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Expert Compensation and Benefits training

An Expert Compensation & Benefits training aimed at senior Total Rewards and HR Managers who have to assess, review and design schemes for their organisation.

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Expert Compensation and Benefits training

  1. 1. © 2017 Expert Compensation & Benefits A 4-day workshop for Senior Reward professionals http://compensationinsider.com/compensation-and-benefits- training/
  2. 2. Overview  Beyond applying and updating tools and procedures as covered in Essentials in Compensation, this Expert training will focus on design aspects for the Rewards function.  Over 4 days, you will discuss multiple methodologies for creating and implementing, from scratch, the main aspects of Rewards packages such as salary ranges, merit matrices, performance management and incentive design.© 2017
  3. 3. Key takeways 1. Use multiple ways for creating salary range midpoints from scratch 2. Review best practices, current trends and tips for an effective Performance Management approach at your organisation 3. Learn how to use your salary review budget to design your merit matrix, and how to include multiple levels of variability in it 4. Master the important principles that should always undermine how you design incentives at your company (annual bonus, sales incentive), with case studies 5. Discover how to think about optimising End of Service and health benefits for employee engagement and retention 6. Receive practical tips for analysing data and the implementation of any Rewards project 7. Food for thought regarding emiratisation/nationalisation in the© 2017
  4. 4. Who should attend ? Senior Compensation practitioners and HR managers/Directors who have to assess, review and design new schemes for their organisation. You will discover practical techniques, best practices and actual examples from other global companies, based on the trainer’s extensive experience as well as the interaction with other participants. © 2017
  5. 5. Pre-requisites  It is best if the participants have attended the Essentials of Compensation training first.  Alternatively, delegates should be experienced HR professionals with :  A good mastery of mathematics for Rewards (percentiles : definition and calculation, weighted averages, difference between median and average, annualisation and proratisation calculations)  An understanding of the basic concepts behind merit matrices  A good knowledge of traditional performance management approaches © 2017
  6. 6. About your course trainer  Sandrine has over 23 years of experience acquired in Rome, London, Milan, Paris, Turin, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  She spent these years specialising in C&B at Philips, France Telecom, Sita, Apple, Microsoft, Fiat Group based out of Europe then in the UAE at Majid Al Futtaim and Mubadala, leading Performance & Reward globally for these two prestigious regional organisations.  Since 2013, she is now offering specialised C&B training, Sandrine Bardot Total Rewards expert C&B trainer, speaker, blogger and consultant CompensationInsider.com
  7. 7. Delivery style  The whole training provides a small base of theoretical info where needed, but is more importantly based on Sandrine’s 23 years of experience in the high-tech, telecom, retail, manufacturing, finance and real estate industries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa.  As a result, it’s full of practical ideas, examples, and includes case studies/exercises. In a relaxed manner, Sandrine shares tricks and anecdotes to make it easy for participants to apply some of these concepts and new skills when they return to work.  Sandrine encourages the delegates to participate and ask questions, share their situation… © 2017
  8. 8. © 2017 I enjoyed the relaxed manner of the workshop as it allowed time for discussion. An LTI has been designed for my company’s top management, however the questions will help in my understanding of the process, in order to implement it more effectively. Rebecca Jeffs, Head of Talent and Reward, Serco, UAE
  9. 9. © 2017 I found Sandrine very knowledgeable and not just on Sales Incentives. She was able to make a boring topic quite interesting while also sharing some of her (interesting) experiences on the topic. Titilayo Akinjogbin, Senior Practice Lead, Benefits, Infosys
  10. 10. © 2017 Sandrine is an amazing trainer and facilitator, she has excellent skills of making the information flow ad easy to understand by the attendees at different levels. I have attended her workshop in Dubai (…) which focused on designing employee retention schemes, where she gave some excellent examples and doable action plan in building up your own retention scheme. During the workshop she responded with a very practical comprehensive approach for some cases raised by the attendees.
