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The OpenERP Mobile App for Android

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Check out more or contribute here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/openerp-android-app

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Not sure if anyone are familiar with Odoo/OpenERP. And we are using it as internal ERP. By default it doesn't have mobile client. But I found out that it is currently under development and I requested to become a beta tester.
    So far I have tested:
    - Basic functionality of working with Leads (Sales module)
    - Accounting module
    - Project management module (Projects, Tasks)
    - Organizer (planning meeting and synchronize to my phone calendar)

    I'm pretty satisfied. Design is rather basic, but they claim to renew it soon. Also I pointed out to some usability issue, but seems now it is fixed and navigation is much faster.
    Link is http://merpapp.com
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The OpenERP Mobile App for Android

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