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Energy Data Streaming – Decentral Energy Distribution in a Digital World

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Keynote from Confluent’s streaming event in Munich, presented by Alexander Alten-Lorenz, Chief Architect Global Platform/Technology at E.On SE.

This three-day hands-on course focused on how to build, manage, and monitor clusters using industry best-practices developed by the world’s foremost Apache Kafka™ experts. The sessions focused on how Kafka and the Confluent Platform work, how their main subsystems interact, and how to set up, manage, monitor, and tune your cluster.

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Energy Data Streaming – Decentral Energy Distribution in a Digital World

  1. 1. Day 2018 Energy Data Streaming decentral energy distribution in a digital world Alexander Alten-Lorenz Chief Architect Global Platform / Technology, E.On SE MÜNCHEN - 09. OKTOBER 2018
  2. 2. The mankind's energy world is transforming - From a linear pipe model … System-centric Large-scale and central Fossil-fuel and nuclear …to a connected energy world Green & clean technologies Smaller-scale, distributed Micro Grids, User centric
  3. 3. Climate change & our impact on the planet Exponential rise of renewable technology Rapid change driven by Digital, Data and AI
  4. 4. A connected energy world will only be functional if we are able to access all assets, understand conditions in real-time and remotely change settings.
  5. 5. Day 2018 Products running on Kafka
  6. 6. E.ON Optimum Enabling customers to understand and reduce their energy consumption
  7. 7. Generating transparency to enable P2P networks Generating transparency to enable P2P networks
  8. 8. Simris – making 100% energy self- sufficiency possible
  9. 9. Using AI to detect single household devices and optimize power consumption
  10. 10. And in Tech, please?
  11. 11. E.ON IoT solutions We use newest technologies to make the digital energy world become a reality Smart gridSmart electric home Smart building Transformative platformEctogridE.ON Optimum E.ON Home Energy E.ON Plus IoT Gateway Intelligent Edge Concentrato r Leaf nodeMeasuremen t E.ON IoT Cloud Streaming Platform E.ON Product Experience Platform E.ON Data Platform E.ON Software Development Platform CNC F Kafk a k8s Kafk a k8s CIC D IoT IaC IaC
  12. 12. E.ON IoT Core components ESP-IOT-CLOUD is built on two paradigms: • IoT scale capabilities of public cloud providers • E.ON services cloud-provider independent and fully based on microservices
  13. 13. Leverage Kafka Partitioning No Partitioning - Round Robin, Random distribution - Any Application can get any Message - Transactions on DB layer guarantee consistency Kafka Partitioning - Message Key determines Partition - Ordering guarantee within Partition - “Single-threaded” processing of records for each single device - Scale out by having many partitions - Optimal cache locality for device related tasks e.g. RPC calls to other services
  14. 14. Thank you! 18 @EonEnergieDe e.on_se @eon_se_en https://www.eon.com MÜNCHEN - 09. OKTOBER 2018