  11. 11. © 2017 Sandrine is a reference. We benefited a lot from her experience. She’s definitely a great consultant. Juliette Abou Rahal, Personnel and Compensation & Benefits Manager, Murex, Lebanon
  12. 12. Section 1 : The Reward policy Section 2 : Salary benchmarking and creating salary ranges Section 3 : C&B and hiring Section 4 : Performance Management in Action Section 5 : “Show me the money !” : salary reviews and promotions Section 6 : Incentive design Section 7 : The modern-day Graal : retention and Course Outline
  13. 13. Section 1 – the Reward policy  You will understand the “big picture” of defining your pay philosophy, and why it is a cornerstone of all other C&B activities.  You will be able to identify the factors influencing the choice of a reward policy, and what may impact your organisation’s choices. © 2017
  14. 14. Section 2 – Salary benchmarking and creating salary ranges  In this very practical session, you will learn advanced tips on how to decide on which compensation survey to participate in, and to create your own salary survey if you prefer to go in-house.  You will hear about innovative approaches to creating salary ranges, and will practice these methodologies. © 2017
  15. 15. Section 3 – C&B and hiring  In this module we will discuss why pay fairness and equity is different from equality.  You will hear about a real-life case of how to handle an employee’s request for an internal equity increase, and see how a referral scheme can support the recruitment of the right profiles at your company. © 2017
  16. 16. Section 4 : Performance Management in action  This section is all based on current best practices, as well as the latest trends in that area. We will cover peer ranking, how to perform calibration and whether you should include competencies assessment in your performance management system.  You will learn how social performance management can help increase the motivation and engagement of your employees, and how to get employee buy-in for your scheme.  You will work on a case study on how the new performance management system can be adapted internally to the special needs of a department – you can do it too… if needed  We will finish by going through 2 examples related to the © 2017
  17. 17. Section 5 : “Show me the money !” : salary reviews and promotions  We will discuss which criteria to use for warding salary increases and promotions, in which order to apply the increases and how to set your budget.  We will also go through multiple methodologies for creating your merit matrix from scratch, and how to make sure it fits your budget.  Advanced promotion tactics will also be covered. © 2017
  18. 18. Section 6 : Incentive design  This module focuses on the theories that underline incentive schemes, including a case study on equity theory.  We will then cover some principles around incentive design so that you can review your in-house scheme.  We will discuss sales incentive plans, with a few examples and another case study based on one of Sandrine’s clients.  Finally, we will cover some information on Long-Term Incentive Plans. © 2017
  19. 19. Section 7 : the modern-day Graal : retention and engagement  Discover metrics that indicate a potential decrease in employee engagement, watch recommendations from world famous Dan Pink, and learn about the 3 types of employee engagement at high performing companies.  We’ll also cover retention approaches. © 2017
  20. 20. Section 8 : Other things C&B gets involved in  These are the other topics that Performance & Reward teams get involved in.  We’ll discuss current trends in benefits, demonstrate how C&B can support international mobility – even when it’s part of the talent management structure, and establish fundamentals of HR governance and relations with Boards and Remuneration Committees.  In the GCC, we will also discuss how C&B can support emiratisation and nationalisation efforts. © 2017
  21. 21. Section 9 : Implementation  And now, it’s “let’s do it” time ! Through advanced real- life examples, we will discuss how C&B supports the company culture, learn which skills are important in order to get buy-in, and how to socialise your plan.  We will conclude with Sandrine sharing some ideas to help you continue your learning in-house © 2017
  22. 22. “Essentials” vs “Advanced” : Deciding which training to attend - what’s unique to each  Job descriptions and job evaluations techniques  Understanding the essentials of mathematics for C&B work (percentiles, median vs average, weighted average, annualisation and proratisation…)  Managing allowances  Recognition schemes  Creating the midpoint of the salary range from scratch  C&B and hiring  New trends in performance management  Setting up a brand new merit matrix  Incentive design (including Sales and Executive pay)  Benefits, international Essentials of Compensation Advanced Compensation & Benefits © 2017
  23. 23. Want to know more ?  For detailed brochure, dates, location, cost, or in-house delivery, please contact sandrine@compensationinsider.com +971 526 414 388 © 2017