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6 Must Keep Feng Shui Elements At Home For Prosperity!

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Feng Shui is considered to provide luck and wealth in abundance. It is said that if you follow the Feng Shui method of decorating or constructing your home, you will never attract ill luck and any negative energy. Most of the Feng Shui elements are concerned with positivity and vibrant energy. Even colors of Feng Shui are known to represent wealth and money in some form. There are some Feng Shui elements known to possess energy and positivity and will bring luck with them. Here are few elements that you can choose to keep in your home/office.

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6 Must Keep Feng Shui Elements At Home For Prosperity!

  1. 1. Must Keep Feng Shui Elements At Home For Prosperity
  2. 2. Keep a Money plant in the Northwest corner of your home near the place where you keep your money. #1
  3. 3. Water fountain or images of water flowing has an influence on money and wealth. #2
  4. 4. Having a small bamboo shoot at home can signify growth in wealth and also ring in positive energy into your home. #3
  5. 5. Keep air purifying plants to remove the negativity that is present within your home to bring in peace, harmony and prosperity. #4
  6. 6. Tie the three Chinese coins at the entrance of your home to bring in wealth and positivity. #5
  7. 7. Get a laughing Buddha statue as it brings in wealth and happiness. Make sure someone gifts it to you so that it actually brings in luck. #6
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