for including it in a game. Accompanied by retorting phrases, and initially known as ‘cool ____’, this expressive meme has had several variations and is used as part of many other memes. Identify this meme.
  5. Trollface
  6. 03 The term first appeared in a review of 2006's The Witcher,where it was used by the reviewer to mock the elitist attitudes held by certain members of the gaming community by indirectly comparing their views to a concept espoused by the Nazi Party. The term began to be used in earnest by members of this community,with many unaware of its connotations or its origin as a term of mockery. Ironically,people often use this phrase in order to persuade other people to join them, something that is antithetical to the original concept that the Nazis believed in. What term?
  7. PC Master Race
  8. 04 An engineer by profession and son to a billionaire immigrant, this particular entity was the final boss in a number of video games (listed on the next slide). Claimed to be a martyr by some, interesting revelations came to light when this person was interrogated by the authorities. Rumored to be a die hard Arsenal fan, when his hard drive was seized during interrogations, authorities were shocked to find it full of anime like Naruto, Bleach; Nintendo titles like Super Mario, Animal Crossing and a substantial collection of hentai. Reportedly, he also played pirated versions of Naruto games. Who is being talked about here?
  9. Osama Bin Laden
  10. 05 While hosting an episode of his show on January 21,2004, X, a smoker, expressed his dissatisfaction with the then NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti smoking policies. During this episode, he mockingly announced his intention to run for office and proceeded to show 2 ‘campaign ads’, with one ad promising to provide healthcare to citizens through fake Canadian IDs and the other promoting abstinence through the use of some rather grotesque imagery. Both of these ads end with the same ‘campaign slogan’, emphasising both the nature of the problems as well as the absurd but forward thinking policy measures. The slogan was somewhat recently turned into a meme (around December 2018). ID X and the slogan.
  11. Dave Chappelle, Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions
  12. 06 This friendly creature not only served as the mascot of a certain country's team in the FIFA games, but it is also the most recognisable character from a very popular anime series. The character’s design was initially based on a Japanese sweet (pictured). However, it was later changed into a squirrel, as a result of it's creator's obsession with them. The version which is more familiar to us today, still retains some of these elements, with its cheeks storing something, catering to the Kawaii aspect the creators were looking for. Identify the character being talked about.
  13. Pikachu
  14. 07 A Reddit user reportedly created a game where a representative character of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen avoiding obstacles such as ‘Coronavirus and the Judiciary'. The browser-based game opens to a black screen with what looks like a PM Modi's animated icon in a saffron Nehru jacket. "PM Cares fund details could not be displayed because the Government won't allow you to see it," the screen reads, with the error being 'ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT' instead of the usual 404. Which popular browser based game has been the inspiration for the PM Cares fund game?
  15. Chrome Dinosaur Game
  16. 08 Which Theory of Motivation?
  17. Pac-man
  18. 09 Two brothers are sent to distant lands on a mission to see which one of them is qualified to inherit their father's legacy. The older brother believed that only power could lead to peace and stability, while the younger believed that through love and cooperation could these ideals be achieved. This difference in beliefs made the older brother to wage war against his entire clan and further fuelled their enmity which is still seen in their descendants who keep battling each other. Identify these characters who are based on Hindu Mythology, but their roles are reversed. Also identify the series.
  19. Indra and Ashura/Asura, Naruto
  20. 10 ___ ___ is the subtitle for the critically panned sequel of a musical film centered around a style of dance predominant in inner-city neighbourhoods. The subtitle became a meme that was used to signify hypothetical 'shitty sequels' and was recently appropriated by extremist militias, who sought to exacerbate social tensions in order to cause the 'shitty sequel' of another political event that nearly tore its country apart and continues to affect its politics to this day. FITB/ID the meme.
