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  1. 1. Richmond Entertainment is music company formed to help homeless, poor and underprivileged people develop and reach their artistic dreams. I myself was in a homeless shelter, so I know it takes a hand up, not a hand out. I began working in music industry twenty years ago. The first artist Richmond Entertainment will be helping is Angelo Thal. I met Angelo at a homeless shelter. One day I walked by Angelo and heard him singing with so much pain and passion. He is 18 years old and is from South Sudan where his mother and father are currently living. His mother was about six months pregnant when his family was awakened one night by gunfire. His mother and father ran for their lives while his older brother and sister stayed back to fight so his family could get away from danger. His mother got shot as the family ran for safety. The gunshot and trauma caused her water to break and Angelo was born prematurely. He survived and has been gifted with the talent of singing, writing and playing his guitar. Today Angelo's goals are to work hard to become successful with his gift of music so he can help other homeless teenagers around Arizona and all of America. He would also like to go back to help his native country anyway he can. He has been living on the streets of Arizona. I believe he is the most talented young man I have come across in my twenty years in the industry. I was homeless but I know it would not be for long because I have always been determined and focused. My whole life I have been helping others. I have work for many non-profit organization that work with the homeless, recovery and the youth. Even in the lowest point of my life I did not feel sorry for myself. My passion and joy comes from helping others and using my gifts of organization, knowledge of the business and great determination. What I need now is a budget of $50,000. I have a producer who is willing to work with the project, and access to world-wide distribution.