  21. Electric Boogaloo
  22. 11 _______ is an action adventure game series first released in the mid-80s. It features a female bounty hunter in a science fiction setting,and its name is a portmanteau of a term used for a rapid transit system and a word used to describe a robot with a human appearance. ___________ is an adventure horror game based around vampire hunters. This game also got a recent anime adaptation. (Images on the next slide) Both of these feature an explorable interconnected map,which is opened up by collecting keys or other special items that can be used on obstacles or doors. The influence of these games led to the development of a new subgenre of gaming,the name of which is also a portmanteau of the titles of the two games. Id the two games and the sub genre.(0.25+0.25+0.5)
  23. Metroid, Castlevania, Genre-Metroidvania
  24. 12 Infernape (pictured), a Fire and Fighting type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region of the Pokemon, was rumoured to have been based on Sun Wukong, from the Chinese epic, Journey to the West. However, Pokemon fans and theorists believe that the inspiration behind Infernape is rooted in another mythological character, which also justifies both its Fire and Fighting type. Moreover, this character has also been said to have inspired Sun Wokung. ID the mythological character.
  25. Hanuman
  26. The second installment of this game series gave the user the ability to fight cops. But what was a little disturbing for American audiences was that the cops were given the ability to fight back. The developers weren't willing to go ahead with this (they eventually did) as the Rodney King beating had just hit the headlines and early 90’s LA was about to erupt with violence . For the third installment, devs pumped in some serious money and were also able to get a licensed soundtrack (one of the first ever). Chris Cornell from the American band Soundgarden was roped in as he was a fan himself, playing the game during breaks while touring for the band. Id the game series (audio helps). 13
  27. Road Rash
  28. 14 "I think I am easily meme-able because I can be very animated, especially when I am upset! There is quite a bit of ______ content of me screaming, crying, eye rolling and laughing to choose from."this statement was given by the human half of a very popular meme. The other half of the meme originated from Tumblr and started with an image captioned "he no like vegetals" The final meme was born when these two pictures were compared together on Twitter. Id the meme.
  29. The cat and the angry lady pointing meme
  30. 15 This product (image) made by a Croatian company contains salt, spices, flavour enhancers and key ingredient that lends its name to the product. It was sold in communist Yugoslavia, Hungary and USSR. This seasoning is used to add flavour to broths, stews and sauces and coincidentally shares its name with a manga/anime character. It is said that the creator of this manga/anime series purposefully named these warriors after this key ingredient. Identify the character, who shares his name with the above mentioned product. He undergoes massive transformation throughout the series and suffers from an inferiority complex.
  31. Vegeta
  32. 16 This bootleg game was released in 1994, ported for the 8-bit NES/Famicom. The game played surprisingly well as the original was meant to run on the 16-bit Sega Genesis. Its name is actually an apt portmanteau as the game fulfills the dream of many video game aficionados by placing X in the world of Y (the gif helps). What was the game called?
  33. Somari (SOnic + MARIo)
  34. 17 Connect:
  35. Male anime characters voiced by female voice actors
  36. 18 According to its creator,this game was heavily inspired by a similar game released by a Czech developer over a decade ago, considered to be a joke game among indie developers.It revolves around a man named Diogenes (modelled after the Ancient Greek philosopher of the same name) and features the creator providing narration throughout the game, discussing various philosophical topics. It became infamous for its frustrating gameplay and high difficulty, compounded by the absence of a checkpoint system. The game's title is essentially a reference to its core gameplay mechanic. ID the game.
  37. Getting Over It
  38. 19 In a letter to the shareholder, the CEO of this OTT company expressed their concern over the fact that the company has a competitor which does not necessarily fall within the same category as theirs. This rivalry takes place because both these companies aim to increase consumer screen time. This new competitor has already made progress in the entertainment world. Just last year, the trailer of a much-awaited movie was also aired on their platform. Who is the epic competitor being talked about here?
  39. Fortnite
  40. 20 This interactive Japanese kart racing game was a breakout hit in American arcades when it was released in 1997. Ten racers drive their sweet karts around a crystallised track that weaves through the ever-changing environments of the island. Although, in 2012, it was almost out of commission due to bugs and certain insecurities amongst the internal authorities. But it was fixed, thanks to a a mere handyman and a sergeant. ID this fictitious game.
  41. Sugar Rush (from Wreck it Ralph)

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